Zomland is a NEAR-based play-to-earn game that turns players into a leader of zombies and monsters, and pits them against other gamers.

Zombies, despite being creepy, have been major hits in movies, cartoons, video games, merchandise, and the list goes on. And these boney, brain-hungry creatures already roam the blockchain realm, not to cause fear, but to bring fresh excitement to the rapidly growing space, especially the P2E subsector. 


Zomland, one of 2022’s potential blockbuster P2E games, is powered by a small yet passionate team composed of a founder, project coordinator, designer, content writer, and SMM manager. With interesting concepts, beautiful art, and promising tokenomics, the team aims to provide the elusive blend of entertaining gameplay and profitability to blockchain natives and newbies. 

What is Zomland? 

Zomland is a NEAR-based play-to-earn game that turns players into a leader of zombies and monsters, and pits them against other gamers. The P2E game has been busy launching a ‘zombie apocalypse’ of its own as it continues to gain recognition from various platforms. 

As of May 25, 2022, Zomland ranked 3rd on Paras’ ‘Weekly Recap Dashboard’ for the top collections for the last seven days. Dataconomy, for its part, hailed it as one of the most promising new blockchain games this 2022. 

Zomland’s Major Assets 


Zomland has four types of land. Each type has limited quantities and produces a different number of zombies. 

Type Quantity Zombie Production Each Day 
Micro 49,999
Small 9,9992
Medium 5,9994
Large 1,9998

Note: While Micro land has the largest quantity, this type is actually just a demo land, and players cannot sell them on the market. 


Zombies serve as the players’ army in the game. Each brain-eater has four major aspects called ‘Health,’ ‘Attack,’ ‘Speed,’ and ‘Intellect,’ which directly affect their ZML token price. Players have plenty of ways to use their zombies, including selling them on the market, sending them to another player, destroying them to gain ZML tokens, and participating in the Battle Arena. 


Monsters are higher forms of Zombies, and players can send them to explore their Lands to find valuable items, powerful weapons, airdrops, bonuses, as well as increase their $ZML tokens. They provide all the utilities that Zombies have, but the two bonuses they offer are airdrop bonuses and a whitelist on Zomland’s future games. 

Rarity Token Airdrops Other Benefits 
Uncommon Receive one item on Zomland’s next game 
Rare Receive two items + airdrop participation in future games 
Epic Receive four items + airdrop participation + whitelist for private sale on all future games 

ZML Token 

ZML Token serves two purposes: A governance token and an in-game token for Zomland’s ecosystem. As a governance token, it provides holders with voting power, as well as the ability to stake, apply for loans, and even sell ZML on exchanges.  

As an in-game token, players can earn $ZML by defeating zombies and monsters, locating it on Land through land discovery, and joining the ambassador program. Players can also use ZML tokens to purchase game modifiers like armor, alchemy, and bombs to strengthen their army and increase their chances of winning. 


Holders can stake their ZML tokens based on a pool’s annual percentage rate or APR, and they could also include their Monster NFTs to gain more rewards. Monster stakes will produce varying rewards depending on each character’s rarity: Common cards produce +2% APR, Uncommon (+5%), Rare (+12%), and Epic (+27%). They also have the option to separately withdraw the earnings they gained from their ZML token and Monster stakes. 

Game Mechanics 

To kickstart the battle, a player must select four zombies, one monster, and up to three mods from the inventory. After the player’s confirmation to start the game, the battle arena will appear, and each game will only provide a limit of 120 moves and 30 seconds for each move. There are two scenarios where a player can lose: Failing to move within the time limit three times, and not defeating the main enemy. 


Schedule Plans 
2nd Quarter 2022 Zomland rolls out four major launches: 
-Ambassador Program -Testnet -Support for NEAR and ETH compatible networks 
3rd Quarter 2022 -Battle Arena -Land Discovery 
4th Quarter 2022-Private Sale round for ambassadors and early investors 
– Public Sale round for holders listing ZML on exchanges 


Zomland’s concept, tokenomics, and game mechanism are all well-planned and interesting, but the lack of a breakthrough offering might be its major obstacle in gaining a secure foothold into the P2E arena. With most blockchain games going all out to get as much gamer base as they can, Zomland should at least offer something unique to gain a fighting chance in this aggressive competition.