The Ape Society is a group of 7,000 one-of-a-kind monkey NFTs created on the Cardano blockchain.

Animals can be fun to look at, especially if someone has a furry friend at home. But the NFT, even the broader crypto space, has a special affinity with apes. It might have something to do with the popular meme “reject humanity return to monke”. This must be the thought that came into most NFT developers’ minds. That is why they chose a specific animal to be the character of their NFT projects.


The team behind Ape Society aims to create some of the most unique and artistic experiences on the blockchain starting with the initial drop. In partnership with the DAO and the greater ADA community, they also hope to assist builders, evangelists, and individuals with innovative ideas that can propel the entire community ahead and help it survive the ever-increasingly competitive NFT business. The Ape Society is composed of developers Cardman, Congo, and Matasa.

What is The Ape Society?

The Ape Society is a group of 7,000 one-of-a-kind monkey NFTs created on the Cardano blockchain. Any NFT collector who wants to join the project’s elite community can claim an ape by purchasing them through a secondary market. Verified holders gain access to both the team-supported Society and the community-run DAO, each with its own set of benefits, activities, and so forth.

Each of the 7,000 characters in this project has a distinctive design based on a set of qualities. Some traits are more common than others, yet each ape has its own sense of style and purpose.


These are the activities offered for verified Ape Society holders:

– Established Apes are Whitelisted in The Society for a Cabin Plot.

– Cabins are functioning 3D High-Resolution Customizable Rooms.

– Using the $SOCIETY token, a holder can buy and upgrade frames.

– Purchase tables, chairs, flooring, billiards tables, gramophones, and other items to provide functionality and aesthetic appeal.

– Through their cabin, they can promote their brand or whatever they are a part of.

The Ape Society Token $SOCIETY

$SOCIETY is a utility token that serves as the foundation of The Ape Society. No great civilization can thrive without the currency that binds it together. Giambuono enlisted the help of his obedient merchants to develop a standard that future members might use as a means of commerce. As the Society expands, $SOCIETY can be saved and redeemed for in-gallery enhancements, items, as a form of exchange, and future benefit.

Classes & Perks

The Ape Society’s foundation is built on the Craftsmen. Without trained employees, no civilization can function. They are required to construct museums for artists, weaponry for military leaders, and ships for explorers. The Ape Society would not have developed into what it is now without its passion for its profession.

The Craftsmen

Craftspeople can construct non-frame objects for the cabins one at a time. Tables, benches, floors, walls, billiards, gramophones, storefronts, and other items are included. Craftsmen can earn $SOCIETY by selling their items at the market, thanks to their hard work. Craftsmen are likewise rewarded when they stake their Ape, with a base multiplier of 1x.

The Artists

The Ape Society is entertained by the Artists. What good is work if it isn’t enjoyable? Art motivates people to create for the sake of expression and meaning, rather than just survival. The Artists touch the hearts of all apes with their art, music, theater, and sculptures.

In recognition of their assistance, artists receive one free frame in their cabins. Furthermore, artists are given extra credit in Whitelist giveaway competitions.‍ Artists are also rewarded when they stake their Ape, with a base multiplier of 1.15x.

The Explorers

The Ape Society’s desire to explore outside their habitat is satisfied by The Explorers. Explorers open the eyes of many and encounter sites most can only see in their fantasies as they travel over treacherous oceans, enormous deserts, and even into the unknown of space.

Explorers have their cost each frame decreased by 50% due to their tendency of finding things first.‍ Explorers are also rewarded when they stake their Ape, with a base multiplier of 1.35x.

The Merchants

Merchants meet a critical demand in business. A banking system is required in any modern society to represent the value of work, goods, and entertainment. The merchant elite, which is completely decentralized, has kept The Ape Society’s coffers supplied for ages.

Merchants receive 2% of revenue from non-frame things purchased and sold in The Ape Society Market, which encourages them to keep up the good job.‍ Merchants are likewise rewarded when they stake their Ape, with a base multiplier of 1.45x.

The Military Officers

The Ape Society’s fortifications have long been guarded by Military Officers. The officers, known as the most strategic and advanced group in the world, have kept the populace safe and stable. Despite the fact that The Ape Society is mostly at peace, the Military Officers are prepared and equipped for battle.

Military officers claim faraway regions and have the opportunity to gain free stuff and riches along the way.‍ Military Officers are likewise rewarded when they stake their Ape, with a base multiplier of 1.7x.

The Royal Advisors

The governing parties have always listened to the Royal Advisors. Politics is a difficult game that may frequently be a society’s undoing. Since its inception, The Ape Society has had a well-educated and disciplined team of advisors.

Royal Advisors can utilize their power to give internships and chances to other apes. Holding a Royal Advisor increases staking rewards for all other apes held by 1.2x.‍ When staking their Ape, holders of Royal Advisors also earn benefits, with a base multiplier of 2.35x.

The Nobles

The Ape Society has always been led by the Nobles, often known as the de’ Medici dynasty. They are all Giambuono de’ Medici’s direct descendants, and they have inherited his wisdom and vision. They are a mysterious and legend-filled family made up primarily of extraterrestrial beings and the undead.

Nobles receive a larger initial cabin improvement than the other classes, as well as a few special items designed specifically for them.‍ Nobles are likewise rewarded when they stake their Ape, with a base multiplier of 7x.

The Kings

Each of the 35 families is led by one of the Kings. The Ape Society’s unique family structure has long been a pillar. The society would implode without the link that has been formed and the enormous burden of responsibility that has been borne by the Kings.

The Round Table, an exclusive assembly of kings with a direct connection to the elusive Ape Force One, is accessible to Kings. Kings receive the benefits of their class, as well as 1% of all awards from their particular family.


The quest for longevity is a tough one. Because of this, developers opt to collaborate with bigger projects or the ones that are still starting. In the NFT industry, those who offer the best perks survive. Furthermore, a catchy and unique NFT appearance can take these projects to different places.