WAGMI Beach is an entertainment platform that focuses on Solana, with an ecosystem composed of homegrown intellectual properties, film and television content, digital collectibles, and merchandise.

Blockchain natives either despise or admire the so-called “whales” of the crypto industry, a term for deep-pocketed investors with vast amounts of assets in their holdings. But whether you commend these big ballers or not, one non-fungible token (NFT)-powered entertainment company aims to bring back the magnificent image of the real whales of the marine kingdom by creating a fun collection and immersive ecosystem dedicated to them.


Michael George, Carlo Fox, Benjamin Willis, and Joshua Adriano, the founders of the investment and advisory group, Wave 7, happen to be the core team behind WAGMI Beach.

The overall team boasts collective expertise in decentralized technology, marketing, retail consumer adoption, and the music industry. ‘WAGMI’, a web3 speak which means ‘We’re All Gonna Make It,’ reflects one of the team’s main visions of offering artists the platform and tools to push them upward in the competitive blockchain space and help them ‘make it’ to the top. 

What is WAGMI Beach?

WAGMI Beach is an entertainment platform that focuses on Solana, with an ecosystem composed of homegrown intellectual properties, film and television content, digital collectibles, and merchandise. Holders of the ‘Catalina Whale Mixer,’ its genesis collection, have priority access to its offerings, such as whitelist, free mints, and more. 

The team describes its WAGMI Beach digital world as the “Disney” version of the web3 universe, and its cool Catalina Whales are its “Mickey Mouse.” But instead of catering to young ones, WAGMI’s entire world is created to cater to adults who are mature enough and legally allowed to take on various offerings within the ecosystem. 

Is there a Benefit to Holding Whales in Multiple Wallets? Sadly, none.

For holders attempting or have tried creating more than one Whale profile, this wouldn’t provide additional perks and would merely add more effort on their part. It is more beneficial for holders to bring all their Whales into a single wallet to leverage the perks of climbing up on the Diamond Fins leaderboard. 

Catalina Whale Mixer

Catalina Whale Mixer (CWM) is WAGMI Beach’s flagship NFT collection, which also offers TV and music content, and events. It aims to become a global entertainment franchise by directly collaborating with its community in creating homegrown content that can potentially be one of web3’s new icons. Think of it as the potential new Disney with the whales as Micky Mouse.

According to the team, the universe it has created is comparable to the rich worlds created by our childhood icons such as Star Wars, Marvel, and Pokemon. But these legends have followed the traditional way of creating content, which starts from a centrally controlled team and is globally distributed by gatekeepers for passive consumption. This model, which has worked for decades, is what the WAGMI team intends to change by increasing its community’s involvement and power in the creative process. 

Whale holders also have the commercial rights to use their NFTs in any medium or manner they want, offering them the freedom to apply their creativity. The team also has the privilege to use any Whales in the collection in ways that can benefit the platform. 

Whale Television 

The WAGMI team has collaborated with a Hollywood studio to create a 30-minute Catalina Whale Mixer animated adult comedy, divided into various episodes. And before the press receives the newest developments regarding this project, Whale holders have the privilege to know them first, enabling the team to gauge their feedback in the earliest way possible. 

Community Auditions 

The team allows holders to bring their Whales into an ‘audition’ for possible casting into the show and offer these majestic buddies a chance for potential stardom. 

Whale’s Writers Room 

Increased diversity is crucial in the Whale’s world, and the marine giants’ generative features are not enough to achieve this significant goal. To make this a reality, the team offers a ‘Whale’s Writers Room’ to allow Diamond Fins holders to create stories that will make the Whales’ universe more meaningful and full of inspiring narratives. 

Whale Records 

The team’s more than 15 years of experience in the music industry will be handy for the community as it plans to roll out music projects for the Whales. It will now use its expertise in managing artists, creating record labels, and global touring, not on uber-talented humans but on the lovable digital Whales. It is collaborating with three big music companies to create hits for the Whales, which has the potential to become a new sensation within the community and in the web3 universe. 

Music Auditions 

Apart from auditioning in the animated TV show, Whale holders will also have the opportunity to bring their marine buddies in an upcoming ‘music band’. The team intends to establish a ‘Whale Supergroup,’ which will come from the selected winners of the audition. 

Holders will also be involved in creating ideas that this group will soon perform. If this plan succeeds, it will create a new series of homegrown music developed entirely by the community, which might set the bar for how web3 platforms can make their content. 

