The Boss Cat Rocket Club is a limited supply of 9,999 algorithmically generated space-bound cats living on the Cardano Blockchain.

Creating unique NFTs is a trend nowadays; some developers choose an NFT theme that relates to most people. Moreover, NFT projects thrive off a healthy community and relatable characters make this possible. Having proactive and helpful conversations with a dedicated team goes a long way in a community.


The team behind Boss Cat Rocket Club, founded by a member of the BAYC community known as Blue Magic, BAYC Ape #4064, is now researching the potential of a community pool to support possible projects both within and outside of the community. Furthermore, due to Ethereum’s enormously inflated gas prices, the team has opted to establish the Boss Cat Rocket Club on the Cardano Blockchain, where they believe the project will be more accessible to everyone. The BCRC is committed to long-term, sustainable community building, as well as active participation in the burgeoning metaverse movement.

The team behind the Boss Cat Rocket Club is composed of dedicated developers that work together to put the project in the limelight. The team members are; the founder Blue Magic, game developer Tomcat, Cambie the engineer, and the art team which consists of six skilled digital artists. Furthermore, there is Catnip who is in charge of everything, Cheshire the Head of Strategy and Utility, Head of Design and Artwork Pilot, Neko-mamushi as the Head of Marketing & Community Relations, Lucifen works as the Bridge to Community & Creative Input, IlluminCATi for Community Content Management, CooCat as the Master of Coin, and Batman is in charge of the website.

What is Boss Cat Rocket Club?

The Boss Cat Rocket Club is a limited supply of 9,999 algorithmically generated space-bound cats living on the Cardano Blockchain. All Boss Cat and Rocket Club owners have access to the BCRC Space Center, which promises a fantastic experience. Exclusive auctions, seminars, and prizes are only available to BCRC / BCRP NFT owners.

Vox Cats

Vox Cats is only available to Boss Cat Rocket Club members. This exclusive set of Boss Cats can enter the Boss Planet Metaverse with their one-of-a-kind VOX counterpart.


While the rarity of a BCRC can be obtained from the uniqueness of its arbitrary qualities, the true value of a BCRC is obviously wholly subjective and must be determined by its community. For every Vox Cat, there are numerous alternatives. Holders can select their favorite cat breed, fur pattern, clothing, mouth appearance, eyes, headgear, earrings, and backdrops. This provides the owners the ability to personalize their Vox Cats.


In a digital environment, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) enable total ownership of property and assets. Everything on the Cardano Blockchain, from the land on which holders build to the furniture and decorations they install, exists as distinct verifiable tokens that can be held, bought, and sold.

Boss Planet Token

A digital token that is available to everyone. The Boss Planet Token will be the metaverse’s omnipresent decentralized money, enabling a fully functional digital economy in which anybody may freely buy, sell, win, and invest.

The BCRC Rocket

The BCRC Rocket is one of the rarest, exclusive NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain, with a total of 3,333 rocket pieces distributed and only 1,111 completely constructed rockets.

Solid Rocket Boosters, External Fuel Tanks, and Orbiters are the three sorts of parts available for assembling a BCRC Rocket.

Holders can obtain three matching components to fully assemble one of the 1,111 possible BCRC Rockets with the release of 3,333 total rocket parts. In addition, BCRC Cat Holders may receive free rocket component airdrops.

The BCRC Rocket Parts

Solid Rocket Boosters x 2

A solid rocket booster (SRB) is a massive solid propellant motor that provides thrust in spacecraft launches from launch until the first ascent. The Space Shuttle is powered by two SRBs, the world’s largest solid propellant motors, and the first designed for recovery and reuse.

External Fuel Tank

The external tank (ET) of the Space Shuttle launch vehicle carries the liquid hydrogen fuel and liquid oxygen oxidizer. During lift-off and ascent, it delivers fuel and oxidizer under pressure to the orbiter’s three RS-25 main engines.


The Space Shuttle orbiter is the Space Shuttle’s spaceplane component. The orbiter may transport passengers and payloads into low Earth orbit, conduct in-space activities, then re-enter the atmosphere and land like a glider, returning the crew and any on-board payload to Earth.

Daily Token Reward

Since then, the Daily Token Reward for Boss Cat Rocket Club and Boss Cat Rocket Parts has been increasing. The BCRC Team’s goal is to ensure that the tokenomics are appropriately calibrated in order to maximize the rewards for the most devoted holders while also ensuring the long-term survival of the Boss Planet ecosystem.


Sandbox Space Center

The team had intended to launch on Ethereum, but with recent gas fee increases, they felt compelled to find a means to make the project more accessible to everyone. Cardano is a new Blockchain ecosystem that has high ambitions for the future. Opensea will soon offer Cardano NFT trading, and smart contracts are on their way. With Ethereum’s gas fees being astronomically higher, the Boss Cat Rocket Club team believes it is just a matter of time before Cardano achieves significant traction in the NFT arena.

VIP Lounge

Fully Assembled Rocket Owners will also get exclusive access to the Sandbox Space Center’s one and only VIP Lounge. Aside from that, early access to the lounge on Top Level Insight is available to holders before it will be launched to the public, along with a unique MetaGallery and customized game.

BCRC Play to Earn Game

Holders are offered a chance to assemble their rocket and launch themselves into the original P2E BCRC Game where endless rewards and earnings wait.

BCRC MetaGallery

The gallery will accept open contributions, with the best being voted on by BCRC members exclusively and auctioned off once a month at the exclusive invite-only auction house. The MetaGallery will be accessible to all BCRC NFT holders, with the most high-profile auctions reserved for the Fully Assembled Rocket Holders. A percentage of the profits from the sale will be returned to the BCRC community, in addition to promoting rising talent in the NFT field.

Beach Club Events

The BCRC is now collaborating with a number of great Beach Clubs from Miami to Bali to Ibiza to Hawaii as well as the Philippines. All BCRC members will be invited to exclusive Beach Club events across the globe.

Boss Cat Rocket Club Influencers

The Boss Cat Rocket Club is backed by influencers all over the globe. Most known personalities engage themselves in the club and even spread the word about it. The known influencers of BCRC are: boxing legend Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao, NBA star Baron Davis, Eric Bobo, Styles P, Ross Golan, and Terrance “T.Wrecks” Mckinney.


The installation of the Boss Cat Rocket Club will boost economic stability and connectedness across all Boss Planet properties. It is critical for a project’s community to engage and trade within Boss Planet using a coin that is dependent on the same metaverse’s activities. As a result, the value of all assets traded in it will be enhanced further, making it less vulnerable to the volatile activity of other currencies and tokens.