The world of decentralized finance (DeFi) is witnessing rapid growth, and BitDAO is emerging as a leading force driving this revolution. As one of the largest decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) globally, BitDAO’s mission is to create a tokenized economy that is accessible to everyone while supporting innovative projects in the blockchain industry.

This ultimate guide delves into the platform’s background, its unique ecosystem, and the mechanisms that facilitate its growth. Learn how BitDAO fosters the development of the DeFi landscape, forms strategic partnerships, and leverages its growth flywheel to capitalize on the success of its partners and the wider crypto industry.


BitDAO emerged in 2021 when a coalition of investors, entrepreneurs, and developers recognized the promise of blockchain technology and sought to establish a platform that could foster and finance innovative projects in the sector. Among the founders of BitDAO were prominent figures in the blockchain world, including Michael Arrington, who co-founded TechCrunch, and Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal.

In a historic private sale, the DAO amassed $230 million through the sale of its BIT token. This remarkable fundraising event provided the necessary capital to develop the platform and allocate resources to burgeoning projects within the industry.

In June 2021, BitDAO made a significant investment in the DeFi platform, SushiSwap, contributing $7.1 million to bolster the platform’s growth and expand its offerings.

BitDAO has since invested in a diverse range of blockchain projects, encompassing decentralized exchanges (DEXs), non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces, and gaming platforms. Moreover, the platform has forged alliances with other key players in the blockchain ecosystem, such as Polygon, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution.

BitDAO’s strategic investments and partnerships have solidified its position as a major force in the blockchain industry. The platform is dedicated to backing inventive projects and displays a willingness to invest in cutting-edge technologies with the potential to propel blockchain adoption forward.

What is BitDAO?

BitDAO stands as one of the world’s largest decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), with BIT serving as its governance token. The project aims to create a decentralized tokenized economy accessible to everyone, wherein BIT token holders have the authority to manage the protocol, propose, and vote.

BitDAO focuses on fostering the development of the DeFi ecosystem by creating DeFi products and supporting other DeFi partners and initiatives. Additionally, the project can compensate contributors who develop their governance modules, community management initiatives, or BitDAO platforms in the future. The project intends to sustain support for these efforts, motivating community members to continue contributing. All decisions are made through BitDAO’s voting and recommendation systems.

How Does BitDAO Work

BitDAO operates by collaborating with projects through token swaps and co-development endeavors. The platform offers support in various ways, including research and development, liquidity bootstrapping, and funding. BitDAO seeks to accumulate a portfolio of top DeFi and crypto projects through token swaps, aligning with the platform’s interests. They aim to help partner projects become category leaders, prioritizing partners such as spot and derivatives DEXes.

Furthermore, BitDAO focuses on building core products that enhance the functionality of the DAO, including governance suites and treasury management. The platform also extends grants to projects in areas like DeFi, governance, layer1/layer2, privacy, and NFTs, as well as to contributors working on BitDAO initiatives such as custom governance modules or community management efforts. All grants are subject to BitDAO’s proposal and voting process.

The BitDAO voting process offers numerous benefits to projects. It creates and collaborates with specialized autonomous entities (AE) for ecosystem funds, art, farming, R&D, ventures, events, grants, education, and DAO operation services. The process helps prevent micro-decisions from being hindered by top-level BitDAO governance, allowing partners to maintain autonomy while limiting governance to mandate and funding approval. Additionally, BitDAO supports partners in becoming category leaders through R&D, liquidity, funding, and operational assistance, and encourages builders by aligning incentives and simplifying the creation and operation of autonomous entities.

BIT token holders influence BitDAO’s actions and direction through the proposal and voting process. Potential proposals can include direct partnerships or swaps with projects and expansion via specialized autonomous entities such as ecosystem funds, artist guilds, farming cooperatives, and R&D labs. Anyone can propose partnerships and product upgrades for BitDAO, and BIT token holders vote to approve or reject these proposals. Successful proposals must provide thorough analysis and be executable.

Growth Strategy

BitDAO thrives on the success of its partner projects and the overall growth of the crypto industry. As the success of partner projects escalates, the BitDAO treasury receives increased contributions and accrues value, allowing for more resources to be allocated. This self-sustaining cycle of growth is known as the BitDAO flywheel.

It is important to note that BitDAO is not a company; it lacks a management team and employees. Instead, it consists of builders and stakeholders who hold BIT tokens and share a common goal: the project’s success. BitDAO seeks partnerships through token swaps and co-development initiatives, aiming to accumulate a diverse portfolio of top-tier DeFi and crypto projects. As these partnerships align their interests, the DAO is driven to support partner projects in becoming category leaders, with a focus on spot and derivatives DEXes.

BitDAO also concentrates on constructing core products that enhance the efficiency of BitDAO or other DAOs, including:

  1. Governance suite: A combination of on-chain and off-chain products and best practices.
  2. Treasury management: Tools that enable DAOs to deploy and monitor assets to generate yield or bootstrap products.
  3. Grants: Financial support for teams that produce research or products that serve as public goods for the crypto industry, such as potentially matching Gitcoin grants.

BitDAO’s growth and prosperity are intertwined with the success of its partners and the broader crypto industry. With billions in assets and consistent contributions, BitDAO continues to forge partnerships, accumulate top DeFi assets, and develop valuable products. These partner projects and products, in turn, contribute to the BitDAO treasury, fostering a compounding and accumulation dynamic that fuels its growth.


As we venture deeper into the era of decentralization, BitDAO stands at the forefront, championing innovation and collaboration in the blockchain and DeFi space. By providing funding, nurturing partnerships, and facilitating the development of core products, BitDAO is building a robust ecosystem that propels the adoption of blockchain technology.

The platform’s unique growth flywheel demonstrates its commitment to sustainable expansion, as it leverages the success of its partners and the broader crypto industry to create a compounding effect. With a focus on inclusivity and accessible opportunities, BitDAO is not only shaping the future of decentralized finance but also redefining how we envision the democratization of the global financial landscape.