Huobi is continuing its blockchain shift as its China branch added to its many partnerships by joining the Blockchain Governance Initiative Network (BGIN). 

The network is an international non-profit organisation where stakeholders can share information and research. The group will focus on blockchain governance and look to create an open dialogue between nations. 

The initial founding members include representation from around the world. Various educational institutions and companies like Georgetown University, the Japan Financial Services Agency (JFAS), Stanford University, Cambridge University, and finally, Huobi China. 

Huobi funder, Li Lin, told Jinse that he was pleased with the latest partnership, he said: 

“After joining BGIN, Huobi China will continue to use its advantages to work hard to promote the ecological construction of the industry.”

Huobi continues blockchain push

The company entered into a partnership with the Blockchain-Based Services Network (BSN) Development Alliance in December last year. The initiative is backed by the Chinese government’s State Information Center (SIC) and plans to help with infrastructure services for Chinese and international companies. 

The initiative was initially created by the SIC alongside tech giants China Mobile and China UnionPay. Reports at the time stated that the network would be tested in 54 cities and the founders hope it will be synonymous with blockchain in the future. 

This latest blockchain partnership is illustrating the shift in strategy Huobi has made since the crackdown on the crypto industry in China in 2017. Since then the company has looked to increase ties to the government and turned its attention to blockchain with its staff appealing to the lawmakers to see the benefits of the technology behind cryptocurrencies. 

It is not just China where Huobi have looked to expand their blockchain services and initiatives. The group made headlines when they partnered with Blockchain Turkey Platform (BCTR) to advance their plans for a decentralized blockchain ecosystem.