Leading exchange in the industry, Bitfinex, is launching Bitfinex Pulse, a social platform which allows users to share ideas and interact with each other.

According to the press release from Bitfinex, the social network is “tailored to meet the needs of crypto traders, providing Bitfinex’s growing customer base with the opportunity to leverage the exchange’s community to get a trading edge.”    

Although no official pictures were shared in the press release, it is thought that verified users will share their knowledge in the form of “pulses”, which customers can decide whether they share privately or publically. Users can also share other pulses, even on other social network sites.

Signing up with Bitfinex Pulse is easy. A user can choose his or her nickname or use the one that’s connected to their Bitfinex account on the platform’s Leaderboard. Potential users can also skip the Bitfinex Pulse account setup and view the pulses posted by other users.

Speaking on the Pulse launch, Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Bitfinex said: “As our community of traders continues to grow, Bitfinex Pulse will become a valuable information source, while also being a fun and intuitive way for traders to interact with each other,” he continued:

“We have launched Bitfinex Pulse in response to the demand of our users for a professional content distribution platform for traders. Building on the success of the public leaderboard — which has already created crypto icons on Twitter — Bitfinex Pulse will foster the friendship and community spirit that makes Bitfinex a unique place to trade.”

Set up in 2012, Bitfinex has slowly been building itself to become a viable option for crypto trading and has begun offering a wider variety of related services. In addition to this, the exchange also offers users access to a perpetual swap contract offering 100x leverage through its affiliate, iFinex Financial Technologies Limited. However, this has not been without controversy as they were involved alongside Tether in a controversial and costly lawsuit for market manipulation.