The ever-evolving world of technology has seen Artificial Intelligence (AI) making headlines with its rapid advancements, as evidenced by platforms like ChatGPT. Interestingly, AI has also begun to infiltrate the realm of cryptocurrencies, introducing innovative and unique applications.

One such development is the recent launch of a new token, AiDoge ($Ai), which has caught the attention of many. This inventive token fuses the concepts of meme coins and AI, creating a buzz in the crypto community. In just 24 hours after its launch, AiDoge managed to raise over $100,000, impressing traders and leading to predictions of its exponential growth in 2023.


The ArbDoge AI project is an innovative initiative aimed at revolutionizing the Arbitrum ecosystem. As a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, Arbitrum supports smart contracts and offers its users reduced congestion and lower transaction fees.

Designed by AI organisms, the ArbDoge AI experiment was launched to make a significant impact on the Arbitrum platform by enhancing both the quality and quantity of products available. The introduction of the AIDOGE token quickly followed the establishment of the ArbDoge AI platform, and it has gained immense popularity ever since.

Following the successful audit of the AIDOGE and AICODE smart contracts by CertiK, ArbDogeAI has been listed on a total of 26 exchanges, including MEXC and Ascend. Additionally, Huobi introduced a 20x leveraged AIDOGE perpetual. The team behind ArbDoge AI has also burned 4.302% of the total token circulation to date.

In a remarkable achievement, this new meme coin has outperformed Dogecoin, the previous market leader in meme coins, with a trading volume of $256 million. On April 29, ArbDoge AI released the AICODE token, the native currency of ArbCity. By offering AIDOGE on a designated interface on the ArbDogeAI website, users can proportionally obtain AICODE tokens.

What is ArbDoge AI?

ArbDoge AI is an experimental venture within the Arbitrum ecosystem, developed independently without the backing of venture capital institutions or team shares. Its primary objective is to distribute tokens fairly across the community as an initial step. The creators of the ArbDoge AI protocol are a team of AI organisms who share a passion for Arbitrum and are eager to collaborate with the community in developing a robust product line that leverages the power of AI and Web3 technologies.

The deflationary token, AIDOGE, serves as a crucial component of the AIDOGE ecosystem applications. With a total supply of 210 quadrillion tokens, it is designed to be accessible to everyone in the Arbitrum community and paves the way for future developments in the AIDOGE narrative. AIDOGE has a 15% burning tax, which necessitates adjusting the slippage tolerance to approximately 20% when conducting buy or sell transactions.

Each AIDOGE purchase comes with a Lucky Drop ticket, offering buyers a chance to win an ARB prize based on their purchase amount. Moreover, users can amplify their earnings by staking their AIDOGE tokens.

The ArbDoge AI project stands out from typical crypto ventures due to its creators, a group of AI organisms enthusiastic about the Arbitrum ecosystem. They aim to create a unique product line that combines the strengths of Web3 and AI technologies.


The AIDOGE token is a deflationary cryptocurrency with a total supply of 210 quadrillion tokens. As an integral part of the Arbitrum community, the token is exclusively available to its members. The unique aspect of ArbDoge AI is its independence from venture capital institutions or team shares, which ensures that the token remains community-centric. By holding AIDOGE tokens, users can gain access to upcoming chapters in the ArbDoge AI journey.

Purchasing AIDOGE tokens comes with the added benefit of receiving a Lucky Drop ticket. This ticket offers the opportunity to win ARB, the primary token of the Arbitrum ecosystem. In addition to this, users can stake their AIDOGE tokens to further increase their earnings.


AICODE is an additional token introduced by ArbDoge AI as a core component of their Arbitrum City (ArbCity) project. ArbCity is envisioned as a virtual hub where community members can engage and enjoy various activities. Known for its vibrant nightlife, prestigious cultural institutions, and dynamic atmosphere, ArbCity is expected to expand over time. Lucky Drop is just one of the many attractions within this virtual metropolis.

Before the launch of the AICODE token, an audit is required. This audit is currently in progress and anticipated to be completed by late April or early May.

AICODE will serve as the driving force behind all aspects of ArbCity, as well as other facets of ArbDoge AI. This includes non-fungible token (NFT) acquisition, governance, participation in applications, and payments for ecosystem projects. With a total supply of 21 million tokens, AICODE’s availability is one billionth of the AIDOGE token supply, making it a scarce and valuable asset for investors.

What Purpose Does ArbDoge Serve?

The ArbDoge ecosystem is designed to offer a wide array of utilities to its community members. These utilities range from the already implemented Lucky Drop to future features such as AICODE, NFTs, and a DAO.

Lucky Drop

Lucky Drop is an open-source airdrop game that functions through an algorithm. When an AIDOGE transaction takes place, a 3% fee is extracted, converted into ARB, and added to the prize pool. The pool is then distributed among those who receive Lucky Draw tickets.

To participate in Lucky Drop, users must make a transaction valued between $100 and $1,000. Ten levels of Lucky Draw tickets correspond to $100 transaction intervals, and each transaction is eligible for only one ticket. Transactions under $100 are not eligible for lucky draw tickets, while those over $1,000 receive a ticket equivalent to $1,000. The higher the level of the lucky draw ticket, the greater the chances of winning. Lucky Draw tickets from previous rounds are invalidated once a new draw takes place at 30-minute intervals.


Users can stake their AIDOGE tokens on the Earn page of the ArbDoge AI website. The rewards from staking depend on factors such as the number of stakers and the transaction volume, with approximately 3% of the transaction volume distributed to AIDOGE stakers.


Although not yet launched, the ArbDoge AI ecosystem has plans to introduce an AI NFT series. Users will be able to use their AIDOGE holdings to purchase these NFTs.

AIDOGE Airdrop

The ongoing AIDOGE airdrop provides 100% of the 210 quadrillion AIDOGE tokens to eligible Arbitrum community members. This airdrop is only available to users eligible for the ARB airdrop. Tokens can be claimed on the Earn page of the ArbDoge AI website until May 15. Unclaimed tokens after this deadline will be allocated to other aspects of the platform, with some tokens being burned.

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ArbDoge AI is an innovative and exciting project that is bringing AI into the world of cryptocurrencies, creating a unique ecosystem for the Arbitrum community. With features like Lucky Drop, AIDOGE and AICODE tokens, and the upcoming NFT series, ArbDoge AI showcases the potential of combining AI with Web3 technologies.

The deflationary AIDOGE token, along with the scarce AICODE token, offer users various opportunities to participate in the growth of the platform, while exciting utilities like Lucky Drop and staking make it an engaging ecosystem for investors and users alike. As ArbDoge AI continues to evolve and expand its offerings, it holds the promise of becoming a remarkable force in the cryptocurrency landscape.

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