The Annual Catalina Whale Mixer 

The Catalina Whale Mixer event is an exclusive gathering of Whale holders which aims to offer big and ‘splashy’ gratitude to owners for supporting the collection and the community. The first-ever Catalina event will happen in Q4 2022, and the team is currently exploring the best possible locations for the grand meetup, including Cataline islands, Miami, and other iconic beach destinations. 

The Diamond Fins Program 

Simply holding the Catalina Whales NFTs won’t give many benefits to holders. What holders need to do is join in the exclusive program called ‘Diamond Fins’ to unlock the perks of their NFTs. Whales can join the program if they are stored in a wallet for more than 21 days and are not listed on any marketplace. Holders must also know that the WAGMI Beach team has the right to adjust its holding period policy. To enroll in the program, head to this link, connect the wallet, and create a profile. 

Diamond Fins Benefits 

By holding a certain number of Whales in their wallet, holders will gain guaranteed benefits that can further expand their digital assets. 

Tier Required Number of Whales “Enrolled” In The Program Benefits 
Tier 1 (Fin Diamond) 1-4 Whales Reserved mint for each Whale
Tier 2 (Pod Captain) 5-9 Whales Reserved mint for each Whale (And 1 Free Bubblegoose Baller NFT)
Tier 3 (Podfather) 10+ Whales Reserved mint for each Whale (And 3 Free Bubblegoose Baller NFT for every 10 Whales)

While each Whale offers access to all WAGMI Beach events, holders must also know that not all gatherings can accommodate every NFT owner. Another important thing is that their level of access will depend on which tier they belong to.

POW Points 

Holders within the exclusive Diamond Fins program can increase their status by accumulating “POW” points. These points are counted based on three criteria: Quantity of staked Whales, time staked, and active community activity, including participating in Discord and Twitter discussions. By staking Whales for a longer period, holders can gain more points, continuously climb up on the Diamond Fins Leaderboard, and improve their status. 

Tier Level of Access
Tier 1 First come, first serve basis in claiming guestlist access.
Tier 2Guaranteed access to guestlist and entrance 
Tier 3Guaranteed access to entrance + VIP perks 


Increasing POW points offer holders exciting benefits, including tickets to the Catalina Whale Mixer events, access to Whale Television and Records audition, an invitation to WAGMI Beach Party, physical merchandise, tokens, and more. 

Wallet Profile 

A Wallet Profile allows holders to check their entire Whale collection, the status of their NFTs, and the points they’ve accumulated. It also offers access to activity participation and reward redemption, making it an efficient wallet to have. 

Whale Wednesdays 

Whale Wednesday is a holders-exclusive weekly event where the team invites guests, releases alpha drops, and initiates open conversations; all featured on its official Twitter and Discord accounts. This initiative is the team’s way of maintaining open communication among holders and strengthening their bond, which is critical to the platform’s continuous success. 

A Special Collection for Hackathon Winners 

The WAGMI team has created a special and honorary Whale NFTs for the 56 winners of the Solana Riptide Hackathon. Through these exclusive assets, winners have the privilege to access the Whale universe and all its benefits. And as a bonus, the honoraries don’t have to go through the Whale Television and Whale Music auditions, unlike other holders. 

The Solana Riptide Hackathon is the competition for the most promising projects where a set of judges selects the entries with the most potential to impact the blockchain industry. The main purpose of the competition is not to deploy the projects immediately after the selection but to find the ones equipped 

with advanced yet sound technology. Participants have the freedom to roll out their software but are strictly required to follow existing laws related to their projects’ services. 

Bubblegoose Ballers 

Bubblegoose Ballers is the second collection of WAGMI Beach, allowing holders to mint a specific number of Goose NFTs for free depending on the number of Whales they hold. This project is a partnership between the WAGMI team and Carl Jones, one of the most respected figures in the animated television realm. With Jones’ involvement in the project, Bubblegoose immediately generated a lot of excitement in the Solana universe. 


WAGMI Beach’s project is all about bigness, from its big Whales, utilities, and benefits for the holders. 

Its entire ecosystem, especially the Catalina Whale Mixer, has seamlessly created a big wave in the web3 realm since its launch. The reason behind this success is a simple yet rare offering in the NFT space, which is bringing real advantages to the community. And with the addition of Card Jones and Bubblegoose Ballers, WAGMI Beach is poised to become a premier entertainment brand in the web3 space.