BreederDAO is ready to transition into a fully-fledged DAO with its first step to DAO Governance—the DAOstitution.

The combination of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), gaming, and the metaverse has created an experience that lets people look forward to the future. Individuals from different countries began engaging in the blockchain gaming industry, where they were enticed by not only playing but also earning extra income. The new advancement inspired numerous developers to push new gaming models in the industry, including scholarships, allowing owners to lend their assets to players in exchange for shared profit and other agreements. With this movement, individuals became groups, opening the way for well-cultivated community-powered ecosystems. 

As always, community is essential to any industry. Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) rose to enable communities to make future project decisions through blockchain-based software. As the community and projects grow, the demand follow. With this situation, BreederDAO was introduced to ensure that individuals’ requests are met while the community’s voice is heard.


The executive team of BreederDAO is composed of six people, each with their expertise to share.

Renz Chong, the team’s CEO, has years of experience in growth strategy, data science and machine learning, blockchain, decentralized finance (DeFi), and management of NFT portfolio. The other five members are Jeth Ang, a chief operations officer; Nico Odulio, a chief technology officer; Nigel Rimando, head of data; Gillian Pua, head of marketing and communications; and Jovan Que, head of growth.  

BreederDAO’s team uses its dynamic experiences in the play-to-earn (p2e) economies by focusing on improving in-game assets supply. The project’s mission to outfit more than 5,000 P2E guilds in the next three years has already started and secured numerous partnerships from well-known communities. Since there are still lots of plans to execute, BreederDAO took a step toward creating its DAOstitution that will help establish the BreederDAO governance for its entire community. 

What is DAOstitution?

DAOstitution refers to the DAO Constitution, the central governance document for BreederDAO, which lay out the rights and responsibilities of the overall community members to each other within the established concept of the DAO.

The DAOstitution is composed of fundamental rules to embody the DAO character while ensuring that the interests and integrity of the community are prioritized. As initial progress, the internal team has already presented the DAOstitution draft. The community members serve as the deciding body, having the power to review, amend, and approve the draft using the prepared platforms for this function. 

Articles in DAOstitution

To make the DAOstitution formally valid, the community has the responsibility to discuss, resolve, and agree on the content of the Constitution. It will only take effect upon approval. Additionally, the community must be familiar with the DAOstitution. Its summary is as follows:

Article I – Declaration of Goals and Purpose

It introduces the mission, vision, and goals that the community must achieve together. The primary focus of this article is for BreederDAO to become the pillar of the blockchain gaming ecosystem and the virtual worlds beyond it. BreederDAO will use its technical expertise, comprehensive data-driven analytics, and modeling to complete its mission and successfully turn its vision into reality. 

Article II – Definition of Key Terms

It explains different terms used in the Constitution, ensuring that every community member will have the same interpretation. The community can use this as a guide to avoiding confusion when reading the DAOstitution.

Article III – Immutable Fundamental Rules  

It explains the fundamental rules that the community cannot change once the DAOstitution has already taken effect. The team also realizes the limitations of inflexible statutes. Thus, the article only focuses on the fundamental rules. Additionally, there are four sections written under Article III with Section 1, focusing on overview; Section 2, tackling binding force; Section 3, explaining DAOstitution Amendments; Section 4, discussing prohibited proposals. 

Section 1 states that the immutable fundamental rules mentioned in the DAOstitution are considered permanent and can never be modified or amended using any proposals. 

Section 2 emphasizes the need for the members to follow the terms of the DAOstitution when staking BREED or owning tokens.

Section 3 explains the exception to the voting requirements stated under the Governance Proposal System. The changes or modifications in any section or provision of the DAOstitution can only be made through the majority of outstanding tokens that the community members hold. On the other hand, a decision to add an immutable fundamental rule will only be confirmed when two-thirds of the total outstanding tokens that the members hold are satisfied. It also strictly states that no amendment of the sections, clauses, or provisions of the immutable fundamental rules and guidelines mentioned in Article III is not allowed. 

Section 4 discusses prohibited proposals, including those considered unlawful or criminal, permanently banning a member without a disciplinary process, harmful or ineffective, and amendment of any section, clause, or provision of the immutable fundamental rules stated under Article III. 

Article IV – DAO Institutions, Other Rules and Guidelines

Good governance is important for the community. One of the steps for the members to achieve it is by defining the basic bodies and institutions. Article IV emphasizes the rules concerning the Jury, who has the responsibility to sift and vet proposals, and the DAO Court to handle arguments and implement the necessary action. 

Article V – Governance Proposal System

It contains the foundation of DAO’s governance mechanism. The team writes five sections in this article focusing on the need to discuss all proposals, the right to submit a proposal, the ways to submit a proposal, defined pre-qualifications, and the referendum. 

Article VI – Community Ethics and Guidelines

The characteristics of the community serve as its identity. It also helps every member to determine the values and ethos to hold dearly. In this article, there are four Sections focused on principles and values, general conduct and behavior, actions and behaviors that are strictly not allowed, and a disciplinary system for the violations made.

DAO Government

BreederDAO acknowledges the importance of its community, making them a part of proposal discussions without any required number of sBREED to hold. However, only its holders and controllers have the power to vote. Other parts of the government have corresponding requirements to get the desired position.

Discourse and Snapshot

BreederDAO uses the open-source platform called “Discourse” for the community to discuss any proposals, ideas, and drafts related to its ecosystem. Individuals are allowed to join and give their sentiments about the proposed DAOstitution. On the other hand, the project team chose Snapshot as the decentralized voting system for BreederDAO. The votes will be the basis for finalizing the community’s proposals, ideas, and drafts. To join discussions and voting activities, here are the steps to follow:


Individuals who want to join discussions on the Discourse platform must create an account using a valid email address and fill up other required information such as username, name, and password. The next step is to read the DAOstitution that participants may find under “Breed Proposal Ideas.” Members must understand it before engaging in a discussion to contribute to what is best for the community and avoid any prohibited acts.


Every article in the DAOstitution has its topic thread, making the discussion easier for members. Individuals will have to reply to the post and start the discussion. They are also free to react to the article by clicking the heart button and can view the reply of other members. Moreover, the core team of BreederDAO is responsible for organizing the discussion outputs and preparing them for voting. The discussion runs from the 15th of July 2022 to the 29th of July 2022. 


The sBREED holders are eligible to vote via the Snapshot platform. They have to connect their wallets to the platform and vote. The number of sBREEDs the holders have will reflect the vote count. Voting is open from the 30th of July 2022 to the 6th of August 2022. 


The P2E space has a big future ahead of it, and realizing its potential at an early stage is an edge for BreederDAO. Its diverse team, along with its expertise, is a great way to support the growing demand in this space, but acknowledging the capabilities of its community for long-term growth is another advantage. If BreederDAO continues to aim at the top, it has a great chance of fulfilling its vision of becoming the pillar of the Play-and-Earn economy with an empowered community on its back.