BreederDAO is a Philippine-based blockchain startup that creates, breeds, and crafts play-to-earn NFTs to help gaming guilds scale their operations.

The speed of blockchain gaming adoption could have been larger and faster if not for the major clog that prevents its further expansion: cost. To help eradicate this problem, a platform was built to produce mass-produced NFT assets customized for each game and guild’s requirements to make non-fungible token (NFT) ownership seamless and affordable. 


BreederDAO, an ‘NFT factory’ platform, aims to lower the barrier around play-to-earn games by directly providing large-scale and highly customized NFTs to P2E guilds. 

Renz Chong, CEO

Its dynamic team, which CEO Renz Chong heads, has a diverse background that includes machine learning, entrepreneurship, blockchain, strategic brand building, investments, and more. 

What is BreederDAO? 

BreederDAO is a Philippine-based blockchain startup that creates, breeds, and crafts play-to-earn NFTs to help gaming guilds scale their operations. By producing high-volume and customized NFTs, it helps lower the entry barrier for guilds by giving them easy access to valuable NFTs that will enable them to grow and earn higher at a faster pace. 

The quantity of NFTs in the market is not the problem, but their quality. In other words, the majority of them don’t actually provide significant benefits for players. BreederDAO faces this problem head-on by producing massive quantities of NFTs fast, with each asset equipped with high-value traits, thanks to their customized nature. 

Guilds can also create their own customized NFTs, but their core business lies in the effective use of their assets (instead of creating them), and they’d be incentivized to focus on that area. 

BreederDAO provides opportunities for guilds to outsource the creation of highly-customized NFTs for greater efficiency.  

Within the next few years, the platform desires to equip 5,000 guilds and more than 10 million players with valuable NFT assets designed to help them increase their P2E profits. 

Breeding and Crafting 

Apart from creating customized NFTs, BreederDAO also has expertise in breeding processes, which involves fusing two NFTs to create a new creature containing the traits of the two combined assets. 

The platform also provides crafting services, a process that fuses materials, skills, and other assets to create a whole new NFT. 

On top of these things, BreederDAO has an updated library of active and soon-to-be-released P2E games, which helps its system determine the perfect time to enter and exit on breeding and crafting processes. 

Also, by having this updated list, it can formulate key profitability indicators and display a dashboard that will constantly update guilds about this information. 

Large Scale Production 

As mentioned earlier, BreederDAO is capable of large-scale production of customized NFTs, and it’s made possible by its proprietary tech that slashes 50% of the time consumed in producing NFTs. Furthermore, the platform can even boost its NFT production speed every month by 10% to 20%, allowing more guilds to access a large volume of digital assets. 

High-Level Customization 

BreederDAO is more than just aesthetic customization; it also executes meticulous breeding to create powerful traits that can improve a guild’s strategic gameplay. 

The platform’s advanced engineering of assets increases guilds’ chances of winning more battles and earning bigger profits. 

To be clear, this service does not hand out ‘silver spoons,’ so to speak, on guilds just to help them easily win battles. What the platform does is enhance the existing strategies of guilds by creating assets that heavily depend on guilds’ plans, goals, standards, and preferences. 

BreederDAO also has its own data and analytics team to adapt to blockchain games’ changing mechanics and demands and help guilds adapt faster. 

Business Aspect 

Aside from advanced technology, another aspect that boosts BreederDAO further is its innovative business model, which will be discussed below. 

Apart from focusing on guilds, the platform is also injecting large amounts of NFT assets into the marketplace to target retail buyers. 

And when it comes to breeding, the process is actually more complicated and technical than people think because of the multiple aspects involved. 

Once BreederDAO creates a mass-produced asset for a specific game, it ensures that the decision is backed by solid, thorough, and favorable data. As once it injects massive amounts of NFTs into the marketplace at the wrong time, the NFT economy will suffer, which will surely bounce back to the platform. 

For NFT pricing, BreederDAO uses analytics to narrow down on a fair price, to avoid under or overpricing its digital assets. 

BREED Token 

BREED token is the native ERC-20 token of BreederDAO, and is mainly used for DAO autonomy and governance. 

The token is designed to encourage holders to take part in the platform’s governance, which can further empower BreederDAO’s decentralized structure. 

Rising Popularity 

Lark Davis, a well-known and respected crypto Youtuber with almost half a million subscribers, placed BREED token as his 3rd top crypto, only after Bitcoin and SOL. 

Moreover, BreederDAO came in at 7th place on CryptoRank’s Top 10 Most Searched Upcoming Gaming Projects, which proves the project’s rising popularity in the NFT space. 


Breeder DAO is backed by a strong business model, a seasoned team and advisers, and a platform powered by advanced technologies. And since it tackles a massive problem in the NFT gaming space, its service has the big potential to attract high demand and might be a catalyst for bigger ventures in the future.