CryptoBlades is described as a revolutionary web-based NFT roleplaying game built upon a dynamic rewarding system, which awards players with SKILL tokens after taking part in in-game challenges. 

The year 2021 has seen tremendous development in blockchain-related technologies and ventures. Among the sectors of growth is blockchain gaming. The ongoing influx of gaming projects on the blockchain continues to put on full display the versatility of decentralized technology.

The blockchain gaming industry appears to be on the right path, as it seems that everything the blockchain touches becomes better. The most recent benefactor of blockchain’s unique attributes is the non-fungible token-based (NFT) role-playing game CryptoBlades. CryptoBlades is a unique combination of traditional gaming and finance, built on a decentralized ecosystem.


Philip Devine

Launched in May 2021, the blockchain game CryptoBlades was released by gaming company Riveted Games, an award-winning company founded in 2014, and is composed of 4 members or experts in the field of gaming and blockchain technology. 

Company owner Philip Devine has been at the head of Riveted Games since 2014 and has spearheaded his team to tremendous success. Currently, the gaming company is in partnership with influential platforms like steam, BTS Labs, Chainlink, and Unity.

Furthermore, the team behind CryptoBlades believes that all gamers should control their digital assets and play to earn, as they strive to ultimately increase the adoption of blockchain technology in their everyday lives.

What is Cryptoblades?

CryptoBlades is described as a revolutionary web-based NFT roleplaying game. The project was originally launched on the Binance Smart chain system and developed by engineers from Riveted Games. Cryptoblade is built upon a dynamic rewarding system, which awards players with SKILL tokens after taking part in in-game challenges. 

Participants will predominately win SKILL tokens when completing in-game raids and defeating powerful foes. Additionally, players have the ability to improve their gaming experience and gain more tokens. Players can hire additional characters and forge unique weapons giving them an edge on their enemies.

CryptoBlade unique system also allows players to ameliorate weapons, increase overall power, and trade characters and weapons on an open marketplace. SKILL tokens holders can also stake their SKILL and earn more.

Overall, the Cryptoblade gameplay is quite simple. There are four elements being, Fire, Earth, Lightning, and Water. All characters, weapons, attributes, and enemies are assigned an element. Furthermore, different elements increase or decrease the chances of success when in battle.


SKILL is the utility token within the CryptoBlades ecosystem. The token is the instrument responsible for all transactions and activities in CryptoBlades. Through SKILL, players can purchase characters, build weapons, and actively participate in the open marketplace.

Currently, there is a total of 1,000,000 SKILL tokens in supply, with the following repartition:

  • Gameplay Incentives – 20%
  • Development – 20%
  • Initial Liquidity – 15%
  • Liquidity Incentives – 10%
  • IDO – 35%

SKILL utilities

  • Game Health 

Gameplay integrity is built upon a game contract, allowing players to earn and maintain enough SKILL tokens to payout players when necessary. A decentralized oracle updates players on the current dollar value of SKILL, as well as stabilizing various in-game operations like NFTs and fight payouts to maintain a stable dollar value.

  • SKILL Sinks and Faucets

In general, the overall flow of SKILL tokens in and out of a contract is directly controlled by the faucets and sinks present in the game. Here, faucets can be described as activities that distribute tokens to participants. In contrast, sinks are activities that consume SKILL tokens.

Additionally, faucets in CryptoBlades dispense tokens to players, where the rewards pool that faucets use is replenished by available sinks in the game. Currently, the game is structured with a single faucet: Combat. However, we can count a total of 5 sinks being: Recruit Character, Forge Weapon, Marketplace Tax, Reforge Weapon, Early Withdrawal Tax.

A continuous balance of both sink and faucet-related operations is important to the overall health of the game caused by the limited supply of SKILL tokens.

Game developers have assured that future gameplay features and options will accurately determine the balance of faucets and sinks which they will carefully manage. They also plan on using in-game events to control the token’s flow within a contract.

Elements and Characters

There are a total of 4 in-game elements with which players can interact. Understandably, fire has an advantage over earth but is trumped by water. Likewise, the earth element outpowers lightning, yet is tremendously weakened by fire. As for lightning, it destroys water but loses to earth. Finally, water is quite successful against fire, yet helpless against lightning.

Similarly to all weapons, attributes, and enemies, all players start in a place called the plaza, which allows all participants to mint their first character for 4.6 SKILL. All characters minted are equipped with a starting weapon and are assigned with a specific element randomly. Players can have a maximum of four characters during a gameplay

Additionally, each character begins the game with a total of 200 stamina points, enough just for 5 battles. Each battle takes exactly 40 stamina points, which are restored in 5 minutes per stamina point.

Once everything is set up, players can choose any given character to go on raids and fight enemies within the plaza, giving them the possibility to earn SKILL tokens.

Weapons, Forging, and Combat

CryptoBlades offers players a total of 5 weapon tiers, rated from 1 to 5 stars. All players automatically receive a one-star weapon once the very first character is minted. Just like characters, weapons are also minted with a single element.

Players are also given the ability to forge new weapons. This increases players overall combat power allowing them to fight stronger enemies and gain more SKILL tokens. Furthermore, when minting, players have a 44% chance of obtaining one-star weapons, a 35% chance of two-star, 15% chance of three-star, 5% chance of four-star, and  1% chance for five-star weapons.

Before the combat, players can choose their preferred character and weapon. In general, players can choose the enemies they want to face depending on their chosen characters and abilities.

Characters and weapons attributes play a key role in each fight; therefore all players must consider them to maximize their chances of winning, and subsequently  gaining more SKILL  tokens

Market and Rewards

In CrytoBlades, players have total control over their minted NFTs, as they have the right to sell and trade any given items on the market.

Additionally, the market offers players a wide array of characters and weapons, through which players can ameliorate their inventory and gain more tokens.

In general, a player can receive two types of rewards; after successfully defeating an opponent the player receives SKILL and character experience points. Rewards are directly proportional to the power of the enemy defeated, the stronger the enemy, the greater the reward.


The rise of blockchain-based gaming platforms has definitively facilitated the propagation of blockchain technology, whose continuous impact on the gaming sector cannot go unnoticed.

The introduction of games like CryptoBlades provides blockchain enthusiasts with a unique experience of financial freedom. Through its decentralized user-generated content and its highly interactive marketplace, players are empowered to sell, trade, and uniquely own all their assets supported by SKILL. CryptoBlades has successfully managed to combine both gaming and blockchain within a stunning user-friendly environment. Gaming Projects like CryptoBladesades perfectly portray the tremendous power of blockchain technology and its capacity to positively impact any given sector.