Mad Meerkat Finance is the most popular AMM & DEX on Cronos & Polygon with the highest trading volume.

The Cronos DeFi ecosystem is showing bullish signs amidst the bearish market conditions, with the rise of multiple dapps launching despite of. As VVS Finance has risen in the last couple of months, a new player is currently dominating the DeFi stage. Mad Meerkat Finance serves as the crossroads for all market participants across Cronos, from traders to projects.


The team’s main objective is to develop a secure, bug-free platform for everyone. Six people make up the Asian-based development team for Mad Meerkat Finance. One artist, two solidity developers, and three business development and operations staff members make up the team.

As the team continues to develop the platform, more auditor firms will be brought on board to check the project’s codes. To ensure that the platform is protected from all attack vectors, they would like to enlist the assistance of three different audit firms.

What is Mad Meerkat Finance (MMF?)

Mad Meerkat Finance is the most popular AMM & DEX on Cronos & Polygon with the highest trading volume. It charges the least in trading commissions—just 0.17%. It also marks the first time Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) has been added to the DEX.

Potential clients will discover promising projects on Mad Meerkat Finance early and follow them as they develop through trading, farming, etc. into massive predators. The best support for a project, including grants/launchpad fundraising, arbitrage support, marketing support, and a network that spans all chains, can be found on MM Finance. Projects can get in touch with the team to set up farms or pools or to get whitelisted on the swap.

The blockchains used by Mad Meerkat Finance, Cronos & Polygon, have much lower transaction fees than Ethereum or Bitcoin. Mad Meerkat Finance, in contrast to centralized exchanges, does not hold a customer’s funds when they trade; instead, a customer owns 100% of their tokens and can trade directly from their wallet without anyone holding their funds.

Token Swaps

Users can trade using Mad Meerkat Finance without going through a centralized exchange. There is no need to entrust someone else with the coins because everything a client does with Mad Meerkat Finance is directed through their wallet.

On Mad Meerkat Finance, token swaps are a quick and easy way to exchange one token for another using automated liquidity pools. Every time a trade is made, a trader will receive $MMF rewards. A trading fee of 0.17% is charged for each token swap made on the exchange, and it is calculated as follows:

0.10% – returned as a fee reward to liquidity pools for liquidity providers.

0.05% – To create Protocol Owned Liquidity, buy back $MMF (POL)

0.02% – MM Finance Treasury

Liquidity Pools

The Mad Meerkat Finance exchange can only function when there is sufficient liquidity to support trades; for instance, it wouldn’t matter how much a client wanted to trade for some $MMF if no one wanted to sell any.

An MMF holder will receive LP Tokens for providing liquidity, which will reward them with trading fees in exchange for ensuring that there is always liquidity available for the exchange to use. By adding their tokens to liquidity pools, clients can contribute liquidity.

For instance, a trader would receive MMF-USDC LP tokens if they deposited MMF and USDC into a liquidity pool. A trader’s share of the MMF-USDC liquidity pool is represented by the number of LP tokens they are given.

Additionally, a holder may at any time redeem their funds by removing their liquidity. Offering liquidity carries some risk because a holder could experience temporary loss.

The good news for liquidity providers is that they will also receive compensation in the form of trading commissions. As an illustration, whenever a trader uses Mad Meerkat Finance, they pay a fee of 0.17%, of which 0.1% goes toward the liquidity pool of the swap pair they used. Being a liquidity provider is made even more rewarding by the fact that holders of LP tokens can use them to generate new yields on the Yield Farms while still receiving a 0.1% trading fee reward.

Protocol Owned Liquidity

Mad Meerkat Finance is the first AMM/DEX to incorporate POL into the protocol’s system. They will be able to guarantee that as the platform’s trading volume scales, it will help create deflationary pressure on MMF, leading to an increase in price over time, by allocating a significant portion of the protocol’s fees to buying back MMF and creating LPs.

Additionally,  the team guarantees that there will always be liquidity for MMF tokens by establishing LPs. There will be enough liquidity to support any sell-offs even during a bear market.

Yield Farms

Holders can stake Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens through Yield Farms to earn MMF on Mad Meerkat Finance. Each farm has a unique APR that varies according to the price of $MMF, the reward multiplier, and the value of LP tokens.

NFT & Marketplace

Holders of Mad Meerkat NFTs will see an increase in farming rewards. The MMF Marketplace, where users can buy, sell, and auction their NFTs for $MMF tokens, will also list Mad Meerkat NFTs.

Genesis Mad Meerkat was inspired by the charming rogues’ cheeky persona, who loves nothing more than to relax in the sunshine. The team members hope to introduce a symphony of emotions associated with enjoyment and recreation representing the carefree mindset of NFT collectors by immortalizing 777 of these daring and unflappable creatures on the Ethereum blockchain.

Every Genesis Mad Meerkat supports the holder as a participant in the fully owned Burrow and grants them complete ownership of their NFT. The Genesis Mad Meerkat is hosted on IPFS and kept as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Burrow

Mad Meerkat holders are welcomed into the community and will be valued for their contributions to the ecosystem’s history. It is unique, and members will have the chance to vote collectively as a community for any future deviations that the project will take.

Mad Meerkat: #777 - Mad Meerkat Burrow | OpenSea


There are 777 different Genesis Meerkats, each with countless configuration options. The team’s drawing virtuoso meticulously hand-drawn and digitally created each element and asset.

With over a million possible combinations of over 150 different traits, including expression, headgear, clothing, and more, each Meerkat is individually created through programming.


$MMF (Cronos)

The primary utility token that drives the MM Finance ecosystem is $MMF. To investigate its use cases, a holder can earn $MMF from Yield Farms and Pools, purchase it on the exchange, and then:

–         Stake it in Pools or Farms to earn rewards

–         Get access to launchpad via MMF

Total Supply

The protocol has a total supply of 500,000,000 $MMF.  Depending on how the platform’s trade mining and yield farm are used, the earnings split may change. In other words, if trading volume increases in the future, the protocol may switch some trade mining to yield farming and vice versa.

Based on the emission per block, farm and pool emissions will be released over time. Once the team decides there is enough liquidity on the platform for trading, they will gradually reduce emissions.


If there are more incentives and features available, trading on protocols will be more enjoyable and simple. The Mad Meerkat Finance team is prepared to take any measure necessary to earn their clients’ trust and hard-earned money. Additionally, they continue to strive for longevity as the cryptocurrency market occasionally becomes even more cutthroat.