Kaizo Fighters is an NFT collection on the NEAR blockchain composed of 3,333 combat-ready robots,promising income source a P2E game with utilities on NEAR. 

What do non-fungible token (NFT) communities love the most? Is it the collection’s art, utilities, or team? As it turns out, they want projects that can deliver their promises more than anything else. This is a crucial lesson that many projects fail to learn. Fortunately, a relatively new collection has built its project on this very lesson, which is the main reason for its continuous success. 


The Kaizo Fighters team aims to combat the mediocrity of most NFT collections that merely settle as PFP-only projects, with no other utility provided. It intends to bring more value to the table by offering a PVP game and multiple token-earning opportunities to create a highly-engaged community. 

What is Kaizo Fighters? 

Kaizo Fighters is an NFT collection on the NEAR blockchain composed of 3,333 combat-ready robots, which offers a promising income source through its P2E game and utility token on the NEAR blockchain. 

The collection, now available at Paras, was originally launched on the Solana blockchain but has since migrated to NEAR in order to bring new opportunities to its community. 

It has also received the sought-after NEAR Foundation funding, enabling Kaizo to fast-track its improvement and expansion plans.  

Fight Club DAO 

The Fight Club decentralized organization, aside from having its usual DAO offerings, is built to be a place for holders to relax and socialize. 

It also functions as an educational platform where users can learn how to tap into NFTs and crypto trading to create a decent source of income.

Where Can You Use Your Kaizo Fighters? 

PvP Game 

The Kaizo Fighters team will soon launch a player vs. player game in the third quarter of this year, 

where holders can use their NFTs to combat other players and earn tokens. 

The developers aim to turn the game into one of the best games on NEAR in terms of graphics and gameplay, which would further drive Kaizos’ utility when achieved. 


Wager aims to satisfy gamers’ natural inclination over betting or taking risks, which makes any gaming platform more exciting. 

For this feature, the team will soon roll out an in-game wallet that would allow players to set their stakes and earn more tokens. 

DOJO Token 

DOJO is Kaizo Fighters’ utility token equipped with a burning mechanism and staking functionality. The token has a max supply of 100 million.

It will soon be listed on Ref Finance to facilitate an immediate monetary conversion and cashout for holders. Only half of DOJO’s supply has been unloaded through Kaizo’s NFT staking, and the remaining 50% will be used to maintain price stability within the liquidity pool and increase the token’s value. 



DOJO tokens will soon be integrated with Kaizo’s PVP game and would function as a requirement to participate in Kaizo’s tournaments. 


Holders can also use their $DOJO to upgrade their NFTs using the customization tools available on Kaizo’s website. Kaizo will initially introduce two ranks, called ‘Fighters’ and ‘Senseis,’ which will generate different amounts of DOJO tokens. A burning mechanism is also on the way to upgrade Fighters into Senseis, making it easier for holders to earn more.


NFT stakers will receive their DOJO rewards every Friday, but the system will eliminate the prizes of assets that were unstaked during the weekly period. 

The team anticipates that with its well-planned token distribution and Kaizo’s max quantity, the ecosystem can achieve a sustainable staking system. 

Training Camps 

Holders may send their Kaizo Fighters on a four-day training camp by paying $DOJO, and after the process, these characters can upgrade into a ‘Sensei’ rank and earn a higher token each day. 

Kaizo Fighters 2.0 

Kaizo’s 2.0 is the platform’s next phase in its development which aims to provide increased benefits for its community. The robots’ appearance will be one of the significant changes in 2.0, transitioning from pixelated mechs to shiny and more refined 3D fighters. 

Despite this evolution, the rarities will remain the same, meaning holders who have Rank 1 in Kaizo 1.0 will also have Rank 1 in Kaizo 2.0.

Kaizo Coin 

In Kaizo Fighters 2.0, the staked NFTs will earn a new type of asset called ‘Kaizo Coin,’ designed to be tradeable, unlocking more utilities and benefits. Kaizos can also earn various titles that will allow them to increase their coin earnings per day. 

Kaizo Training Camp 

$KAIZO can be spent on the Kaizo Training Camp, which trains Kaizo Fighters for seven days, giving them a chance to gain a higher title or ranking. 

Collection Expansion 

The team plans to roll out a new set of Kaizo Fighters, in line with its 2.0 improvements, which can only be purchased with Kaizo Coin. 

Kaizo Coin Raffles 

The platform will also launch a series of NFT raffles and may include Kaizos as one of its prizes to make them more accessible, especially to those with limited Kaizo Coins. 


The platform will also introduce a line of Kaizo-branded apparel that can be purchased through Kaizo Coins, further expanding the robots’ influence in the real world. 

8 Kaizo Titles 

Title Role 
Fighter Beginner role 
Senpai Mentor 
Sensei A more advanced teacher
Shihan Senior instructor 
Renshi Master 
Kyoshi Teacher of teachers 
Hanshi A master who has already mastered a fighting style 
Soke Absolute head 


The Kaizo Fighters collection is equipped with a series of carefully-selected utilities that can bring clear benefits to its holders. True to its promise, it hasn’t settled as an ordinary PFP project but quickly evolved as a feature-packed asset with a growing and sustainable ecosystem behind its back.