Epik is a platform that produces premium digital collectibles, connecting users to NFT-based assets.

NFTs are becoming increasingly popular in recent times as blockchain technology brings forth crazy unforeseen innovations that one would have perceived as impossible many years ago. For instance, the gaming, music and entertainment industries are now delving into virtual space for new and improved experiences, thanks to various innovations brought about by non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Epik is one of such innovations that adds more fun to the gaming and entertainment industry. The platform serves as a bridge that connects premium gaming and entertainment brands with the virtual world.


Epik was founded three years ago. In 2018, a team of developers and blockchain experts came together to build a sub-niche in the blockchain space. It was founded with the aim of producing premium digital assets that will be valued by gamers and other users of the digital space.

Victor David is the CEO of the company, and he is a blockchain and NFT expert. Some other members of the Epik team include Gary Ma, Darren Smith, Winston King, Michael Laurens and Arthur Mastropietro.

Since 2018 till date, the company has grown massively and currently boasts of over 2 billion active users monthly. More than 250 top gaming companies have partnered with the company and over 1000 brands are in business with Epik.

What is Epik?

Epik is a platform that produces premium digital collectibles. The platform has a ton of premium merchandise for its users. Epik seamlessly connects its users with NFTs and blockchain technology.

The platform does not just serve as a bridge between the blockchain ecosystem and individuals or brands. It provides the best user experience possible for its users and makes brands generate more revenue while simultaneously satisfying user demands.

The unique in-game collectibles produced by Epik have already generated millions of dollars in revenue. This indicates that gamers and other enthusiastic users of the digital space love the innovation. What makes Epik unique?


The structure of the Epikverse makes the platform unique and appealing to users. The Epikverse is a network of games and metaverses that are interoperable. This implies that users can create unique digital memories that will not be forgotten.

Epik Unlocks Digital Worlds

A user can acquire a unique digital collectible in a game. Ordinarily, collectibles obtained in one gaming ecosystem cannot be transferred to another game. Epikverse makes it possible to break this barrier and link items and digital assets within the metaverse.

Thus, supposing a player collects a digital silver suit in a combat game, Epik makes it possible for the player to use that same suit in another game. These collectibles are not restricted to the gaming world. A player can attend a virtual music concert with the suit obtained from the game, provided the music concert supports interoperability.

Value Appreciation of Digital Assets

The value appreciation of digital assets in the space also makes the Epikverse unique. Items have more value due to their uniqueness. The use of NFTs implies that collectibles can be minted without duplication.

Additionally, some physical assets that lose value over time in the real world gain value over time in the Epikverse. For example, a user who purchased a ticket to the Coachella event can only use that ticket once. As soon as the event is over, the ticket practically becomes useless.

This is not the case in an Epikverse. In an Epikverse, virtual tickets can be purchased and a user can enjoy the digital concert as many times as he wishes to, while enjoying the experience. The user may also choose to attend the same event more than once with the same friends he attended the event with. Thus, unique experiences can be recreated in the Epikverse.

Epik Prime

For users to benefit from the vast resources the platform has to offer, users will need to create a Prime or Prime+ account on the platform. Creating an account on the platform is free. However, users who create an account will need to subscribe to Epik prime membership to get more access to collectibles.

The Epik prime membership program rewards users for their loyalty to the ecosystem. Additionally, prime users have access to better in-game collectibles and NFTs. From time to time, random prices are being distributed for Prime members.

Epik prime membership can be purchased on the website directly. Users who are conversant with managing and linking digital wallets can also purchase a prime membership from their wallets. Prime members can also stake their tokens to earn more rewards.

Epik Prime Plus

Epik prime plus is an advanced membership program that gives users access to more rewards and opportunities on the platform. The platform has exclusive high-quality items for VIPs.

Prime plus members have access to these items. They also enjoy premium services since they are the foundation of the Epikverse. Prime plus members are rewarded with premium information. They can pre-order and preserve premium digital collectibles before they get to the general market. Members of Epik prime can upgrade to Epik prime plus at any time.

The platform benefits brands in multiple ways. By collaborating with Epik, brands can make positive decisions more swiftly, have a trusted record based on blockchain and grant the customers the opportunity to interact with the digital world in a more amazing way.

Swift Decisions

The traditional means of obtaining users data by brands are effective, but not as effective as the blockchain system of reaching the same end. Vital user data can be gathered more quickly. This will help brands make decisions that will affect them for good. And very importantly, they save time while doing this.

Trusted Record keeping

In collaborations and partnerships, it is sometimes easy for one party to slight the other especially in terms of finance. On the blockchain, transactions are transparent. This means that brands who join hands with the Epik team can rest assured that their rewards and profits are wholly intact. Brands need not worry about making losses as a result of fraudulent transactions or improper record keeping etiquettes.

NFT Upgrade

Brand expansion into the virtual reality space is usually received well by consumers. Epik gives brands the opportunity to make their users get a better digital experience. This simply means one thing. The brand grows exponentially!

Just like Epik benefits brands, it also benefits games that join forces with it. It gives gaming companies a frictionless entry while helping the company save costs that would have been incurred in licensing and business development.

The Lockr App to be Launched Shortly

The team intends to launch an app that unites all digital items and services from various spaces in one unit. The Lockr App will help users access all items from all games in one place. This will make it easier for users to manage their digital assets. The App will be made available on PlayStore and Apple Store.


Epik has helped brands and gaming companies solve the problem of complex license agreements between multiple parties. It has also created a unique virtual world for individuals to play on.

The successful collaboration of Epik with leading brands and companies in the world proves that the project is rock solid. While many blockchain projects simply jump on the NFT fad to make a temporary name for themselves, Epik has been here for years and the team has solid long term plans that will make the project achieve more success.