is a non-fungible token (NFT) platform that was built to serve as a home of meme markets and trend exploration.

Today, more than ever before, memes are being wildly used on the internet. Virtually, all social media platforms have meme groups, pages, and fans. Many memes and have gone viral without the creators or explorers getting any reward.

By means of blockchain technology, it is possible to reward meme creators and enthusiastic explorers indefinitely. The Meme project aims to do so by creating a platform that connects meme creators with collectors. The structure of the system will ensure that both parties can benefit from the blockchain meme niche.

Background is a project that sprang up from MarbleCards, which aims to enable people to save valuable digital memories. The project was launched in 2018 and has experienced a gradual but steady growth since then.

Mattias Tryberg and Johan Unger are the co-founders of the project. Mattias is a serial entrepreneur who has vast experience in the blockchain space. He started his entrepreneurship journey over a decade ago when he founded Saplo, a text analytics company based in Sweden. The company progressed swiftly and helped Mattias win a lot of accolades. The Lund University alum has achieved many other great feats business and career-wise. He now specializes in text analytics, predictive analysis, and blockchain. 

Unger, on the other hand, is a software geek who specializes in Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL. He is also a great entrepreneur, with a wealth of experience in social media marketing. Aside MarbleCards, he has used his knowledge to establish and grow numerous startups. Qulart, Strossle, and WinR are some of the projects he co-founded. Unger has also been a board member at Noted Media for over 5 years. 

At the start of the Meme project, Unger and Mattias built from the scratch and funded the project from their personal cash flow for some time. Recently though, the duo has expanded the team and have sought funds from investors so as to hasten the growth of the Meme project. They have successfully raised $5 million funding from investors like Blockhype, Spark Digital Capital, and Morning Star. The project also attracted angel investors like the CEO of Altitude Games, Gabby Dixon as well as the co-founder of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal. 

According to Mattias Tryberg, the millions of dollars raised so far will be used for marketing and to further develop the platform.

What is is a non-fungible token (NFT) platform that was built to serve as a home of meme markets and trend exploration. can track the value of memes on the internet. The goal of the founders of is that it becomes the leading digital factory for meme exploration. is built on the Ethereum network. The specific protocol which it is founded upon is the ERC-721 protocol. This guarantees a high level of security for the project.

The support already gained by from the Marble community proves that the project has potential and may become a project for the people in no time. The platform will give users the opportunity to support their favorite memes. It will also be possible for meme creators and early collectors to monetize the every green meme niche.

The platform also supports grand meme expeditions. These expeditions will be supported by users who explore and unlock meme tokens.

How the Platform Sources for Meme Data

The platform is responsive and extracts meme related data from various sources. The closest source extracts data from is which has a huge database for meme cards and other collectibles. however tracks data for memes on many other computers around the world. The Blockchain and Hypertext Transfer Protocol makes this link possible. Meme data collected from each source are then analyzed and compared on the protocol. Data points are scored based on the quality of the data. Data points decide where staking rewards will go. 

The highest staking rewards will be earned by the best meme in terms of quality and popularity. These can be graded using external information like the number of mentions of the meme or the number of shares, likes, and upvotes the meme had.

How the Meme Society Works

The structure of the platform is quite easy to understand, even for users who are new to blockchain and memes. Users have a goal of collecting memes which will then be submitted and reviewed for rewards. 

Explore Meme Habitats

Users on have the goal of exploring new habitats for collecting memes. These habitats could be sites or links that contain a meme that could be minted. claims no ownership of the sites or links that will be minted, neither will it possess site data. The platform only serves as a means for sharing these links, which will be minted. Just like users of the internet can freely share links from source sites, the platform will serve as an intermediary for sharing such. The only difference this time will be that will be utilizing blockchain technology.

Links of memes or meme cards can be minted and collected just once on the platform. No user can duplicate the efforts of another user. The goal of users is to find the best possible memes that have not been minted or collected and mint them. These memes will be sourced from different sites or links. The platform however does not support just any link. Links and cards collected must be from reliable sources.

Submit Your Findings

Once users have explored various meme habitats and have collected unique digital memes, users submit their findings to the platform. The platform’s meme council reviews the memes to ensure that it isn’t a duplicate. Also, the platform serves as a home for top-notch memes, thus, memes must pass the test of uniqueness to qualify for rewards. Meme approval is gotten from the council by casting votes.

Earn Rewards

What’s a task without rewards? It is the goal of the platform is to reward its participants as much as it can. Users who sourced for memes will be rewarded with digital art which will now possess a monetary value on the platform. Only arts that pass the test of the meme council will qualify for rewards. 

Once the meme has passed the scrutiny of the meme council and now possesses a value, the meme will be made available for auction. Like every auction, the highest bidder within a stipulated time frame grabs the asset. It is possible for the collector to participate in the bid. However, whether the collector loses the bid or not, he gets some rewards for the meme or digital art he brought home. If there is no user willing to bid for the meme, the collector keeps the art and may decide to sell it at another time. The most authentic and trending memes will sell for a higher price.


The vision of the team becomes clearer as each day passes by and we can’t help but appreciate the hard work they have done to create an exciting platform in the crypto space. In no time, it will become possible to save digital memes as crypto collectibles and all users contributing to the meme niche will be able to get access to rewards. 

Many meme lovers and sharers can’t wait to start exploring and collecting their favorite memes that will be this time unique and tradeable, unlike a random screenshot on a phone or computer that has no actual value. What an amazing concept!