Biswap is the first DEX platform to offer a Multi-type Referral Program and the lowest platform transaction fee (0.1%) in the market.

Looking for crypto projects with so many known collaborators is quite difficult. Some developers even opt to collaborate with other new projects out there in hopes of being known in the game. In this crypto winter, we are seeing a really tough and brutal market condition, but being able to go past it could prove to be rewarding for both developers and clients in the long run.


The Biswap team works on features that aim to give rewards to their holders, such as the Multi-Reward Pool where a user will receive leading tokens as dividends simultaneously. The more trading volume a user accumulates, the greater rewards they earn.

Biswap intends to enhance its trading features and engage the audience that trades leveraged futures. This will contribute to increased trading volume and utility for BSW, its native token.

What is Biswap?

Biswap is the first DEX platform to offer a Multi-type Referral Program and the lowest platform transaction fee (0.1%) in the market. On the BNB Chain network, the project is a decentralized trading platform for exchanging BEP-20 tokens. This network ensures higher speed and much cheaper network transaction costs than other chains.

Biswap is the BNB Chain’s No. 2 DEX! The options they offer entice users and powerful initiatives. For example, it has formed strong alliances with venture capital firms, launchpads, and other Dapps like BetFury, Alpaca, LaunchZone, Beefy, and others.

The project’s user base is growing by the day. As a result, they are offering the option to start new local discussions, become an Ambassador, and provide Biswappers with a welcoming environment and a lot of enthusiasm.

Based on comments from the Biswap Global community, they are now focusing on establishing the following Biswap local communities: Filipino-speaking, Arabic-speaking, Indian-speaking, Persian-speaking.

Biswap Bug Bounty

Biswap Bug Bounty is a program by which platform users can receive compensation and recognition for reporting bugs, especially security exploits and vulnerabilities. By implementing this program, Biswap allows its users to earn BSW tokens for reporting bugs and preventing incidents of widespread abuse.

Biswap’s first goal has always been the safety of its clients. They are deeply committed to offering the greatest quality service while also maintaining the platform’s safety. As part of this program, Biswap welcomes its users to assist in securing and improving the site.

Biswap Exchange

Biswap Exchange is an automated market maker (AMM) that enables users to exchange two BNB Chain tokens. Liquidity Providers (“LPs”) put their tokens in Liquidity Pools to offer liquidity to the exchange. In exchange, the user receives LP tokens, which can be staked to earn BSW tokens in the “Farms.”

Transaction Fee Mining

Transaction fee mining, often known as “trans-fee mining,” is the practice of leveraging transaction fees to benefit the community. Biswap, unlike other exchange platforms, refunds transaction fees to consumers in the form of its native cryptocurrency, BSW. Simply put, when a Biswapper does a swap on Biswap and pays a 0.1% trading charge, up to 50% of the trading fee is promptly returned to their “Fee Return” balance in BSW tokens.

The Biswap team set aside 30 million tokens for trans-fee mining, but each token would be unique. To be more exact, tokens for trans-fee mining are only generated when a user withdraws funds from their “Fee Return” amount. When the number of tokens granted for trans-fee mining hits 30 million, this method will be disabled automatically.

Biswap Liquidity Pool

When a Biswapper contributes liquidity to the pool, they receive LP tokens. A transaction fee of 0.1% will be levied when a token swap is performed. A fee compensation of 0.05% will be returned to liquidity providers. They will also be able to stake their LP tokens in the liquidity pool to acquire BSW tokens in the “Farms.” As a result, in addition to earning money via token swap transactions, a user will be able to stake LP tokens and gain BSW tokens.

Biswap Farms

Biswap Farms provides its customers with a variety of farming options. Biswappers can stake their LP tokens in exchange for BSW tokens. Biswap will incentivize multiple liquidity pairs by allowing Liquidity Providers to invest their LP tokens in the farms.

Marketplace for Biswap DEX

The Marketplace is a massive release that encompasses a large portion of the Biswap universe. This is a big step forward for the global DEX and innovative space to earn crypto through NFTs.

This is how the Marketplace will contribute to the improvement of Biswap:

  • Powerful, safe, and greater Biswap ecosystem
  • New levels and records in DeFi
  • Strengthening of the BSW token
  • Involvement of hundreds of thousands of new active users to Biswap DEX
  • Lucrative and beneficial opportunities for the community
  • Huge NFT partnerships
  • Greater volumes and positive statistics

Biswap Launchpool

Biswap Launchpool is a resource-efficient alternative to mining. It allows Biswappers to use their tokens to obtain free tokens. To put it simply, they lock their cryptocurrency to collect rewards. From the start, users could only stake BSW tokens in return for more BSW. Biswappers can now stake BSW in exchange for other tokens, expanding their options.

Biswap NFT

Biswap offers exclusive NFT Earn features. A prospective client will not find anything like this among DEX. As a result, the Biswap team extends an invitation to individuals who are interested in experiencing the complex, unique and important benefits of this magnificent NFT Integration.

Biswappers will be delighted to learn inventive Robi’s unique characteristics level by level. Furthermore, each level conveys a story of progress. Their traits are as follows:

The 1st level Robi NFTs are on a light grey background. They are similar to a blank canvas on which a Biswapper can paint a vibrant array of lucrative levels. Furthermore, this Robi has a distinct style and looks at people through different colored eyes.

The 2nd level Robi NFTs are on the green background. Like the earth in the spring. Because every journey to the summit begins on the ground.

The 3rd level Robi NFTs are on the blue background. These sky Robbies are already quite tall! In addition to beautiful attire and bright eyes, this Robi greets with a variety of caps. Furthermore, there are other fancy components in the background.

The 4th level Robi NFTs are on the violet background. These cosmic Robbies have already ascended into space. Furthermore, these NFTs combine numerous elements that are created at random from other NFTs.

The 5th level Robi NFTs are on the yellow background. These cosmic Robbies have already ascended to new heights. Furthermore, these NFTs combine diverse elements generated at random from other NFTs.

The 6th level Robi NFTs are on the flaming red background. Because these Robbies have the energy of a Supernova explosion. They also have elements that distinguish them from other NFTs. This will help them maintain their identity as an NFT owner while also emphasizing the exclusivity of their NFTs.


The team behind Biswap intends to stay on top of the game and keep their project for a long time. With the help of their supporters and partners, their work is always improving for the better. Because of this, more and more potential clients are getting interested in the project.