Binamon is a complete metaverse of digital monsters that offers a multiplayer, role-playing blockchain game where users benefit from a wide array of products and services.

For some time now, blockchain gaming has been on the rise that various ambitious projects are surfacing and gaining ground in the decentralized ecosystem. The gaming branch within the blockchain has yet to reach its full potential. However, the prospect for the years ahead is nothing short of promising.

Decentralized games like The SandBox, CrytptoBlades, and now Binamon have perfectly demonstrated the versatility of the blockchain and related technologies.  

Binamon is the latest implementation of decentralized gaming and is supported by a robust gaming protocol, combined with the efficiency of the blockchain.


Nicolas Veiga Palacios

Based in Argentina, the Binamon project was introduced by a diverse team of economists, mathematicians, and physicists. Supported by fruitful gaming partnerships, the platform has been gaining traction within the crypto ecosystem. 

CEO Nicolas Veiga Palacios is the head of the project. Being a veteran in the crypto space, he understands the needs and trends within the market. He and his team spearheaded the launch of the play-to-earn game in August 2021.

The platform is expecting a great influx of gamers around the world, ranging from 3M to 10M players in the coming months. Binamon’s team relies heavily on the platform’s NFT collection, as it is projected to be heavily valued on the market. 

What is Binamon?

Binamon is a complete metaverse of digital monsters. Its interesting framework enables participants to interact with blockchain technology in a fun, transparent, and secure manner.

Additionally, Binamon is a multiplayer-player, role-playing blockchain game where users benefit from a wide array of products and services, benefiting gamers, token holders, and the blockchain community as a whole.

Currently, the gaming project is live on the Binance Smart Chain, where millions of participants are able to enjoy a unique NFT and gaming experience. Behind Binamon’s dynamic algorithm is a central play-to-earn concept, where players would receive BMON tokens for various in-game activities.

The game was built on the well-established Unreal Engine, responsible for Epic Games’ AI graphics technology that gave us gems like The Last of US Ⅱ, Call of Duty Black Ops Ⅲ, Street, and Fortnite.  Binamon’s mobile application is equipped with a crypto wallet, facilitating the P2P transaction of $BMON on the marketplace.

Additionally, the application is also quite efficient in monitoring different classes of currencies  within the crypto market; 

In Binamon’s gaming metaverse, players have the opportunity to gather monsters while enjoying battle royale mode, multiplayer game, staking rewards, and Binamons collectible.

Monsters are equipped with 4 distinct features allowing all players to enjoy an exciting gaming atmosphere. Additionally, they are classified in terms of their attacking ability, class, horn power, and element. Given a specific combination of characteristics, some monsters are worth more than others on the market.

Participants also have the opportunity to create their very own monsters or Binamons through a smart contract build to certify the ownership and authenticity of the NFT. Furthermore, there is an algorithmic cost directly associated with the creation of each Binamon. The cost is directly proportional to the difficulty to generate the characteristics of each Binamon, and the total amount of tokens used to generate it.

The NFT will exclusively be minted using BMON tokens, and through a smart contract labelled as Booster. Generally, the NFTs are produced at random through series of mathematical equations, allowing the Booster to mint 3 unique and powerful Binamons.

BMON Token

BMON is the platform’s utility token responsible for the well-being and fluidity of all transactions within the Binamon ecosystem. Described as the divine particle, BMON was the catalyzer for Binamon’s birth and current rise to the top of decentralized gaming.

Initially, during the seed round which took place back on June 12th, the token’s price stood at 0.0000283 BNB exactly. However, after the presale round that took place 2 days later, the token was valued at a price of 0.00003846 BNB.

All revenues received in the platforms most recent token sales are currently being allocated to:

  • 20% on development
  • 20% for marketing purposes
  • 20% for expenses incurred during operations
  • 40% on the liquidity pool

Binamon Tokenomics

Since the platform works on the BSC, below is the breakdown of how its tokens are distributed;

  • Total supply- 300 Million
    • 20% staking pool funds
    • 17% for the seed round
    • 10% for the global development of the Binamon ecosystem
    • 11% will be allocated to  the liquidity pool
    • 10% serves the marketing needs for Binamon
    • 22% for the Private sale
    • 5% will be reserve for the advisors
    • 5% will account for the Binamon’s team
  • The initial number of tokens  in circulation- 150 Million
  • Initial Market Cap- 7,500 BNB
  • Total diluted  Market Cap- 1,5000 BNB
  • Hardcap-4,000 BNB
  • Seed Round Participation totals- 1,500 BNB
  • Presale Participation totals- 2,500 BNB

Among the tokens used for smart contract purposes, 0.1% has been placed in gaming battle modes. Exactly 10% of tokens collected in-game tournaments will be burned and the remaining 90% are reserved for tournaments winners.

The Binance chain game will also hold multiple lotteries, where participants can walk away with special upgrades for their Binamons. However, some of the tokens allocated for the lotteries will be burned as well.

Binamon Gameplay

Binamon’s unique gameplay is quite simple as it follows a play-to-earn concept. Players primarily have to collect monsters or Binamons, which can also be traded among players and staked to earn BMON tokens. A Battle mode is set in place, which enables players to pit their Binamons against each other, to earn $BMON. 

Finally, a multiplayer mode where users can enjoy Binamon’s rich environment with friends and family. Soon to come is an adventure mode, with even more features and richer open-world gameplay. 


Battle to earn

Assemble a team and fight monsters, with the opportunity to win amazing rewards in the process. Additionally in battle mode, players will be able to fight each other by wagering BMON tokens, where the winner takes the prize.

Burn mechanism

Battles will be matched between Binamons of the same class as the fight is resolved by a smart contract. A small percentage of the tokens will be burned.

Good incentives

The most powerful Binamon has a greater chance at winning, but the weakest one will get a greater reward in case of a victory.


Powered by BMON

The Binamon game is an adventure multiplayer game, whose economy will be powered by the BMON token.

In-Game Assets

Players will be able to create assets and sell them on the marketplace. Assets will have the ability to enhance the power of the Binamons.

Trading Zones

There will be in-game trading zones for players and content creators to buy and sell assets.


Similarly to its competitors within the blockchain play-to-earn space, Binamon’s unique features enable blockchain enthusiasts and new users to enjoy a protocol built around financial freedom while still retaining the attributes of traditional gaming. Through its decentralized user-generated content and highly interactive marketplace, players are empowered to sell, trade, and own all of their assets supported by BMON tokens.

Additionally, Binamon offers its users a simple, yet dynamic economical model centered around in-game characters’ characteristics (Class, Attack, Hornpower, and Element.)

Projects like Binamon perfectly embody the tremendous power of blockchain technology and its capacity to develop the gaming sector.