The Arrogant Youth Circle or TAYC is a NEAR-based collection composed of 777 algorithmically-generated gamer-like characters that allow holders to earn 2.5% of the fees of the platform for simply staking their NFTs. 

The progress of NFT games has also given rise to traditional yet concerning game elements such as killings, lootings, explosions, and other types of violence. 

With this, there is an immediate need to push wholesome yet entertaining games that could cater to a younger audience and protect them from sensitive elements at such a young age. 


The Arrogant Youth Circle was established to prove that wholesome blockchain games aren’t lame and boring but could actually be fun and profitable. It wants to carve its own niche in the already crowded NFT and P2E space and provide simple, fresh, and entertaining games for players worldwide. 

The NFT Scene This 2022

The NFT market is set to surpass its 2021 global sales of $40 billion and is projected to hit an impressive $90 billion record by the end of 2022. As of this writing, NFT sales have already reached $37 billion, but monthly declines have been evident since the start of the year. 

But even with this concerning trend, which can still possibly change course, the current size of the NFT market still has room for growth. In other words, the demand for NFT assets remains high, making it a profitable venture for current and would-be creators and buyers. 

What is The Arrogant Youth Circle? 

The Arrogant Youth Circle or TAYC is a NEAR-based collection composed of 777 algorithmically-generated gamer-like characters that allow holders to earn 2.5% of the fees of the platform for simply staking their NFTs. 

Platform users must purchase and hold at least one TAYC character to participate in the ecosystem’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). 

Interested buyers can now purchase these ‘arrogant-looking’ NFT characters in the Paras secondary marketplace. 

TAYC’s art is based on Sartoshi’s collection called ‘mfers’ which you can check out at OpenSea to see its direct influence on the Arrogant Youth Circle collection. 

One of TAYC’s purchased characters includes #625, which was sold for 69.69 NEAR ($416.37), and #467 for 69 NEAR ($389.54).

TAYC Gaming Agency

A gaming agency that addresses the lack of friendly and safe P2E games within the NEAR ecosystem. To solve this problem, it is developing a mini-game framework, “Imagina”, available to our partners.

TAYC also functions as a game agency that aims to provide the NEAR ecosystem with wholesome and friendly blockchain games. 

Even though it functions as a game agency, the platform operates its own gaming platform that charges a 2.5% fee, which is funneled straight to TAYC NFT holders. TAYC’s gaming platform has already attracted 350+ unique wallets, which is already a sizable achievement and signals the blockchain community’s interest in its simple yet engaging games. 

“RoPaSci”, which is basically a digital version of the world-renowned game ‘Rock Paper Scissors,’ is the first mini-game that TAYC has produced.

It also has another game that parodies Coin Flip, which is also a universally-known game. Furthermore, the platform will soon expand its series of fun games. 

It also has a Lottery feature where players can purchase entries for the platform’s daily and weekly lottery, or earn them for free by playing TAYC’s games. 


Imagina is a major component of the TAYC platform that helps brands increase their community engagement and earn passive income for their own DAOs. TAYC’s experienced team with years of experience in the blockchain industry will help brands reach their goals in the most effective and sustainable way possible. 


TAYC’s ongoing platform improvements include DAO perks, distribution of gaming platform fees, a deflationary mechanism, and presentation of the project to the NEAR Foundation for a possible grant. 

This year, the team plans to use its Marketing Wallet to bridge more NEAR users and introduce a ‘Versus Mode’ of its RoPaSci and Coinflip games. For its long-term mini-game goals, TAYC aims to roll out an open-source web3 framework (Imagina) and a web tool that will enable the creation of wholesome and fun games.

NEAR Token: A Refresher 

TAYC doesn’t have its own token and instead uses NEAR blockchain’s own currency called NEAR token. This enables players to use their NEAR tokens to unlock the impressive benefits of the NEAR blockchain and expand their opportunities further. 

Here are the top things that NEAR token can provide: 

  • $NEAR holders can participate in the on-chain governance offered by the NEAR blockchain. 
  • By having this token, holders can access other dApps built on the NEAR network. 
  • $NEAR can be earned by participating in staking, development bounties, and other beneficial activities for the NEAR blockchain. 
  • The token can be purchased from various crypto exchanges such as OKEx, HuobiGlobal, and Binance. 

TAYC’s 5 Major Wallets 

Wallet Purpose 
House Wallet TAYC’s smart contract uses this wallet to distribute tokens to game winners. 
Jackpot Wallet This is used to conduct a raffle event for gamers who collect tickets while playing TAYC games. 
Game Over Wallet NEAR tokens inside this wallet are allocated for the platform’s deflationary mechanism. 
Holder Wallet NEAR tokens here will be funneled to TAYC’s NFT holders. 
Marketing/Team Wallet NEAR tokens in this wallet will be spent for marketing campaigns and hiring new professionals for the team. 


TAYC’s game agency component, easy-to-play and wholesome games, and earning opportunities, which can help create a strong and vibrant community, are some of the reasons why the project has seen much success in such a short period. Although, for now, the graphics appear sub-par in comparison to the top games, this doesn’t mean they couldn’t provide a higher quality game in the near future.