Hash Rush is a NEAR-based MMO-RTS or Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy game set in a world called Hermian Galaxy.

What’s the use of play-to-earn games with immersive gameplay, stunning graphics, and a satisfying reward system if the blockchain that powers them ironically cancels their maximum potential? This is where Hash Rush aims to make a difference.


With Ethereum’s piling technical problems, an MMO-RTS game decided to take its chance on an emerging blockchain called NEAR, which promises dramatic speeds and ultra-low fees. And it turns out that the ‘gamble’ has paid off pretty well as NEAR’s technical prowess was able to unleash the full capacity of the game, to the delight of the developers and, above all, the gamers.

What is Hash Rush?

Hash Rush is a NEAR-based MMO-RTS or Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy game set in a world called Hermian Galaxy. The game transports players in the aftermath of a tragic catastrophe called Crystal Storm. 

Thanks to this galactic tragedy, Hermian’s crystals have scattered and crashed on countless planets and have since corrupted life forms there to pursue the sinister aim of the Hive Mind from which they came from. 


Heroes are the most powerful assets that players can own and they can acquire them through direct purchase, trading, in-game summons, or crafting. Throughout the entire game, players must focus on improving their Heroes’ levels, abilities, and equipment to boost their standing in the game. 

All Heroes start at Level 1, the lowest level, with no equipment and special abilities, except if they were acquired through trading, and the highest level that each Hero could reach is Level 80. 

The game’s hero system was inspired by successful games, which include Dragonball Dokkan Battle, Grand Cross Seven Deadly Sins, and the Cookie Run Kingdom. 

The game will soon rollout three races in the game, which will be called ‘Marauders,’ ‘Highborn of Eldana,’ and ‘Emacks.’ 

How To Climb Up In Levels 

A Hero can level up by acquiring experiences that can be done by playing the game modes and these XPs depend on the difficulty level that a player has participated in. 

Another way to increase a Hero’s level is through XP items which can be acquired through in-game drops. 

Hash Rush Gameplay

The game is divided into three main game modes, ‘Standard Mode,’ ‘Dungeon,’ and ‘Boss Assault,’ which will all be discussed below. 

Standard Mode 

Standard Mode, as its name suggests, contains typical real-time strategy elements, where players are required to gather resources, train fighters, defend territories, and launch counterattacks. 

A player is transported into a crystal-infested planet with various zones, each with a unique map that he must conquer. 

He can summon his Heroes in a place called ‘Hall of Champions’, and once a Hero dies, it can be simply re-summoned again in this special place. 

Standard Mode is the only mode where a player can acquire crafting materials that he needs to use to obtain Heroes, equipment, and ability boosts, which include increased speed, attack, and more. In this stage, a player must also focus on forming a workforce that would collect resources, assemble buildings, and defeat the mode’s main enemy, the Crystal Scourge. 

Items in Standard Mode can be unlocked by destroying specific enemy buildings, and these items include a treasure chest, keys to Special Heroes vaults, crystals, and more. 

Dungeon Mode

The Dungeon Mode brings a player into strategic gameplay and eliminates the simple construction and maintenance of a base. Players need to purchase Heroes with a certain amount of points and use these characters to complete the dungeon missions. Items in this mode are new crafting recipes that can only be unlocked by completing the missions. 

These crafting recipes enable a player to access more Heroes, items, and other valuable assets in the game. 

Boss Assault 

Boss Assault is a quick gameplay mode with defensive missions and requires a player to choose up to three Heroes to defend a premade base. There will be no fighting right away as the player will be given several minutes to prepare by letting him train his units against a wave of enemies. 

A timer will be shown to the player to let him know how much time is still left to train his units. Once the time is over, the fighting begins, and his Heroes and units will face a wave of enemies that must be defeated. 

The process of waiting, training, and fighting will keep on repeating until a player is defeated or quits, and he can only be completely defeated once he loses all his units in the battle. 

A player also needs to defeat the Boss of this mode to win the match and unlock the important items that can improve his Heroes’ skills. 

Vorto Network

Hash Rush uses the Vorto Network, a platform that supports in-game virtual economies with P2E and blockchain assets, which allows the game to have a more open system for trading assets. 

Vorto Network also allows ‘Hash’ players to use their acquired resources (outside) a specific game mode to create Heroes and equipment. These assets are tokenized and tradable, thanks to the Vorto tech that runs behind their backs.


Hash Rush’s biggest asset is its interesting gameplay, with a seamless combination of fighting, collecting, and building, which can certainly keep players engaged. The only downside, though, is its graphics, which might feel a bit underwhelming for many players, and might also be a deciding factor if they would try the game or not. However, graphics, like art, is subjective.