This resource serves as an immersive exploration of a truly unique cryptographic creation. Milady Maker, a name resonating within the diverse universe of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), represents an amalgamation of style, controversy, and boundary-pushing innovation. 

Get ready to take a deep dive into the inception, distinctive aesthetics, proprietary evaluation system, and the associated memecoin of this intriguing NFT collection. Whether you’re a seasoned collector, a curious observer, or someone on the verge of entering the vibrant world of NFTs, this guide aims to equip you with comprehensive insights into the complex, captivating realm of Milady Maker.


The origins of Milady can be traced back to a cryptographically rooted enterprise, Remilia Collective, renowned for championing a “copylefted brand” and advocating for a flourishing network of spin-off projects. The true motivations and identities of the developers steering this collective remain enigmatic, given their conscious decision to maintain anonymity and refrain from sharing any point of contact.

At the heart of the intrigue surrounding Milady was a figure by the name of Charlotte Fang, alternatively known as Charlie Fang or Charlemagne. Fang was the self-styled Chief Executive of Remilia Collective until her resignation in May 2022. She courted controversy for her association with a contentious Twitter profile named Miya, notorious for propagating slurs and conspiracy theories.

In her defense, Fang stated that her online character was a calculated exercise in satire and performance art, vehemently denying any endorsement of harmful ideologies. She further professed her ambition to construct a counter-narrative to the so-called ‘cancel culture’ and to push the artistic envelope of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Despite these assertions, the wake of damage left by Fang’s words and deeds resulted in significant reproach and detriment to the reputation of the Milady NFT collection and its attendant community.

What is Milady Maker? 

Milady Maker signifies a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated Profile Picture NFTs, secured on the Ethereum blockchain. It proudly displays a neochibi aesthetic, amalgamating a collection of randomized elements that draw inspiration from the street fashion trends of 2000s Tokyo. The Milady avatars are the epitome of cutting-edge fashion and social connectivity, ushering admirers into their exclusive aesthetic universe.

However, the collection’s unique visual style hasn’t been universally celebrated. While some appreciate it as trailblazing and progressive, critics have harshly labeled it the “ugliest” assembly in the annals of PFP NFTs. The polarizing opinions about Milady’s aesthetics didn’t impede it from becoming a much-desired NFT collection in the current market.

Milady Maker NFTs have since ingrained themselves into the fabric of meme culture. They frequently surface in viral memes, either as the main image or in reaction images on Crypto Twitter. High-profile influencers like Su Zhu and Ansem (@blknoiz06), amongst others, have adopted these NFTs as their profile pictures.

Art Style

The Milady Maker concept was initially birthed in August 2021, with Charlotte Fang leading the creative charge. Her unique take on Chibi Anime style ingeniously fused Western and Japanese aesthetics, giving rise to what is now recognized as “neochibi.” This modern style embraces the influential artistry of icons like Takashi Murakami while aligning itself with the larger wave of “avant-anime” artistry. Digital artists including Mara Barl, Jyoucyo, and Rednbou have also been seen delving into this eclectic mix of artistic expression, their works echoing the core principles of Milady Maker.

In common with other PFP NFT collections, Milady Maker’s art form is generative, born from complex algorithms. What sets it apart, though, is the collection’s signature “Cores,” rooted in the retrospective aesthetics of Tokyo’s past street fashion. Notably, the legendary FRUiTS magazine, renowned for its detailed documentation of Tokyo’s subcultural street fashion in the late 90s and early 00s, was instrumental in shaping Milady’s artistic approach.

Drip Score

The Drip Score is an evaluative tool integrated within the Milady Maker NFT collection, designed to gauge the overall chic quotient of every Milady. This system considers the rarity of each fashion accessory, the significance of each feature, and any badges earned for completing themes or costumes.

The Drip Score concept aims to link value more to aesthetics than to sheer trait rarity, offering a fresh perspective on the appraisal of each NFT. Each Milady is awarded a Drip Score grade that varies from D to SS, thereby providing a clearer understanding of its inherent value.

Collectors may find the Drip Score a helpful tool for assessing the value and exclusivity of a specific Milady. It can offer insights into the potential of the NFT as a collectible asset, aiding collectors in their acquisition decisions.

LADYS Milady Memecoin

LADYS, the Milady Memecoin, boasts an enormous total supply of 888 quadrillion tokens. At its inception, 50% of these tokens were deliberately destroyed. The token functions based on a deflationary mechanism designed to reward holders and discourage selling. Each transaction incurs a 10% fee, split evenly with 5% distributed amongst all token holders and the remaining 5% channeled into the liquidity pool.

Being categorized as a memecoin, LADYS was not introduced by a team that publicly revealed their identities. Its roadmap envisions three developmental phases, with the final phase including the roll-out of Milady Merchandise, Milady Academy, and Milady Tools.

The precise link between the LADYS token and the Milady NFT collection is somewhat ambiguous. It’s speculated that the memecoin might be part of a larger promotional strategy designed to generate buzz and draw in investors. However, the official stance is that the token is simply an homage to the Milady NFT collection.


Having journeyed through the enigmatic origins, dynamic art style, unique ‘Drip Score’ evaluation system, and the affiliated LADYS Memecoin, we’ve endeavored to shed light on the multifaceted world of Milady Maker. With its roots firmly grounded in a fusion of Western and Japanese aesthetics, its engagement with the evocative nostalgia of Tokyo’s past street fashion, and its defiant stride into the realm of controversy, Milady Maker stands as a testament to the limitless potential of NFT artistry. 

As the realm of NFTs continues to evolve and expand, one thing is certain – Milady Maker, with its distinctive charm and character, will continue to carve its niche and foster its community, adding unique hues to the colorful canvas of cryptographic art.