Certain platforms have stood the test of time due to their technological prowess as well as the vision they embody. NEM is one such beacon, combining unique features, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to forging a more inclusive and equitable digital economy. Let’s dive into the world of NEM, its origins, unique attributes, and how its revolutionary consensus algorithm, Proof of Importance (PoI), is setting a new standard for blockchain platforms.


In early 2014, specifically on January 14th, the inception of NEM was introduced to the crypto community through the renowned “BitcoinTalk” forum. The initial concept was to leverage the Nxt platform for its foundation. However, envisioning a more tailored framework, the NEM team opted for a ground-up approach, culminating in its launch in 2015.

Central to NEM’s architecture is its Smart Asset System. This unique blockchain framework not only handles transaction management but also offers a foundation for app development. What sets NEM apart is its immense adaptability. Instead of confining developers to a specific software environment, NEM champions flexibility. It achieves this through its API-centric design, enabling developers to harness its capabilities using virtually any programming language. This offers an unparalleled versatility to those aiming to craft customized solutions on the platform.

What is NEM? 

NEM, symbolized as XEM, stands for the “New Economy Movement.” At its essence, NEM is a cutting-edge blockchain that offers a blend of enhanced technological capabilities and user-friendliness. While it shares certain similarities with renowned platforms like Ethereum, NEM carves its distinct niche, most notably with its innovative proof-of-importance mechanism. Rather than adhering to conventional economic models dictated by national governments, NEM’s vision orbits around a more egalitarian economic blueprint, accentuating decentralization, economic liberty, and equitable principles.

A standout feature of NEM is its allowance for ‘mosaics’ – specialized coins crafted on its blockchain. NEM’s native cryptocurrency, XEM, is a prime example of a mosaic. These mosaics are multifaceted, serving varied purposes: from acting as stablecoins or proprietary tokens to representing voting privileges or facilitating individuals in devising their bespoke tokens.

For those aspiring to mint a mosaic, the journey begins with procuring a ‘namespace,’ akin to a domain. With a namespace in hand, creators gain the liberty to christen their mosaic, define its issuance parameters, determine its issuance ceiling, modify its issuance quantity, and even decide its divisibility—ranging from whole numbers to up to six decimal places.

How NEM Works

NEM is a dynamic blockchain platform underpinned by its native digital currency, the XEM token. Both its circulating and maximum token supplies stand at a precise 8,999,999,999 XEM tokens.

The linchpin of transaction validation within NEM is its innovative proof-of-importance system. When it’s time for a transaction block to undergo validation, the NEM protocol picks a ‘harvester’ (akin to a validator in other blockchains) based on a calculated importance score. This score is a composite of several parameters:

Stake: This reflects the vested quantity of a harvester’s XEM tokens.

Net Transfers: This considers the volume of XEM transacted over the preceding month, with recent transactions bearing more significance.

Cluster Nodes: It takes into account the harvester’s transaction partners. Accounts actively engaged in clusters are given precedence over isolated ones.

The concept of ‘staking’ in NEM is encapsulated as ‘vesting.’ Essentially, the minimum threshold to initiate harvesting is possessing 10,000 vested XEM. Vested XEM grows daily. For instance, upon receiving 30,000 XEM, 3,000 XEM becomes vested after the first day, leaving 27,000 XEM unvested. As days progress, the vested amount grows, with 2,700 XEM vesting the next day, and so forth. Once a user amasses 10,000 vested tokens, they’re primed to commence harvesting.

What distinguishes NEM is its non-reliance on every harvester to offer computational resources for validations. Instead, harvesters can connect their accounts to an established supernode. By doing so, harvesters are essentially bestowing their importance score upon the supernode, amplifying its probability of selection. These supernodes then marshal their computational might to validate transaction blocks, ensuring efficiency and security.

Unique Features of NEM

NEM has set itself apart in the blockchain domain, continually pushing boundaries with its performance enhancements and innovations, thanks to its ground-up design approach. Here are some of the distinct features that mark NEM’s uniqueness:

Harvesting Over Mining

Contrary to Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies, NEM’s XEM doesn’t rely on traditional mining. Instead, NEM introduces a fresh system dubbed ‘harvesting’ to yield new coins. In this approach, whenever a transaction is triggered on the blockchain, the initial computer to identify this transaction communicates it to its peers, thereby spawning a new block. Notably, when a user possessing 10,000 vested XEM crafts a block, they earn the associated transaction fees as a bounty.

Revolutionary Consensus Mechanism

Distinguishing NEM from its counterparts is its groundbreaking algorithm named “Proof Of Importance (POI).” This consensus system emphasizes not only on the holdings of XEM but also on active participation within the network. The brilliance of POI lies in its democratized structure, ensuring that irrespective of hardware specifications or XEM holdings, every participant stands a chance to harvest a block and reap greater rewards.

Developer-Friendly Infrastructure

NEM breaks away from the convention with its adaptive API interface, accommodating various programming languages, from Java to C++. This bypasses the need for specialized “smart contract” languages, rendering NEM exceedingly accessible and adaptable. Consequently, businesses can seamlessly integrate NEM’s blockchain for secure transactions and ledger accuracy without revamping their pre-existing setups. Moreover, the Smart Asset system of NEM is ingeniously designed for modular tailoring. This means users can mold NEM as per their requirements, be it for launching an ICO or sculpting a fintech ecosystem.

Together, these features make NEM a standout blockchain platform, balancing robust performance with unparalleled adaptability.

Proof of Importance (PoI)

One of the standout features of NEM is its unique consensus algorithm known as Proof of Importance (PoI). Crafted with the intent of promoting active community contribution, PoI is a step forward from traditional consensus algorithms.

While bearing resemblances to the well-known Proof of Stake (PoS), PoI’s distinct advantage lies in its structure. It ensures that those who actively contribute to the NEM ecosystem aren’t overshadowed by individuals with substantial XEM holdings. This ensures a balanced recognition and reward system for both contributors and stakeholders.

The robustness of NEM’s PoI also incorporates Byzantine fault tolerance, adding an extra layer of security to the consensus. Determining ‘importance’ isn’t just about the amount of XEM one holds. Instead, it’s a multifaceted calculation taking into account historical transactional data like remittances, deposits, and the duration of active participation on the NEM blockchain.

Ultimately, PoI was envisioned to address the pitfalls seen in PoS systems. It aims to prevent potential oligopolies where individuals with extensive holdings dominate the network. With PoI, NEM pioneers a more equitable and inclusive economic landscape, ensuring fairness and active participation remain at its core.


NEM is more than just another blockchain platform. Its innovative approach, embodied in features like Proof of Importance, highlights a clear intent to democratize the world of cryptocurrencies. Prioritizing active participation and contributions over mere holdings, NEM seeks to reshape the very foundations of how blockchain communities operate and grow. As the digital realm continues to evolve, platforms like NEM play a pivotal role in ensuring that technological advancements go hand in hand with principles of fairness, inclusivity, and community-building.