Zhiqiang Chen, former Tron chief technology officer, has claimed that the Tron blockchain is still not ready for commercial use a few months after he left.

The former CTO was responding to allegations brought against him by Tron’s founder Justin Sun. According to Sun, Chen was involved in embezzlement activities while with them.

Although the former CTO left Tron in January this year, Sun’s accusation only surfaced this month when Chen said that he has been developing a competing platform since he left. The former CTO said he “chose to leave hoping to rebuild a new Tron; Volume Network.”

Zhiqiang adds that he understands the Tron platform in and out since he built it. As such, he knows actual internet applications “cannot function” on the platform thus hindering the platform from being applied on a commercial scale.

Chen also claims that Tron is no longer decentralized.

“In fact, the DPOS mechanism of Tron is pseudo-decentralized. The top 27 SR nodes (block nodes) have more than 170 million TRX votes, and most of them are controlled by Tron. It’s hard for other latecomers to become the block nodes so they cannot participate in the process of block production.”

A look at Volume Network’s whitepaper shows that top members were previously associated with Tron. For instance, Jianchao Zhu and Xiaodong Xie formerly worked at the company as Dapp product manager and blockchain developer respectively.

With Sun alleging that Zhu, Chen, and Xie were dismissed due to bribery, embezzlement, “infringement of corporate trade secrets and intellectual properties,” Chen has vowed to take legal action if Justin continues smearing them with unfounded allegations.

Since Chen left, the founder of Tron has been making comments seemingly to discredit the former CTO’s position. For example, Justin recently referred to the former CTO as an “ordinary tech guy” although Tron listed him as the CTO on GitHub in 2018.