Unstoppable Domain: Why Blockchain Needs It

Why Blockchain Needs It
Why Blockchain Needs It

The blockchain and cryptocurrency continues to suffer from internet censorship in certain countries. However, Unstoppable Domains is looking to change that. It is a global service that allows users to register domains on the blockchain, rather than the regular domain name service (DNS).

Benefits of Unstoppable Domains

Recently, Unstoppable Domains launched a new domain extension that would favor the blockchain sector and probably contribute to the evolution of web 3.0. The developers introduce the decentralized internet naming service, partnering with Ziliqa, introducing the dot zil (.zil) domain that is outside the standard DNS.

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Unstoppable domains blockchain service offers developers a unique way to participate in Web 3.0 by allowing them to replace their current domain names with Unstoppable domain that are live on the blockchain. Thus, their new websites domain could be regarded as a crypto asset.

Similar to cryptocurrency transactions via wallets and exchanges, users can transfer the dot zil domain amongst themselves. Payments on these domains are native. Instead of users to share their BTC or ETH addresses when receiving payments, all they need to do is to share their dot zil website and they will receive payments in the cryptocurrencies of their choice.

This feature is a way for developers to replace long addresses while it also makes it easy for people to accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Besides, Unstoppable domains blockchain are censorship resistant. Unlike the regular DNS where registrars like Go Daddy & Google Domains are in charge of a developer’s domain asset, Unstoppable domains are in control of the user. The blockchain domains serve as assets on top of smart contract platforms and the user would control the private key that would be used in moving the domain or changing the information it contains.

In a recent review, Unstoppable Domains scored a 4.5/5 review rating on Boxmining.com. The review praised them for their ambitions, partnerships and the successful $4 Million Series A round funding.

Domain Names Available Via Auction

The Unstoppable domain names would be available via auctions. Unstoppable domains auction for names such as bitcoin.zil, tesla.zil, and crypto.zil would be available to users at the start of the auction on May 31, 2019.