The Matrix’s ChainIDE team has created the world’s first integrated development environment (IDE) tool that can support Facebook’s Libra project.  This is because the IDE has Move language integrated into its systems which is what the Libra project utilizes.

The IDE tool is definitely a very critical aspect of software development.  It is important to note that software development, software editors, compilers, debuggers, etc. are generally included.  For instance, Apple in designing an IPhone uses the XCode which is also from Apple.

Accordingly, Matrix has named the open white Matrix ChainIDE to facilitate operations on the blockchain platform. The Cloud IDE only needs a web browser to write smart contracts and then compile and deploy them in the cloud.

The Matrix Platform

 Matrix AI network operates using a simple philosophy by Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu: 

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”

As such, the platform intends to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the blockchain space. Artificial intelligence can definitely contribute to solving some of the issues hindering current blockchain platforms. These issues include scalability, interoperability, sustainability, and Security.

Existing platforms excel in some of these issues but not all.  This essentially means that existing blockchain platforms have one as a key selling point. Matrix intends to effectively maximize on every aspect of blockchain operations. This means that the platform can provide solutions that maximize the speed, scalability, and sustainability of other blockchain platforms.

Moreover, Matrix adds remarkable ease of use to its users. This is because it is the only platform that users can utilize smart contracts without necessarily knowing the programming language. For a platform like Libra with potentially hundreds of millions of users, this would be an excellent utility. 

Besides, Artificial intelligence is certainly the future of digital ecosystems. Given the affinity of Facebook for innovation, this makes Matrix have a meaningful claim as a partner moving forward.

What the IDE Could Accomplish

At the moment, ChainIDE also supports IOST and ETH besides its role as the first multi-chain cloud IDE.  Accordingly, ChainIDE is flexible to work any scenario in which a smart contract needs writing. This could range from game development to DEFI applications. Ordinarily, it would not be possible to connect between the public chain and the alliance chain.

Notably, the Move language is a new computer programming language that will form the basis of Facebook’s Libra project.  The new language is part of Libra infrastructure which will consist of three components. These are a scalable, licensed blockchain based on the LibraBFT consensus algorithm, dependent on asset reserves and expected to be a medium of exchange, the password currency Libra and finally the brand new Move programming language. 

At the moment, you would need at least one hour to prepare a Move compatible environment in a domestic network environment. The fact that it only supports MacOS and Linux systems is also a factor to consider.  ChainIDE is certainly a game changer because it cuts down on time to have your own Move program significantly. 

Wu Xiao, who is the Matrix founder, put it in perspective: 

“You can write your own Move program in 3 minutes; this is the magic of time.”

Matrix has effectively enabled Libra to be more interoperable and sustainable. It will be interesting to track any possible partnerships from this development.