Have you ever heard of a rob-to-earn game? This is a new and twisted concept that hoists the mafia or mob scene into the NFT space. The Art of Mob company is taking the play-to-earn concept to another level with its unique and controversial rob- or mob-to-earn take.

With NFT booming and expected to explode even further in the next couple of years, these NFT and play-to-earn concepts aren’t a surprise anymore. The NFT market is said to bolster by as much as $148.25 billion up to 2026.

Blockchain-based and NFT games continue to evolve and morph into different species every single time which makes players anticipate what’s brewing next. More influencers, multimedia artists, and gamers have also come to collaborate on the NFT revolution as many real-life components are slowly transcending into the digital space.

This has fueled the increasing popularity of NFT and play-to-earn games especially because players are able to earn in crypto or a currency that has real-world value while of course having a blast.

What is Art of Mob?

Art of Mob is breaking the glass ceiling and shaking boundaries with this first-of-its-kind rob-to-earn model introduced in the metaverse. This unconventional concept was designed and built by mobsters in collaboration with Robocom VR, a company that popularized the Transformers simulator.

Robocom VR wanted to portray their vision of mobster-based gameplay in the metaverse. In order to play the Art of Mob, the users will play out the role of mobs or art thieves and steal from the largest museums of the metaverse.

These mobster characters are specifically designed for the game, each one created as bespoke characters personifying bravery, ruthlessness, and freedom as outlaws defying rules and laws that limit the physical world. The enticing part of the game is that the players will win the NFTs they get to rob. This gives players so much unrelenting power over the metaverse and also over their earnings.

Basel Ibrahim, Art of Mob Founder, Teams Up with Robocom VR

The Art of Mob was the brainchild of founder Basel Ibrahim who teamed up with Robocom VR for this project. With the Art of Mob, they aim to bring back the glory days of the mafia in a digital space. Its genesis collection is composed of over 10,000 uniquely designed mobsters built on top of the Solana blockchain.

There are varied combinations of unique characters that make up every unique mobster NFT character, and each one is a distinct personification of a mobster in the modern digital era.

The Art of Mob collection was created by NFT artist, Francois Matar, using Illustrator and Procreate. Each unique NFT art in this collection is procured on a base that comprises 200 attributes.

Noticeably, each NFT asset is created unlike any other but will have a signature or unified purpose. In addition, the Art of Mob will also be rolling out their own alcohol brand, cigar brand, and also apparel line that embeds that strong mobster branding or mentality even outside of the game or metaverse.

Noticeably, the Art of Mob aims to resurrect the mobster era which has faded out since the 70s. With this new or modern era of mobsters, the Art of Mob shows off how it’s relatively a breeze to take over the metaverse.

The mob scene as you know it is going to eclipse what has been as it has transformed into a bad-ass, epic, and iconic mob era; so to speak.

The Art of Mob isn’t just a blockchain-based game that allows you to earn while you rob NFT but it’s also a fashion statement that allows you to unleash your inner rebel or the villain in you.

The Moving Picture

Further, the Art of Mob is set to create what is referred to as “The Moving Picture”, or an NFT marketplace that caters to purely video-based content. These videos are powered by CNTRL Movie in partnership with RobocomVR.

With the ripening of the NFT space or metaverse, most NFT collections are now in JPEG type or what is dubbed moving JPEGS. This video-based content will likely range from a myriad of short films, video clips, GIFs, immersive VR experiences, and movies.

With Art of Mob’s collaborations with well-famed VR and film companies, Cntrl Movie, and RobocomVR, the firm can easily populate the NFT marketplace with varied video-based commercial content. Interestingly enough, a collectibles feature will also be integrated for users who would opt to purchase and own specific quotes from favorite characters and scenes from popular shows or films.

With the opening of the NFT marketplace, many graphic designers, digital artists, painters, animators, photographers, and illustrators have found a new platform to showcase their collections and generate massive revenue by capitalizing on the metaverse space.

With that in mind, the Art of Mob wants to get the spotlight on NFT artists, influencers, gamers, videographers, athletes, celebrities, and educators enabling them to monetize their craft and get the full revenue without any middleman in the NFT marketplace.

$POP Coin

The Air of Mob’s Moving Picture is powered by its official utility token, the $POP coin, which is earned when users stake Art of Mob NFTs. $POP is designed specifically to make it yield a higher value for Art of Mob NFT holders as it is intrinsically deflationary.

The Art of Mob whitepaper is set to be rolled out soon together with its tokenomics.

Bridging the gap between real life and virtual realities is now possible with gaming in the metaverse. With Art of Mob, players can explore different challenges in the mobster character in a safe and immersive environment that allows people that quick escape to breathe and play as their alter-ego.

With the Art of Mob, players can now tap on their mobster self and earn while they play the part. The game is designed to create an overlap of gaming and the real-world which can be valuable in their day-to-day life as players get to earn rewards that are as good as cash while playing fictional mobster characters.