Clay Nation is a collection of 10,000 digital figures with handcrafted clay qualities built algorithmically.

Building a project on the Cardano blockchain is what many developers prefer, although it gets a little competitive due to too many projects now on the blockchain. In recognition of this, developers choose the rarest characters to stand out in the sea of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


Clay Nation’s team hopes to create an expansive virtual world with a festival atmosphere, an inclusive area to explore experimental settings built on and shaped in collaboration with the community’s population.

In the long run, they intend to open Clay Nation’s doors and expand to organize virtual and physical arts and culture events, which will be accessible to both clay NFT and visitor card holders. The sale of Clay Nation Pitches in Sonic Village, Underworld, and Baked Nation was a catalyst that generated crucial financing for the development of their shared vision of Clay Nation.

The Clay Nation team’s objective with a growing staff and a heightened vision is to push the frontiers of the Web3 area through art and the team’s passion for music, culture, and technology. The team is developing amazing relationships and uncovering synergies between real-life experiences and virtual connections to construct a bridge between the Cardano blockchain and the rest of the world. They also hope to reach a far larger and more varied audience than the normal NFT community.

What is Clay Nation?

Clay Nation is a collection of 10,000 digital figures with handcrafted clay qualities built algorithmically. Each distinct character is a one-of-a-kind NFT that is saved on the Cardano blockchain. Clay Nation members are not the same as they are in the non-clay world. All characters are lovely, yet some have less common characteristics than others.

NFT holders can get their matching full-body 3D, game-ready, one-of-a-kind avatar for free by linking a dAPP-compatible wallet or verifying with the in-house Discord bot. The 3D models have been optimized for the web and can be seen using the online application. Downloading and rendering the models in 3D editing software such as Blender is advised to view them in their best quality. Models can also be imported and utilized in game engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity.

Clay Nation’s main utility and governance token is the $CLAY token. The $CLAY token will be put into circulation to foster long-term growth that benefits the clay community and the robust development of Clay Nation.

Clay Nation x Good Charlotte

Every aspect of the Clay Nation x Good Charlotte collection is being recreated in 3D and will be reassembled as full-body 3D avatars. The development of 3D models for individual holders is proceeding apace, and the models are expected to be complete and available to holders soon.

Clay Nation Map

The Clay Nation map depicts the layout, size, pitch arrangement, and significant features of the game’s first three zones: Sonic Village, Underworld, and Baked Nation. Each zone is viewed as a ‘community’ inside Clay Nation. Each zone will have its motif centered on shared common areas. The NFT’s zones will be visually synergized and geographically integrated, allowing for transit between them.

A PITCH is a type of land in the Nation. The NFTs sold during the land sale correspond to pitches in each of these three zones. All pitches are marked with coordinates on the Clay Nation Map (x,y).

Pitch Dimensions

Pitches come in three sizes: small (1×1), medium (2×2), and large (3×3), which are dispersed at random at the point of sale.

The maximum height for buildings on pitches is determined by the property’s length and width, which can be made up of two or more neighboring pitches joined together. The maximum height to build on each pitch will be decided, with the tallest point in the center gradually decreasing closer to the boundaries.

Browsing the Map

The map is viewable on the official website, which also has additional services to help you find pitches.


In the long term, holding pitches in Clay Nation should allow holders to mold concepts, contribute to the project’s development, and actively construct inside the Clayverse. To get holders started, the team is presently working on default asset packs and builder tools.

Sonic Village

Sonic Village might be regarded as the collection’s “home” – with strategic placement on the Clay Nation map, Sonic Village will establish itself as the center of clay activity and the first focus of development. There are a total of 10,000 pitches.


Underworld is Clay Nation’s eerie and enigmatic zone, inspired by the team’s effort with the US punk band Good Charlotte. There are a total of 9,427 pitches.

Baked Nation

Baked Nation was created in partnership with Snoop Dogg and Champ Medici. Baked Nation pitches will be spread around a core hub owned and constructed in collaboration with Snoop, Champ, and their team in the scorching, smokey environment of Clay Nation. It has a total pitch of 12,600.

The commercial ownership of one of three original tunes released this year will be reflected in each Baked Nation pitch NFT. Champ Medici, Snoop Dogg, and friends have recorded three tracks that are currently being developed.

Holders will later be able to access individual elements of each track to further experiment with. Following the release, the Clay Nation team will host a competition to award the finest remixes with fantastic prizes.

Map expansion and future land sales

Another purpose of the Clay Nation is to produce vibrant, diverse, and fully utilized environments. They intend to continue forming alliances both within and outside of the blockchain and Web3 communities. They also wanted to reach a larger audience and expand the beloved community.

When demand and development are at an acceptable level, they may decide to uncover further unrevealed islands on the Clay Nation map. Clay Nation is looked at as a project and as a virtual space that has no limitations. They will continue to do what they believe is best for the project’s and the Cardano NFT ecosystem’s growth.

The Stand

Clay Nation and Good Charlotte NFT holders will be able to dress their Clay persona in trousers that ‘complement’ their upper body apparel. This will be made possible by the introduction of the ‘The Stand-Matching Trousers’ NFT, which will be redeemable with the $CLAY token. A Perfectly matched Trouser NFT – or NFTS – in the same wallet as the Clay Nation and GC NFTs will grant access to a fully clad 3D model.

If an owner has numerous Clay Nation or GC NFTs, they will only need one trouser NFT (per collection) to dress all of their clays.


Rakudio aspires to bring Clay Nation residents community-driven art, music, poetry, writing, and events. Consider releases by well-known or emerging musicians, combined with ownership of an easy-to-use in-game program and virtual surroundings. Rakudio will include exclusive additional content that can only be obtained with $clay.


More additional features will be open for the Clay Nation holders. Furthermore, the team is inviting other projects to collaborate with them in their aim for the longevity of the industry. As NFTs are evolving at a rapid pace, it is crucial for them to think of ways to survive in the competitive industry of NFTs.