Travala Might Be Making Plans For New Partnerships

It has been an awesome era in the world of cryptocurrencies with new real-world applications of the blockchain technology being introduced daily, but we haven’t seen the half of it yet. Drum roll please as you are about to be introduced to a platform that is set to revolutionized the travel booking space. Hold on tight as we introduce you to Travala!

What is Travala?

Travala is an innovative exchange platform built with the NEO blockchain at the center of its creation. Vendors tend to benefit from this platform as it places in their hands the power of lowering their operational costs, which in turn offers consumers with competitive pricing.

This way, independent travel agencies will have the ability to maintain a higher profit margin by simply incorporating a system that is decentralised and free from third-party authorities, safe, and of course, transparent. Also, the platform deploys a channel that is safe, where bookings, as well as other travel and tourism purchases, can be made.

Travala’s Strategic Partnership with Thor

One of the many ways Travala hopes to develop, enhance user interactions and ensure it stands the test of time is its recent partnership with Thor, which is also a NEO blockchain-based platform but comprises of contractors, freelancers, on-demand workers, and temps who are basically hired for individual tasks or on short contracts.

Though more information about the technical side of the partnership is pending, the aim of the Travala-Thor partnership is to develop a smart travel network that encompasses all angles and also optimizes suppliers’ workforce. This will enable Travala suppliers to have direct access to the Thor gig ecosystem, and hence won’t be under-staffed.

Travala’s TestNet  Booking Platform

Another exciting venture Travala has delved into is the release of the first version of its travel booking platform on TestNet. This trial phase concerns updated users experience and interface, and any errors that may be found in the meantime. The main aim behind the release of this platform to get a feedback from users on the project from a UI and UX point of view.

The Alpha V.2 by Travala

Travala plans to release the Alpha V.2 which is another booking platform that will, in the long run, have more than 15,000 hotels available on it. However, the early stages of the Alpha V.2 booking platform will have only 5,000 hotels available and is expected to rise within the fortnight of its release.

So, What Problem does Travala Hope to Solve?

The travel and tourism industry is estimated to have generated roughly around $7.2 trillion in 2016 with online bookings constituting a huge chunk of that proceeds. Nonetheless, with the way things are right now, with centralised travel conglomerates dominating the industry, customers are burdened with paying huge booking fees on every transaction made. Solving this issue was the idea behind the development of the Travala platform.

With the way online platforms are constructed currently, they have been bestowed with so much power that they are at liberty of issuing an average of a 30% fee on every transaction that comes through them. This has made it quite tough for private individuals to venture into the tourism market, but with the Travala platform utilising the blockchain technology, this sector looks to be ready for the disruption cryptocurrencies are bringing its way.

The Travala Journey so far

A lot of excitement has been generated since Travala was launched and got its first exchange listing on Switcheo. Since then, a number of remarkable responses and comments have been noticed as regards to positive performance, growth and AVA’s recognition, even when in comparison with the wider cryptocurrency market.

Getting listed on more exchanges in the future is just a part of the many ways Travala plans to strategically develop. Also, by monitoring how other project listings have performed over time and exploring the feasible options available, to achieve a more stable growth would require the platform being listed on a several smaller decentralised and centralised exchanges before moving on the larger ones.

This approach will slowly but steadily build up Travala’s trade volume and liquidity, ensure growth in different markets while the platform development goes on at the same time.

Benefits of the Recent Inclusions to Travala and its Users

Having a vision of being the first ever decentralised global marketplace, with a zero-commission platform and being a universal travel search engine, Travala users can book a room from over 5,000 hotels with the use of AVA tokens, and vendors can also tap from the gig economy with access to the Thor ecosystem.


With Travala’s goal of providing a safe, secure, and transparent system for making purchases and bookings for the global travel market, it will be exciting to see how the project unfolds and the many more features that might be included in the long run