Coral Tribe is steering towards the protection of the environment or the natural world as powered by crypto or blockchain technology.

The Coral Tribe NFT art is coral-inspired, which resembles the fusion of a tribal genre with a futuristic style that is unique and unlike any other non-fungible token (NFT) collection. 50% of the proceeds of the NFT project will go to the Impact Fund, which is intended for wildlife preservation.

The Coral Tribe is currently teaming up with several brands with a focus on sustainability. For instance, it will be planting roughly 3,000 corals in three major continents that aim to rehabilitate ocean ecosystems.

What is Coral Tribe?

Coral Tribe (CT) harnesses the power of NFT art to save the environment and natural world while incentivizing holders with shared revenue. Overall, Coral Tribe is driven towards providing educational, economic, and recreational advantages to holders while mobilizing the conservation of nature.

Coral Tribe comprises two pivotal components:

  • Coral NFT Collection – This ushered in the creation of a passionate and mission-led community that is intended to fund a couple of investments.
  • The Impact Fund – This community-driven treasury is currently funded consisting of 50% secondary and 50% revenue from mint which when combined is geared towards funding projects or initiatives that promote environmental preservation and protection.

Coral Tribe is powered by Solana and will be harnessing the power of web3 technologies such as smart contracts, NFTs, and blockchains; among others.

Tribe DAO with the support of sustainability advisors will be rolling out several environmental causes and projects to be showcased on the dashboards, enabling holders to see the bigger picture in terms of how these Coral Tribe investments can collectively impact social and environmental causes. In addition, this will also help holders to assess and vote on worthy causes and projects that will be funded by IF, and then successful track reports in terms of ROI as well.

The investment will be focusing mainly on these three facets:

  • Scientific
  • Cultural
  • Practical

More so, the rewards will differ based on the investments. In addition, there will be educational, economic, and recreational rewards given exclusively to holders of Coral via the $AQUA token.

For instance, if a holder operates in an industry focused on renewable energy then their business is classified as practical and will most likely get shared revenue or economic holder rewards.

Coral Tribe NFT Collection

The Coral Tribe collection is composed of over 6,565 NFT collectibles that are designed to bolster and support holders pushing for an ecologically healthy world and then be rewarded generously for their contribution.

Gaining hold of a Coral NFT would represent your Coral Tribe community and DAO membership plus your participation in the Solarpunk movement. Additionally, you will also be rewarded with the following:

  • Community Access — Once you get hold of a Coral, you gain access to the community of CT as well as its exclusive channels and social groups, allowing you to create meaningful collaborations with other holders. With the increased expansion of the Coral Tribe, you also attract more highly influential and reputable investors, bringing immense value to the entire community. It’s important to note that most new BAYC holders would often buy their way into the platform in order to gain access to other community members.
  • $AQUA Rewards — Get $AQUA tokens for staking your Coral.
  • Governance Privileges — CT holders can influence and dictate where the ball goes next, which included what projects to prioritize or invest in which they can do by sending proposals straight to the CT DAO or by voting on the proposals of other holders. Moreover, elite holders of CT who have given higher contributions and have staked NFTs for the longest time may be elected as members of the DAO and get to reap more rewards.
  • Impact Fund Rewards — As a Coral holder, you get to earn a profit share as well as additional rewards coming from the fund investment

Coral Tribe Founders

The Coral Tribe team is led by Founder Christian Chegne or popularly referred to as Mowgli. CT DAO has worked with very notable and popular designers, artists, and brands such as Versace and Calvin Klein.

Co-Founders include serial entrepreneur Adolfo Casabal or also referred to as Numa, Project Manager, and AgDevCo tech consultant Jimmy Lane Gozalo or also known as Kaiporah, Content Creator Sean Honeyman or also called NFT_Honey, and João Queiroz (Q1ROZ), CT Lead Artist.

Other noteworthy team members include PR Lead Sara Todić and Laia Fernandez.

$AQUA Token

$AQUA is the Coral Tribe’s utility token that is tradeable on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). It produces value to the entire CT platform generated through royalties from the IF plus additional exclusive perks and privileges. Earning $AQUA is easy when staking your Coral NFTs.

Below are the $AQUA utilities:

  • Rewards from the Impact Fun — Register by using $AQUA to help your earn rewards from IF investments. These rewards connected to a Coral Tribe NFT are limited which means buying these rewards and then linking them to your CT NFTs will produce revenue-generating mechanisms for that linked NFT plus give it that added layer of rarity.
  • Tribe Demigods Auction Access — $AQUA token will be used as the official bidding token for the Tribe Demigods auction. This will host the exclusive auction of unique art pieces from the CT NFT collection
  • Coral Tribe’s Gen 2 Collection — $AQUA token will be utilized to gain access to the Gen 2 Collection of CT. This collection is said to require the use of $AQUA token plus Zooth which is scheduled to be airdropped very soon to all the CT NFT holders.
  • CT Merch — $AQUA token will be used to buy Coral Tribe’s exclusive merch line.
  • IRL Experiences — $AQUA token can be used for exclusive IRL experiences organized by the Coral Tribe anywhere in the world. A hiatus to luxurious beach destinations, you name it!

What is the Coral Tribe DAO?

The Coral Tribe DAO refers to a governing tribune that comprises of Coral holders. The Coral Tribe DAO is created mainly to set certain parameters in line with the project’s mission, objectives, and investments included in the Impact Fund.

The Coral Tribe DAO is designed to work in sync with the founding team and is set to become the main governing authority of the entire CT ecosystem.

CT Sustainable Merch Collection

While every known cryptocurrency or NFT project has its own merch collection, the Coral Tribe’s merch line is designed by its very own founder, Mowgli, a highly prestigious designer who has worked with both Versace and Calvin Klein in the past. With that in mind, expectations are set extremely high for this merch line.

The Coral Tribe merch includes Solarpunk-inspired shirts, jackets, hoodies, and other essentials.

is made with recycled materials such as cotton and plastic that are made into a durable and high-grade fabric. The merch also boasts exciting augmented reality (AR) capabilities and scannable QR codes that are designed to bring the merch collection into an entirely new level of user experience.

Interestingly enough, a couple of items will have embedded secret codes that will give buyers access to exciting perks and surprises such as exclusive NFT airdrops, travel packages, and nature retreats for free.

Exploring Solarpunk

Solarpunk is a literary and art genre that focuses on an environmentally wealthy future. It re-engineers a future wherein humans are attuned to nature and with the earth capitalizing on green energy as its life fuel source.

The main impetus of Solarpunk is to magnify the use of tech in harnessing the planet’s innate capabilities and not hurting it or killing it. Solarpunk art breathes life into proverbially green megacities and communities that are made possible with the marriage of tech and nature.