Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, or CZ as he is popularly known in the crypto-world, has affirmed his long term vision for digital currencies.

In a tweet, he stated that due to the nature of fiat currency creation at the will of the government, cryptocurrency will, one day, surge one thousand times against sovereign currency.

He tweeted:

“#Crypto will increase more than 1000x (against fiat) simply due to the printing alone…”

CZ’s tweet was in reply to a tweet by Anthony Pompliano, quoting Alan Greenspan, the former chair of the Federal Reserve of the United States.

This has not been the only tweet that has garnered some attention. CZ recently tweeted in a response to an earlier tweet he made in the year, about the latest Bitcoin price pump, saying, ‘I guess this was true. Plenty of money ready to jump in and in full FOMO mode. Everyone will be in Crypto. Don’t get left behind!’

Wise words from CZ. Is there a bull run coming soon? Let us know in the comments.