The Chinese team SDKBOX has developed the first Plug-in for the Libra coin that Facebook is releasing next year. Notably, this is hot in the heels of the Matrix network announcing that it will release the first IDE that integrates Libra’s Move programming language.  As such, the new plug-ins can be a great compliment to the Libra network.

 The ‘IDE’ means “Integrated Development Environment” in full. This tool is certainly an indispensable tool in software development. This is because software development is an all-encompassing process that includes code editors, compilers, and debuggers. 

In the development of the Apple IPhone software, for instance, Apple uses the XCode tool for supporting its programming language.  Moreover, development software like the Microsoft development software and VSCode (Visual Studio) for multi-end development software code can come into play.

The Chain IDE from Matrix

Accordingly, the ChainIDE from Matrix is a software development tool that supports blockchain platforms like Libra. The ChainIDE brings versatility and ease to smart contract writing. 

This essentially makes it possible for the Libra platform’s developers to prepare a Move programming language compilable environment in minutes. 

Using other channels, you need at least an hour to perform the same. The ChainIDE is, therefore, an excellent utility tool that can greatly enhance the functionality of the Libra platform.

SDKBOX Release

SDKBOX is a Chinese software development company that makes it easy for developers to integrate 3rd party SDKs. This is because their architecture supports free, easy-to-use, and certified plugins. 

As such, the developers can integrate the 3rd party libraries directly in the app, and talk to the services’ backend without any proxy/middle layer. This makes a platform like Libra have greater stability, compatibility and obviously better performance.

The SDKBOX platform is a Cocos-BCX ecosystem that has carved a niche with simplifying operations for mobile game developers. 2018 was a great year for SDKBOX with maximum daily activity at over 16million. At the moment, this number has stabilized to about 12 million with the number of daily games at about 10,000.

SDKBOX already has a number of notable partners such as: Google, Facebook, Mixi, Ketchapp, Zynga, LINE, gumi among others. In the blockchain field specifically, Ethereum and Loom SDK use the game engine Cocos Creator. This means that SDKBOX already has the credibility and infrastructure to actualize this collaboration.

The specific tool for Libra is the VSCode (Visual Studio Code). This tool is a lightweight but powerful source code editor that runs on the desktop for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Moreover, the VSCode also comes with built-in support for JavaScript, TypeScript and Node.js, and support for richness. Besides, it can also support common programming languages like C++, Java, Python, PHP, Go, etc.  This makes the code arguably the most powerful IDE editor in the universe

What The Plugin Can Accomplish

This move to release the world’s first Move language plugin for VSCode is timely. Libra uses the Move language and obviously needs such solutions to perform at a high level. Accordingly, the SDKBOX plugin will facilitate full support for Move language development, including syntax highlighting, code snippets, code compilation, and other functions. This will generally add versatility and alongside the ChainIDE reduces the time it takes to have a MOVE Language compliable app.

Libra came about with much fanfare for obvious reasons. That said, the ChiainIDE and the SDKBOX Plug-in will take it to even greater heights in due course.