Enjin is once again joining hands with Microsoft gaming giants, Minecraft, launching the world’s first blockchain powered Minecraft server in honor of the company’s tenth anniversary.

Enjin announced the launch of Enjincraft to their fans and the company believes it could be “potentially transformative,” for the industry. Built with Enjin’s Minecraft Plugin on the Ethereum Mainnet, currently, Enjincraft is in closed beta. According to reports, the open-source server will feature peer-to-peer blockchain asset trading, blockchain asset loot drops, and asset interoperability.

The asset interoperability is a feature that will bring excitement to the gaming community the most. Enjin authored the item standard ERC 1155 which allows for non-fungible asset (NFT) creation and trading. This is because users will be able to use assets from other games, apps, and websites in Enjincraft Server One. Not only that, but they can receive assets from the Minecraft server and use them in other platforms that support them. Enjin refers to this function as “the Multiverse,” which they say is a network of over 30 interconnected games.

Another great incentive for gamers to get on board the Enjincraft blockchain is the rewards they can receive. Assets are backed by Enjin Coin (ENJ), which players can get by melting down the assets via the Enjin Wallet. This Enjin Coin can then be switched for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and numerous other cryptocurrencies. It can even be used to buy gift cards from massive brands like Amazon, Nike, Apple, or Uber without ever leaving the secure wallet app.

For those who are in it solely for Minecraft then you are also in luck. Enjincraft Server One has blockchain-based Minecraft weapons, armor, and accessories that users can find and win. Yet, Enjin is encouraging its users to incorporate all of their Ethereum blockchain based games (if possible) into their blockchain through the in-game assets. Interviews with Enjin CTO and co-founder Witek Radomski will be available on the Boxmining Channel.

According to the press release, server owners are encouraged to join the server and try out its features, then open up the source code, “look under the hood,” and copy-paste Enjin’s code. To make the process more manageable for server owners to integrate blockchain assets, Enjin has also launched an SDK for Java and is working on an easy-to-install Minecraft plugin.

The Testnet version of Enjin’s Blockchain SDK for Java is now live. This it hopes will allow Java developers to create blockchain assets on the Ethereum-based Kovan network and bring them into their software and games.

Enjincraft is not the first platform partnership that Enjin and Minecraft have embarked on. Enjin’s first “DonationCraft” plugin enabled server owners to create marketplaces that accept credit card and PayPal payments with ease. This plugin has been downloaded over 5 million times since being released in 2012, illustrating its huge popularity. Enjin believes the Enjincraft is a huge step forward in their development and the next step in their evolution since the “DonationCraft”. Users interested in joining EnjinCraft closed beta can sign up at https://enj.li/minecraft-beta.

In other Enjin based news, the company plans to drop their Ethereum Mainnet solutions to the public in a few months, which will allow developers to make fully-functioning blockchain-based economies.

The Mainnet is similar in nature to Enjinspark, and Enjin has begun pointing users who wish to join the mainnet now towards it. Enjinspark has prompted some good reaction since its release last week. Spark developer The Six Dragons raised $90,000 USD in crowdfunding in just 24 hours, while Space Misfits announced plans to launch the world’s first blockchain-powered open-world RPG on May 25.