Boryoku Dragonz is a Solana NFT collection composed of 1,111 pixelated NFT dragons that also offer NFT eggs and a magical mixture to create new characters. 

While beauty is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder, it cannot be denied that the non-fungible token (NFT) space is littered with hastily made digital art collections pushed by teams aiming for quick bucks. With the intense competition in the NFT space, it is clear that the soul of digital arts is being stripped out to make way for profits and fame instead of showcasing genuine works of art. 


The Boryoku Dragonz brings Asia’s rich culture and the rich talent of artists in one collection to separate itself from the clutter in the NFT arena. 

What is Boryoku Dragonz?  

Boryoku Dragonz is a Solana-based collection composed of 1,111 pixelated NFT dragons that also offer NFT eggs and a magical mixture to create new characters. 

The collection offers token airdrops, merchandise, and a breeding game to keep its community excited, engaged, and earn more profits in the process.

Collectors only need one NFT dragon to acquire Boryoku’s native token, and of course, these tokens will increase in proportion to the number of dragons they own. The team has also purchased a piece of land in The Sandbox to expand its Boryoku Village further and create more opportunities for the community. 

Boryoku has now been listed on the Magic Eden and Solana Floor, an NFT data analytics platform that provides NFT enthusiasts with reliable and accessible data about its current number of owners, floor price, and other critical information. 

Boryoku Origins 

Boryoku Dragonz was one of the very few living creatures left in a post-apocalyptic Earth, where the entire human race has been wiped out. These dragons were originally created by humans as genetic weapons and are now fighting for survival by competing for a scarce resource called BOKU. 

They later realized that the best way to survive is not through fighting but by cooperating to ensure that their lineage can last long. 


BOKU is the collection’s native token and, according to the story, it was formulated using magical rituals and the ruins of the Boryoku village. 

BOKU resurrects Boryoku dragons to prevent their total extinction amid a post-apocalyptic environment. 


To acquire an egg, NFT holders need two Dragonz and 882 BOKU to finish the simple breeding process.

What they need to do is to let two Dragonz, which will be categorized as ‘Alpha’ and ‘Beta,’ undergo a ‘mating’ process for them to hatch an egg. 

The breeding process is easy to understand, requires a few clicks, and clearly notifies holders about the progress of the eggs. 

After the hatching process, it will bring forth a ‘new-born’ dragon, giving holders a brand new NFT and income stream. 

Legendary Dragons 

The Anon

Characteristics: Has the skill to unleash coordinated attacks against Boryoku village’s enemies. 

Winning Bid: 395 SOL 

Winning Bidders: The ◎racle (The ◎#4655) and Rain#9481

The Astro 

Characteristics: The only dragon that has successfully landed on the moon and safely returned to the village, which made it a symbol of NFT collectors’ ultimate dream of “going to the moon.”

Winning Bid: 275 SOL 

Winning Bidder: 7AC 

The Mutant 

Characteristics: This dragon’s goal is to collect various specimens and turn Dragonz fluids into a BOKU pot which can make it a very powerful creature. 

Winning Bid: 46O SOL 

Winning Bidder: howl#8508

The Fren 

Characteristics: This dragon, which is probably one of the most, if not the most outgoing Dragonz of them all, was found in a fictional fast-food chain called ‘MaxDonaldz’ 

Winning Bid: 275 SOL 

Winning Bidder: (Not available) 

The Electro 

Characteristics: This dragon has a powerful electric power and serves as the guardian of Boryoku and the entire universe. 

Winning Bid: 327 SOL 

Winning Bidder: TraderKoz#2063 

The Shinobi 

Characteristics: This dragon excels in stealth and precision when executing its missions and wants to eradicate humanity because of its frustrating nature. 

Winning Bid: 800 SOL 

Winning Bidder: Jagoe#3998

The Rambo 

Characteristics: It is dubbed as the ‘Killer of the Century’ because of its addiction to firearms, which forced the Boryoku Masterz to punish it by putting a BOKU grenade in its mouth. 

Winning Bid: 550 SOL 

Winning Bidder: jimcooper#0570

The Oracle 

Characteristics: This dragon is the master of the ‘Dragon Dance’ that has the power to repel evil spirits in the Boryoku Village. 

Winning Bid: 505 SOL 

Winning Bidder: Quincy#7419

The Alchemist 

Characteristics: This dragon is the sole brewmaster of the Boryoku village, with unparalleled knowledge in formulating BOKU brews. 

Winning Bid: 805 SOL 

Winning Bidder: SoftMoney#0952

The King 

Characteristics: The King ー enough said. 

Winning Bid: 1111 SOL ($235,000) 

Winning Bidder: BOOGLE (Solana) NFT team 

Boryoku Dragonz Merch 

The Boryoku team has released a Dragonz hoodie exclusively for its holders, giving Dragonz owners a deeper sense of identity, apart from the virtual dragons they hold. 

Apart from the high-quality hoodies, the team has also rolled out its very own shades, both virtual and real, in partnership with SolShades, a platform that creates customized NFT and physical shades. 

Scam Alerts 

The Boryoku Dragonz team reminds their community to only trade on MagicEden and not on unauthorized marketplaces to prevent the risk of engaging in a fraudulent transaction. 

Impersonations and sharing of fake escrow links are some of the frauds that the team has spotted in the community and reminded everybody to take extra precautions. 

The team has also recognized the possibility that these sophisticated scams may come from one of the community members and even from one of the Dragonz holders themselves. 

Sold Boryoku Dragonz 

Here’s a quick list of some of the Dragonz that has been sold so far: 

Dragon Sold ForUSD Equivalent
Boryoku Dragonz #18 399 SOL $33,168.87
Boryoku Dragonz #749 375 SOL $31,230 
Boryoku Dragonz #244 355 SOL$30, 352.50 
Boryoku Dragonz #372 350 SOL $32,550 
Boryoku Dragonz #42 345 SOL $30,787.80 


Boryoku Dragonz’s aesthetics are impressive, which clearly shows its artists’ love for digital arts, unlike many bland collections that with not much effort put into them. Its breeding process, merchandise, creative offerings, and sales feats can certainly attract a bigger audience, but its ability to widen its reach is yet to be seen, given the intense competition in the NFT space.