Taiyo Robotics is a Solana-based NFT collection composed of 2,121 pixelized robots with a sole mission to protect the planet Earth from giant monsters.

Not all NFT projects are given a second chance once they start crumbling and go through the process of a slow or quick death. But one project, bound to roll down into the abyss of failure, was luckily saved by a white knight, or rather, a ‘Sol’ knight, and is now ready again to wrestle its way to success. 


After the original developers sold Taiyo Robotics, the project was managed by blockchain veterans, including Tom Solport and SOLBigBrain, founder Big Brain Holdings. 

Though the project had a stormy history, its new development team is geared up to streamline its management, sustainability, profitability, and community support. 

What is Taiyo Robotics? 

Taiyo Robotics is a Solana-based NFT collection composed of 2,121 pixelized robots with a sole mission to protect the planet Earth from giant monsters.

The rights to the entire collection were acquired by Solport, an NFT marketplace in Solana, on December 22, 2021, when Taiyo Robotics’ floor price reached 2 SOL. 

Before it was purchased, the collection has faced significant issues, including disinterest from original developers to continue the project and gradual rug pulling. 

But the project is now being revamped through “de-rugging” to bring back the trust of the community to the collection. 

Saved by Tom Solport 

Tom Solport, the founder of Solport, was already a member of the Taiyo community for a long time, and as the original developers struggled to manage the project, he offered to save the entire collection. 

During that time, the developers and the community’s bond are having rifts because of multiple issues, including missed timeframes. The developers even admitted that they might not have enough capacity to deal with the project’s current problems. 

Aside from being a long-time member and before purchasing the collection, Tom has actually helped the developers create Taiyo’s marketplace and a part of its roadmap. 

In other words, the team already knows Tom very well, including his potential to bring the project forward. 

The purchase deal only took 2 days to finalize, and with Tom’s own team of highly capable individuals, he is confident of achieving Taiyo’s original goals and expanding them further.

SCRAP Token and Utility 

SCRAP is the project’s native token and is designed to provide beneficial utility to Taiyo holders and stronger security for the platform. 

The token can be used for staking, Taiyo customization, Infant Taiyo breeding, and in its marketplace with zero transaction fees. 

Roadmap: A Deep Dive 

The Taiyo Robotics will have two official roadmaps: The original Taiyo plans, in which most are already fulfilled, and the Solport “Value-Add” plans.

It is yet to see if two roadmaps would be beneficial for the collection and would not cause any friction in the near future. The team also announced that both the holders and the community should expect changes in the current roadmaps as the project advances. 

“Value-Add” Roadmap 

Solport’s “Value-Add” roadmap includes giving members the ability to lend or invest funds to facilitate a liquidity pool that can help purchase Taiyo Robotics instantly at a cheaper price. 

These discounted NFTs can then be relisted at the current floor price, giving holders a profit from their purchase. 

Solport Support 

The team is currently working on an affiliate program where Taiyo holders can get a percentage of the sales from people who will use the Solport marketplace. 

On top of that, a ‘Solport Launchpad’ is underway that will provide Taiyo holders the opportunity to promote and launch their own projects using the Taiyo platform. 

The projects’ new management is also planning to launch a series of new services, including Solport User Suite, Solport Creator Tools, and Solport Grants. 

Real Earning Opportunities 

One significant thing to look at these upcoming offerings is that they provide genuine opportunities for the community to earn. 

Earning opportunities from other NFT projects has been sketchy or an outright scam, where hopeful communities were left with nothing but a sudden rug pull. 

While Taiyo Robotics isn’t providing any direct royalties, its upcoming offerings show the team’s sincerity to provide earning channels for the project’s growing community. 

Solport: A Quick Look 

Solport is a Solana–based marketplace that offers auctioning, rarity filtering, and marketplace activity notification straight on Discord, Telegram, and other social media sites. 

The platform, which doesn’t charge unlisting and refunding fees, only implements a 2% fee on its sellers.


Taiyo Robotics was saved from ‘extinction’ and is now continuing its original plans and gearing up to implement new and grander plans as well. 

Its upcoming offerings, which can further boost holders’ earnings, might not only help the project survive but also catapult it as one of the NFT space’s most promising projects.