Monk Mafia or MM is an Asian-themed collection of 5,555 adorable pixelated monks meditating on the Solana blockchain. 

Slavery may have ended a long time ago, but the problem of racism and the inherent violence that come with are still alive, to some degree, in various parts of the world. With these lingering issues, a team of creatives have decided to launch an NFT collection that promotes the eradication of these problems and create a better world for everybody. 


The Monk Mafia is composed of members with backgrounds in the pop music industry, investment banking, content creation, photography, graphic design, art direction, social media partnerships, and PR campaigns. 

And even with the team’s diversified cultural backgrounds, they are all bound by the same vision of promoting Asian creativity to the world and using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a platform to promote anti-racism and anti-violence campaigns. 

What is Monk Mafia?

Monk Mafia or MM is an Asian-themed Solana-based collection composed of 5,555 adorable pixelated characters. 

Aside from being a digital asset, each character also functions as an exclusive ticket that provides collectors with direct access to utilities and events specially made for holders. 

Public Mint Date Schedule 

1st PreSale – Jan 23 – 12:00 (GMT) – 0.66 SOL per mint

Reminder: Each wallet will be limited to only 3 NFTs

2nd PreSale – Jan 23 – 13:00 (GMT) – 0.99 SOL per mint 

Reminder: Each wallet will be limited to only 2 NFTs

Public Mint – Jan 23 – 14:00 (GMT) – 1.38 SOL per mint 

Reminder: No limits of NFT purchase 

The Story of Monk Mafia 

Monk Mafia’s story revolves around two high school friends named O Nata and Papillon, who joined an underground club in 2013, whose main goal was to overthrow the government.

The club, which also owns weapons such as guns and grenades, requires members to buy cryptocurrencies from the dark web to fulfil their anarchist society goal. 

Unfortunately, there came a clash between this club and another mafia gang, causing major injuries on its members, including O Nata and Papillion, who have succumbed to a coma for years only to wake up this year (2022). 

Upon waking up, they finally realized their major losses and vowed to continue their club’s unfulfilled goals using the cryptocurrencies they purchased years ago. 

They disguised themselves as monks to hide from the authorities. And from there, O Nata and Papillon started the “Monk Mafia.” 

1055 Monks Will Be HODLed 

Once the Monk Mafia is launched, the team will keep or HODL 1055 of the 5,555 characters in the collection, which will decrease MM’s supply and increase its value on the secondary market. 

It ensures that Monk Mafia holders will gain much more value in their assets, and the entire collection’s value will remain strong. 

Monk Mafia Utilities 

Welfare of the Community 

  • 10% of the royalties generated from the secondary sales will be funneled back to the Monk Mafia holders. 
  • DAO Trust will be established. 20% of the profits earned from this trust will be distributed back to the community through carefully-selected investments.
  • The team will offer buybacks to members once Monk Mafia’s price falls below its Pre-Sale Price. 


  • Each quarter, one lucky holder will be picked and be given an all-expenses-paid overseas trip. 
  • Holders can enjoy gifts and airdrops from the Monk Mafia’s team throughout the year. 
  • There will be a monthly Raffle where two wallet owners can have a chance to win $USD 500 to $USD 1000. 

Monk Network 

  • Meet and greet fellow Monk Mafia holders on Hong Kong-based 5-star hotels.
  • Get access to members-exclusive private events, yacht parties, and even mysterious meetups! 

Funding Campaigns 

Since one of the collection’s main goals is to promote anti-racism, the team has allocated 5% of Monk Mafia’s revenue to fund campaigns that advocate anti-racism and anti-violence 


Monkaverse is Monk Mafia’s very own metaverse where holders can acquire rare NFTs, play games such as poker and other fun mini-games with other members, get access to real-life rewards, and meet Asian celebrities. 


Q1 2022 

  • 3,000 Monk Mafia NFTs will be minted 
  • Once the minting has been completed, Monk Mafia will be listed on Magic Eden and Solsea. 
  • For its First Phase Publicity, influencers, AAA artists, and celebrities will be funded through a 10% revenue allocation, while 5% will be allocated for publication and media coverage. 

Q2 2022

  • Funding of anti-racism and anti-violence campaigns 

Q2 & Q3 2022

  • For its Second Phase Publicity, an additional 10% will again be allocated for influencers, AAA artists, and celebrities. 
  • Collaborations with mid-sized fashion brands 

Q3 2022 

  • DAO Trust Set-Up 
  • Launch of NFT music 

Q3 and Q4 2022 

  • Establishment of a management company that will collaborate with various artists and different creatives. 

Q4 2022

  • Christmas Masquerade Ball  


Since the announcement of the Monk Mafia collection, it has struck interesting collaborations from some of Asia’s icons, further enhancing its image as a haven for Asian NFT fans. 

Some of these collaborations include Nirvana Chaudhary, son of the world’s richest Nepalese, and Donald Chan, a celebrity urbex photographer in Hong Kong. 


The Monk Mafia collection has definitely prepared for its publicity and has an impressive roadmap designed to strengthen its community. 

But it is yet to see if this collection can really take off as more variables must still be considered. These aspects include the team’s commitment, how well its utilities can satisfy the community, and above all, the demand it can generate once it’s launched.