Near Tribes is an NFT inspired by the diverse tribes’ evolution, being a form of recognition for all of their contributions to many civilizations, traditions, languages, and rituals throughout the world. It runs on the NEAR Protocol.

While the development of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is getting more advanced over time, native populations are dwindling. Certain cultures, habits, languages, and rituals have already gone extinct. As a result, some developers selected the tribal concept for their project’s NFT. This will undoubtedly impart knowledge about tribes to the next generation, as well as recognize the tribal population’s enduring culture. Furthermore, this will maintain their heritage and culture alive and well.


The Near Tribes team hopes to recognize the tribes and ancestors who have contributed their ways of life to lead us to where the development team is now with this project. The idea is to bring together all of the beautiful artworks that can be seen on other NFT marketplaces like Paras. The tribes are enthusiastic to collaborate, create, and come together with the NFT community. Future collaborations with other NFT artworks and the use of their art as an avatar in NFT games are two of the list of possibilities.

The Near Tribes team is composed of seven members, Artannah and Senku as the project analysts, Greg the marketing head, Lee Chang and Sakari as the other members of the marketing team, lead developer Gheno, and main artist Malaurince.

What is Near Tribes?

Near Tribes is an NFT inspired by the diverse tribes’ evolution. It is a form of recognition for all of their contributions to many civilizations, traditions, languages, and rituals throughout the world. Near Tribes NFT has a total supply of 2500 pieces. Minting this NFT was only allowed on the website of Near Tribes, but they are now purchasable on Paras.

The NFTs were inspired by many tribes from throughout the world. It has resulted in a one-of-a-kind work of art. More significantly, they are grouped into factions that symbolize the one-of-a-kind rarity of each NFT in the collection. The Hunters (common), Shamans (rare), and Chieftains (Legendary) are the three factions.

The Hunter

A bunch of men, adults, and young people, armed with poison arrows and bows. They are accompanied in their search for food by their dogs, which serve as extra ears and noses to help them track down their prey, which includes bats, birds, bees, mongooses, deer, and baboons.

The Shaman

These are people who have been given the capacity to heal. Since this isn’t a responsibility for everyone, each tribe only has a few of them. Their powers are mostly passed down from their predecessors. The vast majority are elderly ladies living alone in rural places far from the tribes. They use herbal medicine to assist wounded hunters and warriors recover. They also specialize in hallucinogenic healing, which they only offer to chiefs and elders.

The Chieftain

This is a person who commands and issues orders. The status of chieftain is gained by killing a large number of wild animals, not by being the oldest member of a tribe. The chieftain oversees livestock management and politics. Those who ascend to the rank of chieftain are hematophagous, which means they eat blood. They also refuse to wear animal furs, believing that only warriors and hunters should wear such fabrics. They wear “shuka,” a vividly colored cloth consisting of red, orange, blue, and green that protects the wearer from the harsh weather and topography of the savannah.

Near Tribes’ Utilities

Near Tribes NFT Factions

Near Tribes is a collection of 2500 distinct pieces produced and algorithmically chosen from complex qualities. Hunters (Common) have 1200 pieces, Shamans (Rare) have 800 pieces, and The Chieftains (Legendary) have 500 pieces. The traits and rarity were carefully considered in order to become unique in every way.

Access to Freedom Wall Art Tracker

An app for Android and iOS smartphones is offered by Near Tribes which tracks the progress of many potential and ongoing NFT efforts in the NEAR community. To access the tracker’s unique part, a user must have a Near Tribes NFT. Furthermore, users of Near Tribes will have access to the Near NFT community at their fingertips.

Rewards after Soldout

First collectors’ prizes after sold out via Spin the Wheel raffle: Total Rewards to distribute = 60N  

Honorary NFT

Mythic NFT holders will have the opportunity to select a one-of-a-kind NFT from a collection of remarkable artworks created by Near Tribes’ prodigy NFT artists. It will also include a personalized name tag and a digital signature if requested.

Personalized Social Media Banner

It will be done through a raffle with 50 seats reserved for Near Tribes NFT holders and another 50 reserved for the Twitter and Discord communities. Personal NFTs, a personalized name tag, and a digital signature will be included in the banner.

Personalized Short Ads Video

Holders of Near Tribes NFT will be able to request short videos. These videos may include a sneak peek at upcoming developments or advertisements for the advertised business. Furthermore, the movies may include personal requests from holders, such as all of the information provided by them, and will be generated on a mobile application.

Mobile Tracker Advertisement

Near Tribes NFT holders are eligible for seven days of free advertising on the tracker. It will be handled by methodical scheduling using forms that include all of the necessary ad specifications.

Every week, five advertisements will be shown in order to maximize the number of adverts seen. Future projects can also qualify for collaboration-based advertising.

Near Tribes Advertising Website

This website will be used for advertisements, shilling, and the distribution of social network connections. Near Tribes NFT holders can promote their other blockchain NFTs for sale. Furthermore, holders are eligible for seven days of free advertising on the website.


NFT is growing so fast that a collection might be transformed into a P2E game avatar in just a blink of an eye. Because of this speedy evolution, more and more projects are springing into action. Each of them offers different features, perks, and rewards to each new member of their community. Just like Near Tribes, the team behind this project has a lot of upcoming activities in store for their holders. It will only be a matter of time before this project turns into one of the biggest competitors in the crypto industry.