China has made plans to build a blockchain supported skyscraper in Hangzhou. The project, launched last month, will see Systemic, a French business cluster that includes Paris, collaborate with an unnamed Chinese developer.

The FrenchDreamTowers XTU ARCHITECTS

The building was designed by French architecture firm, XTU Architects. Called the FrenchDreamTowers, the skyscraper will include energy-efficient microalgae exteriors and blockchain-monitored building systems.

Four separate towers will make up the the whole complex. Microalgae will be cultivated in the building panels, and this will help regulate temperatures. The shape of the towers also lends itself to directing stormwater into special basins on the roof and the ground. Plants growing near the basins filter polluted air and rain before being released into the atmosphere. An aquaponics system built at the base of towers will also allow the production of vegetables, flowers, and fish.

Rainwater collection and aquaponics system XTU ARCHITECTS

Blockchain Support Network and Smart Cities of the Future

A local company, Gold Truffle Engineering, will be in charge of creating the blockchain-based support network. This system will look after the air quality, energy storage, and manage the various environmental systems interacting within the complex.

This will be one of the starting points for which China will create its future smart cities. These cities will incorporate IoT and blockchain technology to improve efficiencies, increase sustainability, enhance development, and improve quality of life for those working and living in the city.