Changelly, a crypto exchange has announced a new partnership with Enjin. They will launch a Changelly-branded blockchain explorer to provide users with a seamless, ad-free experience for verifying transactions.

The blockchain explorer is said to be powered by EnjinX and is designed to provide a frictionless experience for Changelly users to verify their transactions. After purchasing or trading cryptocurrencies on the Changelly platform, users can verify their Ethereum transactions on — without leaving

The collaborations began when Changelly helped with the design of Enjin X, the duo are also continuing their work to create “Major Tom,” a new Ethereum blockchain collectible that will be playable in 22 Enjin-powered games.

The companies also joined hands for the Enjin wallet, to enable convenient cryptocurrency conversions. According to Coinspeaker, ‘Changelly’s non-custodial exchange ensures that each user’s cryptocurrency remains protected within the Enjin Wallet while the conversion process is taking place—providing users with the utmost security.’

To celebrate the launch of the blockchain explorer, Changelly is hosting a giveaway starting March 19, for which they will create and distribute ERC-1155 blockchain assets to all participants. The Ethreum tokens will be supported by and playable in highly-anticipated blockchain games War of Crypto, Age of Rust, Bitcoin Hodler, Cats in Mechs, ReBounce, and AlterVerse, a network of 17 interconnected games. The ERC-1155 assets are also interchangeable so can be used on a variety of games in the future too.