The Verge development team revealed that it has finished working on the Lumos v5.0. While the upgrade has been in development for 15 months now, Verge is happy to release the new core codebase revision.

Lumos V5.0 Ready after 15 Months

After 15 months of development, the Lumos v5.0 has been released by Verge. The upgrade was launched on May 16. According to the official Twitter handle, the team said:

After 15 months of hard work by our DevOps team, We are very excited to finally unveil Lumos v5.0, the latest stable release of our brand new core codebase revision – which is available to you, the user now.”

According to the community’s blog post, the Lumos v5.0 is the most substantial tech upgrade ever performed by the cryptocurrency. The team has named the new codebase Verge Lumos and announced that it is now available for public use, advising people to utilize it every day.

After the launch of the new codebase, Verge will allow its users to upgrade their wallets before contacting cryptocurrency exchanges and mining pools and urging them to update their services, adding that:

This newly upgraded core will introduce new possibilities for Verge to move forward, extend its current feature set while working with the highest security standard (based on Bitcoin’s latest release)”

To ensure that the community members download the new codebase, Verge added the GitHub link to their Twitter announcement page and their blog post. The Lumos v5.0 is expected to boost the features of this cryptocurrency by increasing its security, adopting Bitcoin’s blockchain maintainability, and the creation of a standard interface for companies to work with and adopt Verge.

In addition to that, the development team is significantly improving the performance of certain actions with the Lumos v5.0 thereby improving user experience.

Lumos Boosts Verge’s Use Case

With the launch of the Lumos codebase, the Verge development says that it enables them to expand the application use cases of the cryptocurrency. Thus, they have been able to work on more updates like a fully-fledged iOS and Android apps and new wallets with updated designs for mobiles and desktops.

In addition to these, the integration of PoS systems has also become more standardized as they shift it to the new codebase. The development team extended its gratitude to everyone that took part in the development of Lumos.

The developers have been working diligently to help improve the Verge network. Earlier this month, the team announced that it had solved some problems that now allow the system to prevent mining attacks similar to the ones suffered in the past.