Carry Protocol is holding their token generation event (TGE) in May of this year at a not yet disclosed location.

The company announced on their medium account today that their much-anticipated event will be coming this month and they were ‘thrilled’ to share the news.

Carry Protocol is a blockchain based platform set up for online retailers and shoppers alike. It has its own token called the ‘CRE” which links the shops to the holders of the tokens through its merchant store.

Carry Protocol was set up by Grant Sohnn and Richard Choi in 2018 and is to be sister companies with Spoqa,  a blockchain loyalty platform for businesses, whose partners include Facebook and SK Planet.

The company also set up Dodo Point, a tablet-based loyalty platform, which turned into the number one loyalty platform in Japan and South-Korea. The platform made over 2 billion Dollars’ worth of offline retail sales thanks to their 15 million customers.

The heads of Carry Protocol have also decided to avoid the initial exchange offering (IEO) root or the initial coin offering (ICO), which has proven a popular method for a starting out token. This could perhaps be no bad thing.

Carry recently made 47,000 ETH from their crowdsale and is certainly a company that brings an excitement to the business. The token generation event is not one to be missed.

A token generation event is the creation of tokens by a company that is running off the Ethereum blockchain that usually is working in the utility space. As these types of tokens are basically small slices of a product, the creators typically call these token sales a token generation events or TGEs as opposed to ICOs.

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