AkoinNFT, the artist-driven NFT venture announced last month by global artist and philanthropist Akon, is launching the first of many curated art series with WrappedLA and Traveler today (April 14th, 2021).

AkoinNFT is proud to collaborate with design studio WrappedLA for their feature NFT debut, unveiling three unique pieces available in a limited collection that will be available for 24 hours. 

WrappedLA, run by Ry Arnoldi and Sam Seidman, is one of the most advanced digital art studios in the world, having had installations placed in notable galleries such as William Turner Gallery, Rosewood Hotels, Hotel Crillon, the Ritz Carlton & Art Basel. 

WrappedLA has partnered with Traveler and AkoinNFT to enter the NFT community. The growing excitement around how this technology is extending far beyond large musicians and artists, to the traditional and fine art spaces as well. 

Partnering with AkoinNFT’s full-service creation, design, minting, and distribution platform for artists, is exciting news for WrappedLA:

“We’re thrilled to work with the collective power and team behind AkoinNFT,” says Ry Arnoldi, “to enter this massive world of NFTs you need deep mindshare and leading technology every step of the way to make sure you cut through the noise”.  

In addition to the unique pieces, a limited number of WrappedLA NFT purchases will include exclusive VIP access to the first of many AkoinNFT Galleries. Each gallery provides immersive NFT viewing and auction experiences in glamorous locations around the world. 

Three lucky winners will have the opportunity to have their piece displayed and, should they choose to do so, have their piece auctioned at a star-studded gallery opening event expected this June.  

“Our exciting feature debut with Wrapped LA and Traveler showcases how AkoinNFT is entering the NFT landscape. We’re committed to providing professional artists with the tools and support they need to effectively navigate this new content medium. AkoinNFT is determined to empower artists to take creative control over their works, and provide them with the creative and financial freedom they’ve deserved for decades,” said  Jon Karas, AkoinNFT co-founder.

About Wrapped LA 

Wrapped LA is a well known design studio that has placed installations across some of the largest galleries in the world including notable galleries such as William Turner Gallery, Rosewood Hotels, Hotel Crillon, Ritz Carlton & Art Basel. Founded by Ryland Arnoldi and Sam Seidman, WRAPPED Studios creates technology-driven artwork rooted in traditional fine art techniques. WRAPPED Studios has developed an innovative digital-analog process that is used throughout our globally located offices.

About Traveler

Traveler was founded in 2009 with the goal of spreading underground dance music to the mainstream. In September 2018, Traveler put on the world’s first blockchain based music festival in Santa Barbara, CA. Driven by a unique custom-built blockchain, attendees were able to earn cryptocurrency at the event and spend it with onsite vendors. Although the idea was a hit, it was too far ahead of its time to gain adoption. Traveler remained active in the cryptocurrency space and has now teamed up with his neighbors, Wrapped LA to launch their NFT collaboration.

About AkoinNFT

AkoinNFT.io is an ecosystem and platform for artists, creators and brands to bring their ‘never been shared’ existing and new creative assets and creations to life via NFTs.  Bringing artists the power of NFTs through our earned experience in the blockchain cryptocurrency space combined with our expansive network and deep understanding of the players and passions of artists and creators across Music, Art/Photography, Film/TV/Animation, Theater, Social Impact, Sports, Gaming/eSports, Brands/Influencers.   

Our vast number of creative design studios each with expertise across the above industry lanes allow us to custom match an artist’s assets with the right designers for optimal wow factor upon initial drop and for long-lasting secondary market success.  With our leading NFT strategic and technical design team we co-develop an NFT drop and distribution strategy to result in maximum exposure across initial and secondary market financial success.