The answer to this is yes! You can create your own cryptocurrency even without being a programmer. Many existing blockchain platforms have answered the question of how to create your own cryptocurrency – as a coin for the community, a joke, or many other reasons. Often, on these platforms, it doesn’t take much to make a cryptocurrency. They make the creation of cryptocurrency seem as easy as filling a web form; requiring just a few specifications such as a name, number of coins, and a few other details.

The moment you know how to go about creating a cryptocurrency, and you have one already, prepare yourself for difficulties ahead. It can be more difficult to maintain a currency that you create, especially when it is self-built. It may require extra programming, a connection of various computers, and investments in marketing in order to enhance the influence and usage of the coin.

The question of “how to create my own cryptocurrency from scratch” entails building a blockchain, it calls for more work but gives you additional license and influence over your coin and its beneficial capabilities.

Also, if you use an existing blockchain from the start, your coin is more secured and could benefit from other added built-in features.