Binemon is a pet non-fungible token (NFT) game operating virtually and fused with some idle RPG gameplay. It offers activities like egg collecting and trading, ambrosia, land, characters, and items. Players are also linked to fight in PVE, PVP modes and gain rewards in cryptocurrency.

The Binemon Story 

Earth, a planet in a galaxy of solitude, was living without contact with other galaxies for a very long time. Then it was invaded by extraterrestrial creatures, which formed an appearance similar to theirs, creating a new species. These newbreeds conquered the vast lands of Earth and were idolized with the name Promethean. 

With their reign came a division of the Earth into continents: Wood, Ice, Fire, Water, and Desert. Desert was the center of power. However, life wasn’t found in the desert, which was arid and harsh. Only merchants journeyed the deserts to make sales. The centralized position of the desert gave it the controlling authority between continents, ensuring each stayed at its borders.

One day a merchant group journeying through the desert came across what looked like a tower but with strange, unfamiliar shapes. In no time, Mons was merged into Binemons and possessed extraordinary powers. This was all a result of the tower. The tower was soon called BT, the Binemon Tower.

To gain the extraordinary power of the new breeds, the continents began a fight for the rights to BT. In no time, war broke out. The war grounds were home to countless fights between two leading armies: Taurus and Ursa. The victor was granted the right to seize BT, allowing them to raise more powerful Binemons.

The wars were endless, then came the main character.

The main character finds him/herself lost within the walls of the BT ruins. Here he finds the hidden truth, that BT is not just a way to raise powerful breeds but a satellite tower sending the Earth’s coordinates to other galaxies. With this discovery, the player goes out on his/her quest across the vast continents to convince and recruit heroes to take down BT while setting up for the biggest war of all.

What is Binemon?

Binemon is an NFT game built around virtual pets with many customization options on the player’s interaction with the pet, such as crossbreeding, raising, and fighting. Binemon offers a fun NFT experience and can earn players DRK coins.

Binemon focuses on:

  • Game rules
  • Player experience
  • Quests and player interaction expansion
  • Context, story of champions
  • Quantity, quality of items, champions
  • Market to exchange items, champions 

What is a Mon?

The ten elements that make up a Mon offer great customization in the power of Mons or a squad in Play Mode. Players can be creative in arranging a team and pricing their Mons on the NFT Marketplace.

DRK Coin

DRK coin is one that players earn by playing on Binemon through crossbreeding, raising, and fighting. This fun NFT experience will earn players DRK Coin.

DRK Chain

Draken DeFi Chain (referred to as “Draken”) is an all-in-one block-chain-based platform for multi-tiered Smart Contract, in use for a range of real-life use cases too. The goal is to achieve blockchain mass adoption in the gaming industry. It primarily targets privacy and portability with the aid of the latest decentralized technologies.

These technologies are offered by software companies like Oracle. Draken also includes advanced technology for storage, data science, fiat payment, and more to form a complete financial ecosystem on-chain.

DRK Chain features

Draken Explorer – A tool for inspecting and analyzing and Draken blockchain.

Validator Staking – Any validator can deposit/withdraw coins, join/leave as a validator, claim the reward, and report faulty validators, helping investors participate in DRK mining more informedly. The list of reported validators will be updated in real-time.

Privacy Smart Contract – 1. Login:

– Sign with msg: LOGIN :{address}.

– Get the Metamask account’s Public Key (PK) from the signature.

– Viewing Private Key (VPK) will be generated from the signature. VPK will only be used to decrypt a note’s value.

– The PK and Viewing Public Key (VK) of the Metamask account (the Receiver) will be sent to the Sender.

DRK Cross-chain Swap – DRK Swap = UniSwap + Cross-chain, providing liquidity for the whole DeFi Ecosystem on DRK Chain and between DeFi Ecosystems on all blockchains – DRK Chain, Bitcoin blockchain, Ethereum blockchain, Tron blockchain, etc.

DRK Compound – DRKompound presents a simple, revolutionary interface for borrowers to collateralize fluctuating cryptocurrencies and for lenders to earn interests from stablecoins (USDT, USDC, DAI, etc.).

DRK Insurance – DRK Insurance allows users to buy membership and insure themselves from sudden losses of their digital assets.

DRK Governance – DRK Governance allows users to vote and influence critical parameters of all DRK Dapps, including DRKompound, DRK Insurance, and more.

Binemon NFT Game – Of course, the virtual pet NFT game with many customization options on the player’s interaction with the NFT pet, such as crossbreeding, raising, and fighting. Binemon offers a fun NFT experience and can earn players a DRK coin.

BS Social Network – This is short for Biosocial, also known as the “Facebook for cryptocurrency users,” with cryptocurrency-specific features such as multi-coin wallet, coin watch list, OTC room, KOL live streaming, and many more!

Why did Binemon Choose DRK Chain to run its System?

Usability: With a simple login to your wallet, you can do everything you need without having to move from various blockchain networks. 

Safety: All funds deposited are safe. This also extends to cryptocurrency wallet addresses which are taken from your wallet signature at log in. 

Cross-chain: Draken DEX allows you to seamlessly trade between cryptocurrencies on any blockchain network (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, etc.)

Dapp: Draken DEX is fused with Draken’s future Dapps including DRKompound, DRK Insurance, DRK Swap, etc.


Offers like ETH2.0 PoH and the “SmartContract” take this game beyond the everyday gaming industry. Preventing cheating, simplifying plugins, and more are just the tip of the iceberg of what the new game and its technology have in store for users. With all these advancements and features, Binemon is set to be the game of the century.