Asia Crypto Today has a dedicated research team set on giving you vital and up-to-date information on the hottest blockchain projects in the space.

And today we want to introduce five the most sought-after projects in Asia; namely Linear, 8Hours Platform, OIN Finance, TON blockchain, and RAMP DeFi. We shall publish more in-depth guides on each of these projects starting tomorrow.

Linear Finance

Linear or Linear Finance is a non-custodial, delta-one asset protocol with cross-chain compatibility. Ultimately, the project aims to provide everyone access to investment assets both from traditional and digital markets.

It is natively built on the Ethereum blockchain and is powered by the ETH-based Linear Token (LINA). LINA has synthetic assets built primarily on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible chains and eventually other blockchains as well. This means that users will be able stake, invest, and redeem processes faster, cheaper, and with ease while preserving access to the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem.

The core of Linear’s protocol is its collateralized debt pool, which are backed by LINA, and soon, other cryptocurrencies and real assets as well.

8Hours Platform

The 8Hours Platform is an ecosystem focused on bringing communities together through blockchain technology. They intend to do this by encouraging people to engage in meaningful social media interacts for at least eight hours per week. And all the services will be accessible via the platform.

The ecosystem is powered by EHrt, the native utility coin of 8Hours. EHrT can be used for staking or as a medium of exchange. Another use case of the token is that it allows the tagging of real-life objects to visual representatives called NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Furthermore, EHrT can also be used to created in-game currencies, allowing developers leverage a different game’s economy with their own or build a separate community using the currencies they could create.

OIN Finance

OIN Finance is a blockchain ecosystem that aims to become the gateway to DeFi, promote the DeFi space, and help grow it to maturity. It is built on the second-layer of OINChain, a blockchain that has cross-chain support to various public chains.

OIN is based on Ontology’s network, and hence will connect to it first and enables ecosystem components such as:

OIN-Swap — this is the first DEX on Ontology that enables users to build a pool of ONT and OIN tokens.

OIN-Wallet — this is a crypto wallet with cross-chain support for both Ontology and Ethereum assets.

OIN-DAO — the DAO is the decentralized governance system of the OIN ecosystem.

USDO — USDO is a stablecoin used as an incentive to cross nodes and ensure that the network runs smoothly.

TON Blockchain


The Telegram Open Network is a fast high-throughput multi-blockchain network boasting millions of transactions per second, in theory. It is aimed to be able to handle all “reasonable applications” conceived.

Rather than a solitary chain, TON is actually a collection of blockchains, which makes it possible to handle the magnitude of computing power this system aims to be able to deploy.


RAMP is cross-chain liquidity on-ramp and off-ramp platform aiming to provide users the opportunity to stake non-ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. This is made possible through RAMP’s stablecoin, rUSD, which functions as a bridge Ethereum and other chains.

Moreover, users can also add liquidity to RAMP’s pools by depositing Ethereum-based tokens, and be able to mint eUSD in the process.