Deliberating On January’s Forecasts for The Cryptocurrency Market

Back in January, a number of experts and investors predicted a number of things for the cryptocurrency market. Most of the predictions were optimistic but only a few of them were spot-on, however, most crypto users and investors alike were not expecting the correction to be so vicious. Let’s take a look at some of the predictions and see how far they have come.

Predictions on High-Quality Projects

There were predictions on how more projects will be of high quality and accredited investors will have more power in the cryptocurrency market.  The advice was given to users to invest very early so as to generate revenues. Looking back to this forecast, the quality of projects has surely been on a high

 level as there have been a number of innovative Blockchain & DAG projects that have progressed to begin financing. There were a lot of them that were very popular and getting in proved to be difficult.

Examples of high-quality projects like this include Sovrin, Dfinity, Endor, and Mainframe. However, a number of these projects turned out to be poor as a result of the weak share value of tokens. As predicted, accredited investors now have the power as a result of fear of the SEC.  There were some great gains in January as well as some losses. Investing early in future high-quality ICOs seems like the best way to generate funds according to the current market. Due to the fact that it is becoming less appealing to invest in hardcaps above 450m, there might come a moment when the project teams will have to validate their plans.

Predictions on High Influx of Oversubscribed Projects

The predictions on oversubscribed project influx were accurate as it became a big issue. Datawallet and Current are a perfect example as they had too many investments from syndicates. They eventually had to pull distribution to a large number of investors. Right now, there are no tokens left for Current’s ICO and this is due to the fact that they oversold during their presales.

On the other hand, hedge funds and venture capitals focused on cryptocurrency have been popping up but compared to the high-quality projects, they lack expert research.

Prediction on OTC Trade

OTC trading has an outstanding interest in high-level entry into the crypto market as it is doing extremely well. This type of trading, however, requires a high level of trust between buyers and sellers as a lot of money is involved. When it is proving difficult to find a seller, this is a very optimistic signal as it shows that wealth is trying to enter the market and a number of people are counterattacking selling.


Casper Proof of Stake Model

On the Casper Proof of Stake model for Ethereum, a lot of progress has been made and a lot of users are waiting for it to mature. There are some predictions that Ethereum will reach the range of $2000 – $3000 due to the value of Ethereum and the Casper model.


Since most of the forecasts were accurate, experts are making more predictions for the remaining half of the year with hopes that it will all work out