The Bella Protocol is an aggregate user interface for existing protocols of DeFi.

The new model for the future of finance is Decentralised Finance (DeFi). DeFi will steadily spread to liquid on-chain assets beginning with crypto and could ultimately revolutionize conventional finance as we know it.

In the traditional financial environment, smart contract-enabled protocols could eliminate intermediaries, improve openness and fairness, and make things better for all parties.

A wide range of decentralized finance (DeFi) products is supported by Bella Protocol ($BEL), enabling users to use existing DeFi protocols. It is the first and foremost project hosted on Binance‘s Launchpool. 

In this article, we will get to see complete insights on the Bella Protocol and its general aspects.


Bella Protocol CEO Felix Xu

Co-founders Felix Xu (CEO) and Yemu Xu (CGO) laid the foundation for the Bella protocol. Since 2018, Felix has been involved in the cryptocurrency scene, while Yemu purchased his first Bitcoin (BTC) in 2016. Before forming Bella, the CGO also held prominent positions at Fidelity Investments, which has $3.3 trillion in assets under administration, and Boro, a fintech company.

In addition, Yemu has ties with ZhenFund, China’s reputable venture capital group. Other team members include people with rich histories in blockchain architecture, cryptography, and finance.

The team got into DeFi in 2019 by supplying multiple lending networks and decentralized exchanges (DEXs) with liquidity. Back then, the team found inefficiencies in popular DeFi systems and took it upon themselves to solve them.

What is Bella Protocol?

The Bella Protocol is an aggregate user interface for existing protocols of DeFi. Built by the ARPA project team, the main objective of the protocol is to make the user interface of existing DeFi protocols much simpler. Moreover, it also aims to allow users to rapidly deploy their assets and gain profits.

Bella Protocol is a network of open financial tools that aim to increase DeFi adoption and ease the use of DeFi systems. The protocol’s major offerings include a customized lending protocol, a robot-type advisor, a savings account, and a yield farming tool.  

Basically, Bella is an ARPA-incubated ecosystem project. ARPA refers to the network based on Ethereum for layer 2 multiparty computation (MPC). The threshold signature scheme, which depends upon asset custody and cross-chain interoperability, is a branch of MPC cryptography.

Overall, the Bella Protocol is considered as a strategic step in the ever-lasting DeFi blueprint of ARPA and will draw its first batch of users from the global ARPA network.

BEL (Bella Token)

The Bella ecosystem possesses a governance token called BEL. The BEL token has a total supply of 100,000,000 BEL.

BEL acts as a major component in the whole Bella ecosystem. It benefits both the ARPA ecosystem & ARPA holders. Holders can enjoy benefits from BEL with a great deal. 

The token is used to collect fees, reward its holders, and stake them. It has a market cap of 100 million. The tokens are allocated in the Binance Launchpool (5 percent), auction (2 percent), private sales (6 percent), ecosystem (18 percent), reserve (4 percent), consumer development (40 percent), staking (10 percent), and squad (15 percent).

BEL stakeholder benefits come from the management fee on the goods paid by the protocol. In comparison to staking, BEL tokens may be used to take prize in the token spent rather than collecting prizes. For example, consumers of Flex Savings who have deposited USDT and received an interest of 1,000 USDT may elect to collect a payout from the interest in BEL.

Bella Protocol Features

The features of the Bella Protocol can be described in detail as follows:

1) Fee Collection: Bella imparts a wide range of DeFi products ranging from the lending protocol, hybrid yield farming tool, customized Robo-advisor1-click, and savings account. Long-term stakers or liquidity providers will be compensated with a portion of the network’s sale and utility revenue.

2) Discount: $BEL holders receive discounts on service fees, comparable to token exchange platforms such as BNB. For example, a percentage of the profit is paid by custodial services for DeFi protocols and Robo-advisors. However, the service charge is decreased when paid with $BEL.

3) Staking: As the overall volume of $BEL in circulation grows in the first two years, staking allows holders of $BEL to offset inflation and vote for improvements in the network.

4) Voting and Governance: Bella is an ever-progressing DeFi ecosystem. Users with staked $BEL can vote for new releases, potential product upgrades, and parameter customizations. 

Bella Lending

Bella Lending typically serves as a distributed and versatile money distribution point. It offers a highly flexible decentralized money market. 

Bella lending exhibits several features. Some of its perks include: 

  • It supports tokens used in the liquidity pools.
  • Drives yield farming and liquidity mining.
  • Carries a referral bonus. 

Bella 1-click

The protocol takes DeFi functionality to a central point with only a single click. It further cuts the gas fees to zero surprisingly and serves as a smart portal. Bella 1-click is all we need for DeFi.

Bella Robot-like Advisor

For Bella, a robot estimates the risks and offers, among other user-focused customizations, as well as a personalized exposure to stablecoins capable of producing yields while farming.

It exhibits some of the features described below:

1) Customization of user risk profile

2) Customized exposure to cryptos, indexes, and yield-earning Stablecoin

Bella Flex Savings

Here, the consumers of the device are subjected to arbitrage tactics capable of winning the highest yield farming incentives. Several stable coins and virtual currencies are used in Flex Savings. These techniques are, however, dependent on the risk level of a customer.

Flex Savings also has some amazing perks and features. It has optimized strategies of arbitration across protocols for maximum yield. Furthermore, it has support for multiple stablecoins and volatile assets. 

Binance Launchpool

The first project to be hosted at Binance Launchpool is Bella token (BEL). Here, users will be able to stake their ARPA, Binance Coin (BNB), or Binance USD (BUSD) tokens in three different pools for farming BEL tokens.

In order to stake tokens, one can simply visit the Binance Savings page. Afterward, just click on the BNB, BUSD, or ARPA flexible savings products with a Launchpool label.

BEL Launchpool Details

  • Token Name: Bella Protocol (BEL)
  • Launchpool token rewards: This includes 5% of total supply that is 5,000,000 BEL.
  • Total Token Supply: 100,000,000 BEL
  • Token Price in Private Sale: 1 BEL = 0.75 USD
  • Staking Terms: No upper limit, No KYC required.

Supported Pools:

  • Stake BNB: 4,500,000 BEL in rewards (90%)
  • Stake BUSD: 450,000 BEL in rewards (9%)
  • Stake ARPA: 50,000 BEL in rewards (1%)


There has to be a strong and robust link between DeFi and CeFi for conventional investors to access the room. One way to make this relation is to introduce a common proposition to those rooted in traditional financial approaches through platforms such as Bella.

Bella’s mobile-friendly products, such as yield farming, lending, savings, and personalized risk evaluation Robo-advisor could become one of the fuels to DeFi’s mass adoption. In addition, a seamless user interface often brings importance to the protocol, as well as the usefulness and incentivization of BEL tokens, which in turn helps speed up adoption.

The Bella Protocol gives DeFi to every crypto holder and provides Liquidity Mining, Flex savings, One-Click Platform, and Lending with a robust product mix. Bella takes on a blended approach in combination with DeFi and CeFi to maximize user interface, simplicity, and clarity.