A Singapore based company, Boogle is providing privacy and added security for its search engine users by using blockchain for its operations. The search engine claims to be the first to employ net neutrality and could be game-changing in the future. 

The censorship-free website is looking to unshackle the world from restrictive internet regulations and internet giants controlling data ownership and infringing on personal data privacy. 

Speaking on the motives, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Lee said:

“The Internet should be a free and open space where we can get unfiltered access to information. However, Internet giants have a disproportionate amount of control over content and our personal data have been mined for profits, without our permission. Boogle is a response to these problems”

Boogle using Blockchain for privacy

Lee continued his statement by sharing how they would resolve the issue. He claimed Boogle, “seeks to create a search engine built on a decentralized platform like blockchain which is secure, network-neutral and free from monopoly by any Internet organization or central authority. We are proud to be the first in the world to be offering this.”

In fact, so committed are Boogle to blockchain technology that the B in its name stands for the blockchain element. After two years of development, the search engine is up and running. Based on a hybrid blockchain which is decentralized.

They aren’t the only blockchain-based search engine in the world, Tokenview, BTC.com, Etherchain are worthy competitors but none hold traditional content and queries like Boogle. 

They have also taken to the cryptocurrency side of blockchain with users rewarded for their searches with their native token, BOO coin. Alongside this, the company has a ‘burn-per-click” promotion in which users get BOO tokens from advertisers for clicking on their content. 

The Asian market is their main target

With its Singapore base, Boogle is targeting the Asian continent. Since 2018 they have garnered over a million subscribers from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea. They have also targeted the nations of Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Mexico, Spain, Kenya and Russia. 

With an overall user base of 5 million Boogle is clearly on the rise. Asia is clearly the main hub for Boogle. The company hopes to build five businesses in Hong Kong, China, Dubai, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia.

China is reportedly the next target for Boogle. The People’s Republic could be a good place for a nation with stringent internet restrictions like China. Not only that but, according to reports, Boogle is in talks with China Minsheng Bank Corp., Ltd., a fintech fund, as well as certain private banking entities. China appears to be the final frontier for Boogle. 

What’s next? 

In terms of cryptocurrencies, the company is hoping to build “Boo Money Exchange”. It will continue to grow and min their BOO token, which is mined through a proof of work algorithm.

The company is also planning to launch a blockchain social app, Boo Chat, which supports instant messaging and Boo token transfers. In addition, Boogle will launch a child-oriented search engine, Boogle Junior.