VRPorn.com boasts a large number of members using cryptocurrencies as their primary mode of payment, says chief evangelist Lisa Moore. In addition, crypto usage has been ever-increasing on their website ever since they first accepted digital currencies.

The VR porn platform started accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin in May of 2018. A lot has happened since then and they couldn’t be any more proud of the relationships they’ve built with crypto users.

Crypto is the future and we strive to be on the cutting edge of technology. As soon as we recognized that a portion of our users wanted the convenience, security, and privacy of paying with cryptocurrency, we began meeting that need by accepting Litecoin and Bitcoin.

Lisa moore

Although Bitcoin is the most widely-used cryptocurrency for payments, it was their acceptance of Litecoin that brought a lot of press. Even the altcoin’s founder, Charlie Lee, acknowledge them on Twitter for accepting LTC.

What is VRPorn.com

VRPorn.com offers a suite of virtual adult material, both free and paid. They boast thousands of paying users, as well as 95 major studios participating.

Moreover, their premium service operates similarly with Netflix and Spotify to a large extent. They’ve even gone as far as dubbing themselves the “Netflix of VR Porn.” To set themselves apart from the streaming giant, they do offer over 4,000 full VR experiences, including 190 adult VR games.

Current premium membership is priced at $19.95 per month while an annual subscription provides a higher discount. Despite their outspoken support for the crypto industry, they currently only accept BTC and LTC. Furthermore, they haven’t spoken about any plans to accept other coins.

The VR porn platform has also experienced a spike in membership since the coronavirus, which makes sense. Amidst the lockdowns, many people are confined to their homes. Now they have less social activity and more time on their hands. This presents an opportunity to explore in virtual reality, which includes adult experiences.

CPorn and crypto

The crypto and porn industry have always had friendly relations. And for good reason too, considering that crypto offers a censorship-resistant payment system that porn websites badly need.

Since traditional financial institutions consider porn a high-risk sector, adult sites have to pay more in terms of fees and workaround costs compared to most industries. Even internet payment processors like PayPal have been known to shut down adult performers for merely selling merchandise.

As of today, several porn websites are now accepting cryptocurrencies. In fact, 10% of Pornhub’s performers on Modelhub are opting to use their cryptocurrency options. However, only 1 percent of Pornhub members pay with crypto. Even VRPorn.com admits that their crypto usage still trails traditional payment methods.