As hard as it is to believe, CryptoDickButts has emerged as one of the top projects in the NFT space. This digital art collection, born from the viral internet meme ‘Dick Butt,’ has transcended its humble origins to become a significant player in the world of non-fungible tokens. 

Beginning with the OG series and evolving through subsequent releases like Series 3 and 4, CryptoDickButts has expanded its reach and impact, incorporating unique features and community-driven governance through its DAO. The project has not only captivated a broad audience with its humor and distinctive style but has also forged noteworthy partnerships, enhancing its appeal and utility in the NFT market.


The origin of Dick Butt, a character now entrenched in internet culture, dates back over fifteen years. It first appeared on July 2, 2006, as a creation of KC Green in his webcomic titled “Tree, You’ve Been Good to Us,” part of the Horribleville series. This quirky and distinctive character captured the attention of internet users worldwide, quickly ascending to viral status.

The character’s journey from a webcomic to a cultural phenomenon is marked by significant milestones. The term “dickbutts” found its way into the Urban Dictionary in April 2007, less than a year after its inception. By June 2009, its popularity soared even higher when BuzzFeed featured a Dick Butt comic, further solidifying its status in internet lore. This recognition reached a peak in April 2015, when BuzzFeed published a multi-pane comic incorporating the now-iconic meme character.

However, with widespread popularity came challenges for Green in controlling the narrative and brand associations of his creation. In 2021, he publicly disassociated himself from the character he created.

The CryptoDickbutts NFT collection, a more recent development in the character’s saga, does not have any direct association with Green. This iteration emerged from the CryptoPunks Discord community as a tribute to, and a gift for, early holders of CryptoPunks NFTs. The collection debuted with Series 1 and Series 2, limited to 52 and 104 NFTs respectively, collectively referred to as the “OG version.” Riding on the wave of its popularity, an expanded Series 3 was launched in July 2021, comprising a more substantial 5,200 NFTs.

What is CryptoDickButts?

Launched in March 2021, CryptoDickButts entered the burgeoning world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a collection representing K.C. Green’s original Dick Butt characters. Capitalizing on the already viral nature of the Dick Butt meme, the CryptoDickButt collection quickly garnered attention and prominence within the Ethereum NFT ecosystem.

This collection began with what is now referred to as the “CryptoDickButts OG,” encompassing Series 1 and 2. These initial series represented the foundational phase of the collection, encapsulating the essence of Green’s creation in a new digital format. Recognizing the growing demand and popularity of these unique NFTs, the creators expanded the collection with the release of “Series 3” in August 2021. This addition aimed to cater to the burgeoning interest in the market, broadening the scope and reach of the CryptoDickButt collection.

OG Collection (Season 1 and 2)

At the core of the CryptoDickButts collection lies the OG (Original Gangster) series, embodying the essence of this unique NFT venture. Launched in March 2021, the OG CryptoDickButts collection is a testament to the originality and humor that define the Dick Butt character. This inaugural series comprises 161 distinct NFTs, each featuring the amusing and iconic imagery of “DickButt.”

Each NFT in the OG collection is more than just a digital asset; it’s a piece of digital art with its unique character and charm. Every individual NFT within this series is assigned a specific identifier on the Ethereum blockchain. This not only ensures the authenticity and exclusivity of each piece but also allows for easy traceability and verification, key aspects that contribute to the value and appeal of NFTs in the digital art space.

The OG CryptoDickButts series stands as a cornerstone of the larger collection, symbolizing the beginning of a journey that blends humor, internet culture, and blockchain technology. As such, these original NFTs hold a special place in the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts within the Ethereum and broader NFT community.

Season 3

Following the success of the initial releases, the CryptoDickButts collection expanded with the introduction of Series 3 in August 2021. This series marked a substantial increase in the collection’s size, adding 5,200 unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the existing array. Series 3 serves not only as an extension of the CryptoDickButts universe but also as a platform for introducing new and diverse artistic interpretations of the “DickButt” character.

This release significantly broadened the scope of the collection, offering collectors a more extensive selection of NFTs to choose from. Each NFT in Series 3 is infused with unique attributes and variations, ensuring that they stand apart from their predecessors in the OG series. These distinctive features contribute to the individuality of each token, making them highly sought after by collectors who appreciate both the humor and the uniqueness of the “DickButt” character.

Series 3’s launch underlines the continued growth and evolution of the CryptoDickButts collection, highlighting the creators’ commitment to diversifying and enriching the collector experience. This series not only adds volume to the collection but also enhances its creative depth, solidifying CryptoDickButts’ position as a notable and evolving project in the NFT landscape.

Season 4

CryptoDickbutts (CDB) introduced a pioneering approach to NFT ownership with Series 4 (S4), where the biggest collector after 30 days gains control of significant assets, including CDB’s Twitter, Discord Server, and all NFT collections. This innovative model deviates from conventional NFT drops, with minting set to continue until predefined conditions are met.

Central to S4’s announcement is the empowerment of the community, with the launch of the CryptoDickbutt DAO. This initiative entrusts holders with the mission of acquiring “Gooch Island,” providing a real-world space for CDB NFTs and their owners. Series 4 represents a significant shift towards community-centric governance, signaling an evolution in the broader NFT landscape.


The Dickbutts community has leveraged its DAO to establish valuable partnerships, enhancing benefits for CryptoDickbutts (CDB) holders. One such collaboration with Silver Jet offers CDB holders a 10-15% discount on private jet hires, as announced in January 2022. Additionally, an alliance with Naughty America led to the creation of ‘Gooch Island,’ a VR metaverse based on the project’s backstory, providing a unique social space for token holders. The DAO has also brought on board notable NFT artists CryptoSergs and Killer Acid, promising to further enrich the Dickbutts project with their involvement.


Looking ahead, the future value of the CryptoDickButts project appears promising, given its trajectory and the evolving dynamics of the NFT market. The project’s innovative approach to community ownership, as seen in Series 4, along with strategic partnerships with entities like Silver Jet and Naughty America, positions it well for continued relevance and growth. The involvement of renowned NFT artists like CryptoSergs and Killer Acid further bolsters its potential for artistic development and market appeal. 

As the NFT space continues to mature, CryptoDickButts, with its blend of internet culture and digital artistry, stands poised to maintain or even increase its value, both as a collectible and a symbol of the quirky and creative spirit that drives much of the NFT community.