Solanart is a secondary market for Solana NFT projects that allow users to buy or sell digital assets seamlessly at negligible costs.

High transaction fees and Ethereum’s gas wars remain one of the major problems of the ever-growing NFT industry, but Solanart, the first fully-fledged marketplace on the Solana network, was created to solve all problems related to buying and selling NFTs through its advanced platform.  

What is Solanart? 

Solanart is a secondary market for Solana non-fungible token (NFT) projects that enables users to buy or sell digital assets seamlessly at negligible costs. It aims to be a trusted marketplace for artists who want to showcase their artistic side, expand their fanbase, and above all, earn from their digital artworks. 

The platform boasts of current and future releases, including SolPunks, SolAnimals, Sollamas, Degen Ape Academy, Kaiju Cards, and more. 

The NFTs in Solanart are tagged with SOL prices, and users are only allowed to use SOL in purchasing NFTs as the platform accepts no other currencies at the moment. 

What Wallets Can You Use? 

Solanart is exclusively compatible with the Sollet Wallet, Sollet Chrome extension, and Phantom, but there is a possibility that the platform could expand its wallet options in the future. 

For Sollet Wallet and its Chrome extension, all users have to do is choose the ‘connect’ option at the top right corner, confirm the wallet, and start buying and selling NFTs in Solanart. 

If users prefer a Phantom or Solflare wallet, they can send their SOL tokens from their wallet to their Phantom wallet to immediately start buying digital assets. 

The Solana Network holds several advantages that other blockchain networks have failed to deliver, including its low price per transaction and speed, enabling users to transfer their SOLs from other wallets at a very low cost.  

How To Search For NFTs on Solanart

For those who have already used the Binance Marketplace, Solanart’s operations are very much similar. This platform’s top advantage is its strict policy in accepting NFT collections, which provides users peace of mind that all assets inside Solana are verified from top to bottom. 

Users can rest assured that NFT collections’ claims, such as their total quantity and other necessary information, were already fact-checked by the Solanart team. The platform also shows its upcoming NFT collections, which helps artists generate interest even before putting their digital assets on sale. 

Solanart provides the necessary information for each NFT collection, including name, short description, owners, the price of the most affordable NFT in Floor Price, social networks of the collection, and its website. It also shows the last price that was paid for each NFT. 

To better help users narrow down on their most preferred NFT, it also has filters that allow users to search for a specific level of rarity and price they want. 

How To Buy NFTs on Solanart?

To start purchasing an NFT, users have to connect their wallet to Solanart, and once connected, they can now click the NFT of their interest and see all its necessary information. 

If they are already sure of buying that NFT, they can click the ‘Buy’ button. Transactions usually confirm fast, and users can immediately see their purchased NFT on their wallets. 

How To Sell NFTs on Solanart

If users want to sell their purchased NFT, they need to connect their wallet to the “Connect Wallet” button, click the “Wallet” tab, choose the NFT they want to sell, set their price, and click the “Sell’ button. Users are only limited to 50 characters when describing their item. 

One quick reminder about setting the price: Do not use a comma or period to separate thousands. For example, if a user wants to sell his NFT for one thousand SOL, he should enter “1000” instead of “1,000” or “1.000”.

How To Cancel an NFT Sale 

To cancel an NFT sale, click the ‘Show My NFTs For Sale’ button to see all the digital assets currently on sale and choose the NFT that will be pulled out. The cancellation process will only take less than a minute to finish. 

How To Mint/List an NFT Collection on Solanart? 

NFT collections are not immediately accepted on the platform and have to go through a screening process. To enlist a collection on Solanart, completely fill up this form

Here’s a quick look at some of the information that creators need to provide: 

  • Project’s full name 
  • A link to the project’s website 
  • Email address of the creator 
  • Twitter and Discord handle 
  • Sample of an NFT 

How To Deal With Technical Issues? 

Upon opening the platform, Solanart immediately informs users that Solanart is still in its beta mode and encourages them to report any technical issues that they may encounter.

Users can report tech issues by joining Solanart’s Discord server, and post a detailed description of the technical problem on the support channel, and providing their wallet and/or token address.         

Solanart representatives will look into these matters and provide them with tech solutions as soon as possible. 

Solanart Commissions 

Solanart charges three types of fees: the ‘market commission,’ ‘creator’s fee,’ and ‘ad fee,’. And the best thing about these fees is that they are not excessive. 

The market commission costs only 3% of the selling price of each transaction, while the creator’s fees, which NFT creators fully collect, depend on the collection and are included in the sale price. 

The platform also charges a 0.02% ad fee to avoid the overflow of advertisements on the platform. 

Users should ensure that they have enough SOL tokens on their wallets to cover the transaction and listing fees before listing their NFTs for sale to make the whole transaction as smooth as possible. 

Solana Statistics 

Top Solanart NFTs: A Quick Look 

As of October 4, here is the latest info on some of the top NFTs in Solanart. 

CollectionFloor Price Owners Items Volume Traded
Degenerate Ape Academy 45.00 SOL 801 1195/10000987.7K SOL
SolPunks 6.30 SOL 17333435/10000405.6K SOL 
Aurory 19.97 SOL 9451266/10000527.8K SOL 


Low transaction fees, speedy platform, a fast-growing collection of NFTs, strict standards, active assistance, and of course, being run on the Solana network are the top qualities that separate Solanart from the rest of the NFT competition. These qualities certainly give NFT creators, buyers, and sellers an edge in making the most out of their digital assets venture.