HiCoin, the recent addition of ChainUP, is focusing on elite crypto wallet solutions. These solutions will contribute to an integrated blockchain ecosystem resulting in a safer, more reliable and diverse ecosystem.

Recently, HiCoin held a press conference to outline their philosophy and future development strategy while introducing their team.  Participating were influential officials such as Mr. Zhong Gengfa, founder and CEO of ChainUP, Kris, founder of HiCoin among others. In addition to that, more than 10 blockchain enterprises and 150 plus blockchain industry media were present.

Accordingly, Chain UP is building a unique blockchain-wallet ecology. HiCoin will lower the user’s burden as well as provide support for new projects. This is because the combined resource operation of blockchain enterprises provides useful infrastructure. Moreover, the ecosystem will be great for the development of multi-application and multi-scenarios. Towards that end, HiCoin has signed an eco-association with six partners.

Currently, ChainUP mainly provides technical solutions for enterprises in the blockchain market. In the same vein, HiCoin will be a wallet project to facilitate blockchain ecological construction. According to Zhong, the platform has already served 50 wallet customers in just over a year of development. This translates to hosting funds exceeding $1 billion combined with security operations exceeding 12,000 hours.

The potential of HiCoin

Evidently, the platform is at the center of the next generation of digital banking. This is because blockchain solutions stand to disrupt finance in future. Because of this possibility, HiCoin can export the underlying technology and wallet function to build the blockchain industry infrastructure. This means that HiCoin can profitably leverage wallet hosting services and have a win-win relationship with other entities in the blockchain space.

The platform is in the process of making strategic upgrades. These range from asset management, comprehensive payment, and points-based certification. HiCoin, therefore, intends to position itself as a ‘guardian’ in the blockchain space. This is because the platform will form an ecological closed loop with users for a better digital banking experience.  As such, HiCoin will improve sharing, financial derivatives, and malls through three functions: full-featured wallet, asset custody, and payment.

HiCoin Ecological alliance

The climax of the presser was the HiCoin Ecological Alliance signing ceremony. In this event, the platform signed a contract with a number of partners to come up with an ecological alliance. This alliance will essentially create a ‘’wallet + exchange” blockchain wallet ecology. As such, users and developers will have more resources to operate in a multi-application and multi-scenario development.

Some notable signing guests were: Bi Yong CEO Liu Yong, Beijing Chain Security CEO Wang Yanxi, GotoneCoin PM Aisen, GOKO Commercial Director Wang Xiaolang, TokenInsight Commercial Director Guo Yukun and MOMO CMO Lori. These partnerships will help streamline many aspects of the blockchain industry.

The aspects of blockchain essential innovation, industry synergy and media responsibility will be immense. As a result, HiCoin can actualize blockchain potential in transforming commerce. Some partners like Ms. Chen Yuling bring a wealth of experience in blockchain globalization and localization.

In a nutshell, this launch of HiCoin ecological and full-featured wallet is a game-changer in the blockchain space. Not only does it have utility function but also brings strategic cooperation opportunities. Furthermore, the project embodies the best in the industry. It could, therefore, show its great potential to grow developers and create unique solutions in the industry.